And Now Introducing….

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Hello, doods.  I’m announcing the beginning of a new area, or era, or __arrhea on the site here.  It is my promise to you– with my centuries of experience in shops, dealing with confused customers, drug-addled coworkers, cheating whores for a boss, and fishing with grandpa– that I can answer your questions.  I’m starting and advice and Q/A column here on the DC. 

Your quandries may include, but are not limited to:

  • questions relating to any of the two aspects of bicycle repair.
  • questions relating to dealing with cock shop jocks
  • advice on how to get along with nobody
  • etcetera

I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and as an uninspired-to-write-on-the-site-about-my-own-experiences sort of dude, we here at the DC have decided that this is really the best way for me to stay involved from here moving forward into the next fiscal quarter which I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear is going to be gigantic.  Was that a secret, Jonny?

Anyways – write me here:  greasewipe (at) drunkcyclist DOT com (spambot proof, so please cut & paste), and expect this wad of brainduke to be slapping the blades of your computer’s cooling fan next Saturday.  If this gains any momentum, it’s surely to be because it’s filled with hydrogen.  Godspeed.

Wipe on,


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114 Replies to “And Now Introducing….”

  1. Dear Mr. Crease Pipe—

    Thank you for taking the time out of your industrious existence to hear my plea.

    Please, sir, how is “quandary” spelled, exactly?

    Smart-assedly Yours,


  2. ques #1: why do the guys who deliver the parts cleaning fluid have to take a federally mandated shower after work but the bike mechanics don’t?

  3. …dear dr. hogg smedd…

    …glad you’re here for us & looking forward to your advice…therapy is so, well, therapeutic & personally, i’m starting to think i have these ‘issues’, ya ???…

    …my former analyst said i was making great progress regards my ‘anger’ but my only anger was due to her spurning my advances…i think gorgeous 28 year old blondes starting out with psych degrees from ucla should not be afraid to be a little slutty if they honestly have their patients welfare in mind, wouldn’t you agree ???…

    …anyway, that is simply my opinion…obviously she & ‘the court of the state of california’ saw it differently, so, i’m hoping your new advice column can help me solve ‘my problems’, as they say…

    …thanks, doc, stay in touch…

  4. Dear Mr Wipe

    I used to get along great with my next door neighbor but then they moved out. Now I’m having serious problems dealing with the empty house. It’s like it’s talking to me or something.

    Any advice ?



  5. “everybody’s an addict” = “don’t talk about addiction” = “i’m an addict drowning in shame and self-loathing and i can’t tolerate any honest discussion of my disease.”

  6. …speaking of which, i only asked for her worn underware each week to remind me that ‘therapy’ is a constant thing…it’s not like i have any kinda ‘fetish’, all right ???…

  7. No, Dolak has a one size fits all interpretation of the world. I’m happy to talk about addiction to just about anyone who hasn’t already made up their mind that everyone else is an addict and needs to be told so.

    Shame and self loathing… you sure have me pegged… not.

  8. “everybody’s an addict” = “don’t talk about addiction” = “i’m an addict drowning in shame and self-loathing and i can’t tolerate any honest discussion of my disease.”

    /rant begins

    An addiction is NOT a fucking disease. I’ve watched too many people die from actual diseases like cancer, colitis, etc to listen to that bull-shit.

    An addiction is at best a bad habit, at worst a character flaw.

    A bad habit if you quit. A character flaw if you die from it.

    You’re just an AA 12-stepping idiot looking for more cult members.

    /rant ends

  9. aight just got in from 26miles of singletrack goodness with this amazing sunset tonight. My question is my seatpost collar doesn’t seem to be holding well on this new bike build of 4months old WTF do to help this dang gone thing fucking hold tighter than your Mom?

  10. aw, shucks, i don’t even use drugs. if i can remember to do it i’ll try to have a beer or something every month or so. i’ll never meet any diagnostic criteria for addiction and i’ll never have to be in recovery.

    12 step? AA? who made any mention of that stuff? i’m here to get addict anecdotes so i can laugh at the addicts and their rationalizations. it’s some of the finest comedy. anyway, AA and other 12 step programs are pretty decent for repairing damage from childhood abuse and later substance abuse problems. i’ve no beef with 12 step – but a man who loathes 12 step is more than likely struggling with something; it’s definitely a flag.

    triple f and jefe, your defensiveness is the real tell. i mean, who else but a jagoff addict would react the way you have? normal folks don’t care one way or the other when the topic of addiction comes up.

  11. “If everyone is an addict…”

    sorry, bro, you’re going to have to provide some kind of context so that has some meaning. what are you talking about?

    and, while you’re at it, why do you keep introducing AA and 12 step into what should be just some fellas laughing at idiot addicts?

  12. I seem to remember you saying everyone is an addict. Can’t search comments, as far as I know, but I’m positive it was you.

