I’ve been thinking about this video all day…

This has been floating around this last week and I finally was able to take a gander at it this morning- all I gotta say really is crap and wow.

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10 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking about this video all day…

  1. Yeah dirty, the crap part was finding out that he had passed. What a bummer way to go but he tasted and accomplished some serious glory for himself and for pushing it in the name of bmx.

  2. …so THAT was dane searls…not knowing who he was, i read about his accident & thought to myself, “dude, what were you thinkin’ ???…”

    …truth be told, that cat was on a whole other level of bmx riding…i don’t know what it takes to approach that kinda stuff but it’s so much more calculated than just having big stones…

    …a little crazed…definitely rad…r.i.p. bud…

  3. I’m really not seeing the point.

    I mean, why not add a rocket? Then you could start “competing” on rocket size. Why not use a real descent to start your jumps at 50mph?

    It looks to me that the swimming pool stunt was exactly the same thing. The result was going to happen, sooner or later.

  4. Dude went yard on that shit. Huge. With a 360 whip. Big bag of chips with the dip. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now – BMX is the craziest. Big tires and eight inches of travel? Yeah. Twenty inches wheels and balls the size of Texas. Much respect.

  5. “I mean, why not add a rocket?”

    Don’t need one. His power and the ramps are enough. This wasn’t a “here, hold my beer” moment. You can see that. He planned it out. Had numerous friends helping him.

    That final jump was bad ass.

    RIP Mr. Searls.

  6. Makes you wonder if you shouldn’t accomplish huge life goals. So sad to hear he past a mere two days after making those massive jumps his bitch. RIP Dane, you will not soon be forgotten.

  7. “everyone’s got to respect dirt because it’s big, badass and sick”

    Dane Searls Ride In Peace