Kung Faux ~ The Box Cutta style, baby. Blade it up

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Kung Faux ~ The Box Cutta style, baby. Blade it up. Holla at your boy. Parts one, two and three are, well, “Embedding disabled by request”. Yeah right. I’ll just embed what members of your immediate family I can then, kid.

It’s like that.

Kung Faux ~ Box Cutta Pt 1 of 3
This is Kung Faux ~ Box Cutta 2 of 3
Kung Faux ~ Box Cutta Pt 3 of 3

I’m all out of order like Star Wars.

Also check out Ill Master, Funky Bottoms and Pimpstick.

It’s all good.

Link dump:

[typical] sltrib.com
[he smoked the baloney pony] jerry-falwell.com
[what up my freaky spanish brother?] bobkestrut.com
[you know you want that] cgi.ebay.com
[upcoming event] roadanddirt.org

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