Whiskey Off-Road Bike Pack…dafuq?

Bike packing is all the rage these days. Don’t think so? Check out the sweetness of Dirty’s Mexillent Adventure. Or the condensed version below:

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Or any of the stuff at The Diary of Scott Morris. Looks fun doesn’t it?

Well, the Whiskey Off-Road is happening in a little over a week and they have a pretty awesome new category for those of us who don’t exactly race for first…ahem!!

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Yea, fuck that. It’s the Blackburn Bikepacker Off-Road Series Category and we want you to join us for the fun. Here’s what you do:

• Enter the 25 mile Whiskey Off-Road event at www.epicrides.com
• Announce your participation on the Blackburn Bikepacker Off-Road Series Category page
• Pack at least 20lbs* of consumables to give away at an additional feed zone on course (uhhh beer?)
• Weigh in at the Blackburn Design booth on Friday, April 26th in the Expo from 11a – 6p
• Race the race or ride the ride on Saturday, April 27th. When you reach the Blacburn Feed Zone, a judge will start a clock. You’ll have 30 minutes to giveaway your wares (bacon, fudge, uhhh beer?)
• After 30 minutes, pack any leftovers or gear and finish the event.
• Game changing category time bonuses will be given to heaviest load AND the most creative and out (uhhh beer?)
• Win an epic prize package from Blackburn Design!

Take ‘er easy this year and have some fun, and win some pretty sweet gear while you’re at it. Sounds like a pretty good gig. I’m in.

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5 thoughts on “Whiskey Off-Road Bike Pack…dafuq?

  1. The catch for the most creative “and out (?)” competition? This [sub]division is USAC-sanctioned, licensed riders only! Ha! “Just trying to catch the spirit of the thing,” as my pals at INCH used to say…

  2. last year or at some point i had agreat time there, watched the field go by, went to the first switch back, cut it, tossed my bike to jeers and pulled out the beer and whiskey, maybe 1 out of 15 people at the back wanted a sip, those few in dc jerseys had no choice, anyway should take a while for that many people to pay to give that much stuff away. . i was thinking why not pay squat, ride out with yer own supplies to self support, camp out that night out there and watch the pro race come through the next day. .

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