10 more days and this stupid month is over.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything except a video, or a picture. Mostly, I just haven’t had anything to say. My posts here are different from the posts on my personal blog, just cuz this is DC and we like to talk about bikes on DC. I haven’t been doing too much riding outdoors, and I can only post so many pictures of my rollers. After a while, it must get old.

I did get out for a ride today. Dragging Dominic with me. It was almost 60 and sunny when we left, but that quickly changed and after we stopped for lunch, temps had dropped a good 15 degrees, the sun was gone, and Dominic gets whiny after an hour of riding.

“I think I felt a raindrop.”
“I am so cold, my head is freezing!”
“My tank is empty, I didn’t eat before we left.”
“Let’s stop at Sitwells for lunch.”
“It’s NOT a race honey, wait UP!”
“My nipples are so hard they HURT”.

And what the fuck is it about me and bottom brackets? I have blown through 4 of them this last year on 3 different bikes. Today, my Raleigh CX bike. Last summer, my fixie. Last winter, my road bike, and then again, my road bike in the spring. I am bummed.

Last week I ventured out for a chilly ride, solo, as usual. I did hill repeats just for the fuck of it. I am not training for anything. I just wanted to keep warm and hills keep me warm. Headwinds suck. My face freezes and my hands and feet are numb after just an hour and a half.

I love my coffee shop job. The hours are good. The tips are decent – on most days, and I am getting good at frothing the milk so I can make little shapes in the cappuccino’s. My co-workers are pretty cool. I mostly work with a 20-something girl who graduated from art school. She likes to take pictures of used tampons. She’s funny, has great music in her Ipod, we laugh a lot, getting spun out on espresso and making fun of the customers.

Speaking of my customers, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dan from Berlin, who makes Bamboo bicycle frames. He is in town and has been in the coffee shop most days this week. I told him about DC and he is going to try to get us a frame shipped out to test ride. These frames are fucking kick-ass.

And the best part of this post is saved for last………………….

Joe Berman from Sunday Cycles is a fucking angel. He ended up getting enough donations from his Bicycle Drive to purchase 131 kids bikes to give away on Xmess to underprivileged children. How rad is that? THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED!

He got the bikes delivered today and he needs help getting them built up. If you are in the Phoenix area and can help turn a wrench, eat pizza, and drink beer for a good cause, call Joe at 480-440-2142 or just stop by the shop.

That is ALOT of bikes!
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25 Replies to “10 more days and this stupid month is over.”

  1. Hey you live in DC? Not much to complain about weatherwise here yet. Love the pic of the boo bike!

  2. that’s the problem this time of year— I can’t stay warm on the road.

    One hundred and thirty-one bikes is a lot of damn bikes. Damn!!

  3. Dom with a beard — so cute! He’ll be slapping the groupies away for sure!

    As for you and Bottom brackets — Let’s assume that every one has been properly installed with the proper lubricating compound on the threads; and is going on a bike whose BB threads are whole and fine, with no cracking in the shell. If that’s not the case — and a thorough exam will tell you — then you know how to solve the problem.

    If that is the case, then the more likely scenario is that you have quads of steel and are therefore doomed to destroy bottom brackets. (Being the more spindly-legged climber variety myself, I can’t relate. Sorry.)


    I’ve been sick most of the week and am hoping for a holiday morning bike ride before it’s all over. Colder here, but still lovely. Merry Everything and lots of wonderful rides in 2012. Hugs, B

  4. Bottom brackets? Never had problems. Aheadsets, though-Them damned things is Lucifer’s own creation, tell ya what. One inch quill is my default.

    Cold? Well my best ride ever was twenty degrees-real degrees; not them phony-baloney ones they use in France or whereever-and sleeting. There’s no bad riding weather; just bad clothing choices. Thirty mile out and back on the railtrail. Fixed, natch, and I had the place to myself. Summer is over rated.

    Fuck, it’s sunny and in the sixties. Think I’ll ride anyway. kbai.

  5. December 22nd and it was 50 fucking degrees today.

    Perfect day for a ride.

    And all I did was sit around and pound down beers and pound a couple out.

    So sue me.

    Judi is BB’s. Joe is Aheadsets. Me…..I’m derailleur’s. I can snap one off my bike faster than Augustus Gloop can snap off some chocolate.

    To each his own.

  6. Guys,

    Regardless how you feel about this time of the year, go well, bless you & I hope that 2012 is an awesome year for you.

    Personally, I’m with Judi, the only good Christmases that I ever had were when my daughter was still living with us, so I’m happy to see the end of this month.

    And this afternoon Christchurch just had another two major earthquakes, FUCK! how much more shit do these people have to take?

    SpecialNeedz, you ok?

  7. 2012 promises to involve more riding and professional progress for me, so I’m looking forward to it. Forcing myself to shake the grumbles about not moving forward as fast as I would like and accept that forward is still happening.

    Today was 65°F/Sunny/not-windy and I was stuck reading books on spatial statistics… that people haven’t used to study riverine systems. It would be fine if I were a statistician, but I am not. To call it “dry” would be the understatement of the century.

    mmmmm. Bourbon….

  8. Merry Fucking Christmas !!!

    May all have a great 2012. May you and your family be safe and sound.

    But most of all…..may el jefe get thru spatial statistics.

    What ever the fuck that is…

  9. @08-Yeah, shifty bits too, but for me that goes without saying. If I’d a been born rich instead of so damned good looking, I’d have me acouple bikes with Rohloff hubs.

  10. Whatever, guys. No matter which manufactured holiday you observe (be it a homeless baby, a fat red-suited home invader, druidic evergreens or whatever those Kwanzaa guys got) one Real World event just happened: the Solstice was yesterday and so now we can bust out the last keg of mead and start enjoying longer days and shorter nights.

    So Merry Solstice to all my friends at Drunk Cyclist and a Happy Two-Wheeled New Year from the Whispering Pines Trailer Park and Pagan Wildlife Refuge.


  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

    TPC said Kwanzaa.

    Merry Whatever TPC.

    Best of wishes for 2012 to you and everyone else except those Kwanzaa fucks.

    I do NOT understand that shit.

  12. …i’m with trailer park cyclist…

    …it’s all about the winter solstice & that means that today, dec 23 is the start of the daylight hours getting longer…

    …we get about 34.685 sec more daylight today that yesterday…tomorrow, maybe 39.753…

    …it’s incremental but i can fucking feel it…it may be chilly out there but without going anywhere, i’m already on my way to my happy place…

  13. @loren, funny you mention that. we both wear black wristbands that say ‘harden the fuck up’. maybe i should steal his.

  14. Hardening up of our Judi is the last thing we need. An oak, in a strong wind will break, bamboo smiles and enjoys the breeze.