November. Rain, mud, clouds.

Cyclocross season.
Mine ended.
I am over it.

Apparently, Georgia Gould’s season is over too.

Katie is fucking killing it though.

The Cincinnati UCI3 CX pictures are up, and Jeffrey is really good at getting some funny shots. This one made me laugh out loud.

"I'm sinking!"

Speaking of CX….
It looks as though Louisville ‘Cross Worlds 2013 is going to be just fine as far as sponsorship goes.

The 2013 elite cyclocross world championships appear to be safe for Louisville, Kentucky, as organizers tell VeloNews they have signed five major sponsors and are nearing a television distribution deal.

The rest of the story is here.

This time of year, it’s dark at 5:30pm, and when the temps drop below 50 degrees, all I want to do is ride inside. Night rides just aren’t appealing to me, I’d rather sweat it out on my rollers in the comfort of my own home. By the time January rolls around, I will be sick of them and will HTFU and ride outside. For the next couple months, I will embrace my indoor sweat sessions.

In addition to rollers, I run stairs. On UC’s campus, we have Crosley Tower. There are 16 flights of steps in that building. My old coach, OB, had me run them once a week last winter. I loved it. I went back this week for the first time this year. The first time up, I was coughing and hacking, my quads and gluts were burning like a mother fucker, but it felt so good. The stairwell is kind of creepy, so I like to pretend someone is chasing me, it makes me go faster. I climbed the 16 flights a total of 10 times. If that doesn’t keep this ass lifted, I don’t know what will.

I posted this video on the DC Facebook page last night and it blew up. With IMAZ this weekend, it’s hella appropriate. Dirty Biker, BE FUCKING CAREFUL drafting a triathlete.

YouTube Preview Image

On a side note, I want to give a shout out to Jennifer Harrison, who coached me to IMKY two years ago. She would never pull some shit like that dude in the video, cuz the girl has skillz and even raced CX a few years back. She will be racing IMAZ and she is harder than you. Kill it this weekend sista’.

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17 thoughts on “November. Rain, mud, clouds.

  1. You would think with the climate we have now with professional sports that stateside cycling events both road & dirt would be gaining more attention from public and mainstream media. The sport is growing in all aspects. I watch cycling on VS and I’d watch Cross Worlds 2013 if I could watch it on TV. Similarly I would do the same for let’s say Sea Otter, Breck Epic, Cx race series, etc…how many fishing shows are there on a weekend morning?

    Grats on wrapping up the Cx season but peddling on

  2. I hate Axel Rose too. In fact, fuck Guns N’ Roses outright.

    The rollers are were it’s at. Riding out in the shit ruins your equipment and ruins your health.

    If you’re pro, and you have all the cold weather gear you could ever want and a guy driving a car behind you with three thermoses full of hot coffee, six spare wheels, and a dozen glazed donuts, then by all means have at it.

    For us mere mortals – ride the trainer and get your sweat on.

  3. Well, seeing as how the ski hill behind my house starts turning the chairs tomorrow, I have more of a cross-training plan in mind…

    And c’mon brothers, ya gotta harsh on that tri-dork crossing wheels in the video— he’s begging for it.

  4. I have a GREAT idea— check it out. I’m gonna mount pegs on the rear axle of the Trophy Bike, and the next time I see a tri-dork rolling down the towpath at 23 MPH, no brakes, dodging babushkas and strollers, I’m gonna flick that peg into his deep-dish carbon tubular, har!

  5. Got free entry into a pay ride this past weekend (It included free beer and wurst, so bite me) and it was some of the most frightening riding I’ve seen in a long time. No one is teaching noobs how to draft, paceline, echelon, or how long it’s courteous to let somebody pull you. If I pull your ass for 5 miles and you do zero work, you can bet I’m going to turn the screws when the road goes uphill.

    And fuck riding in the rain all the time. I don’t have the finances to deal with the parts replacement or time to do the maintenance that comes with being a hardman anymore.

  6. Porn ?? This site has porn ?

    And GnR was great. For about 5 minutes. Then they turned in to princesses.

  7. el jefe, fixed gear is pretty much rainproof. And fenders work. That’s- ummm, lessee-two fewer excuses not to ride. Three, counting the “hardman” thingie. Fuck, if I can do it…

  8. If I lived somewhere that it did rain regularly, I’d set up a rain commuter with fenders and either single or internal gearing. The Serotta isn’t getting taken out on rain rides. Between what Ben charges for his frames, and what Campy charges for a gruppo, I don’t see affording replacement until I’m all full-on professor like with my calabash pipe and leather elbow patches…