Giro d’Italia 1994, Stage 15, Merano – Aprica

Another in my continuing serious of trying to find you folks things to stare at while whittling away on your indoor trainers, rollers, or just drinking beer like a man (or a woman, we’re equal opportunity around here). I guess the deciding factor thus far between posting such content here on on the DC tumblr page has been whether I’m wearing a plaid shirt on Tuesday and/or which was the wind is blowing. Color me awesome.

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Pantani is way up the road already when Chiappucci begins the chase. He won’t reach his young lieutenant before the finish, but he does storm through several other riders in grand fashion.

I love this video for, among other things, the colonge commerical that pops in at the 1:17 mark. Too funny. Back to the vid.

It seems like all the videos I’ve seen lately featuring the halpess Eugeni Berzin (or Evgeni) just show him tossing the salad. Maybe that’s a good post-professional cycling source of income he should look into – the Berzin Salad Shooter. Could rake him in a few million.

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5 thoughts on “Giro d’Italia 1994, Stage 15, Merano – Aprica

  1. The riding style of Pantani compared to just about everyone else is amazing. He is just floating up that mountain.