    I’ve been in enough AA meetings to see your comments have 12 step written all over them.

    I just laugh at idiots who believe there is only one way to clean up.

  13. ah, ok. maybe you missed el jefe’s post (#04) where he wrote “everybody’s an addict.”

    i quoted him (and probably outed the poor fella) in #09.

    i think you may have misinterpreted 09. the “everybody’s an addict” thing belongs to jefe, not me. when you hear “everybody’s an addict” you’re getting an example of defensive righteous indignation which is an addict strategy for distracting themselves from the intense shame and self-loathing they usually feel. they imagine they’re being attacked and that serves as a convenient distraction from their usual misery.

  14. i’ve heard folks say “everybody’s an addict”. they seem to mean it too. and they’d like others to believe. i’ve never heard a non-addict use that phrase. but that’s, how you say, horseshit. at most 10-15% of the population have some kind of addictive disorder. the vast majority of us are not addicts.

  15. 2 great quotes about addiction from the great Norm MacDonald:

    “Gambling may be a disease, but it’s the only disease where you can win lots of money”.

    “Alcoholism is considered a disease just like cancer. Except alcoholism is the only disease you get yelled at for having.”

  16. @Dolak,

    there you go, shoot yourself in the foot.

    You go on about addiction as if it’s a bad thing, (& in many cases it is), but not with bicycles

    I agree with El Jefe, I have 7 Soft rides, am I an addict? Fuck yeah, do I feel the need to deal with it? Fuck no! Do I like self serving, sanctimonious arseholes lecturing me about it? Hell no

  17. how the fuck did addiction work its way into the comments section of hawk’s post of mechanical skillz?

    dolak – if you want to understand addiction, go to fucking school and get a degree and quit working in a fucking pizza place. or go shoot some dope and experience it for yourself.

    fuck this shit is fucking lame.

  18. hurben, how do your 7 Soft rides qualify you as an addict? do you know what addiction is? i’m not asking those questions rhetorically. but having a bunch of bikes probably doesn’t help you meet diagnostic criteria for addiction. and which part of jefe’s statement are you saying you agree with?

    and i’m not sure what you mean when you say “there you go, shoot yourself in the foot.” could you explain?

  19. judi, hawk mentions “drug-addled coworkers” in his post. that piqued my curiosity. i hoped he would throw out some interesting stories.

    restaurants are outstanding venues for observing and learning from the antics of addicts not yet in recovery. hell, in fort collins from ’95 to ’03 i worked in a place that usually had only one or two non-addicts on a staff of 25 or so. sometimes i’d work exclusively with addicts for a month at a time. that’s where i first started calling myself jane goodall.

  20. @Dolak,

    Interesting, (please note how I put my fingertips together & lean forward, body language is so important), I’m intrigued by your obsession about addiction.

    Do I feel that my 7 Softrides qualifies me as an addict? yes I do, If I have a sniff of a softride on the Intardwebs, I’m there, I look around my Growlary & wonder why I have so many Softrides & then I respond with why the fuck not!.

    I’m intrigued, do you feel superior commenting on others about their issues?

  21. @dolak

    What the fuck kind of places do you work ? I’ve spent 1/2 my adult life in one restaurant or another and I’ve seen nothing of the sort your claiming.

    I don’t think your deal with Softrides qualifies as addiction. Self destructive behavior is required for that.

    You fall in the merely obsessed category.

    And yea. Dolak loves looking down on and laughing at addicts. But that’s most likely because he’s covering up an addiction of his own. Not sure what but I bet it involves whips, chains and butt-plugs.

  22. @TripleF,

    I take serious Umbrage at that, I am not Merely obsessed! I am Fucking obsessed about these bikes, in silhouette they have the graceful lines of turtles.

  23. (sigh) i’m not gonna get a single addict-coworker-running-amok story, am i?

    mr. hurben, thanks for your query. truth is, addicts are superior to non-addicts in terms of survivability after early trauma. i recognize after interviewing hundreds of addicts about their childhoods that if i had to endure the same abuse they did – i’d be dead. i lack the gene(s) for addiction so i would not have the option of effectively using substances to escape from overwhelmingly negative mood states like anxiety and depression which plague trauma survivors. so if i’d been beaten/abandoned/molested as a kid, instead of getting loaded to anesthetize myself i’d be swallowed up by powerful emotions – and then i’d off myself to make it stop.

    following trauma, addiction improves the chances an individual will survive and pass his/her genes on. the ability to check out emotionally with drugs and drug-like behaviors is a genius evolutionarily trick some have and it literally makes them better – superior – to non-addicts.

    how d’ya like them apples?

    oh yeah: why softrides? why not colnago or merlin or whatever?

  24. triple f, i worked at a total of 4 places in fort collins from ’95 to ’03. frickin’ zoo up there. interestingly, my friends at other restaurants and bars were never surprised when i told them about the stuff saw:

    “…probably the most important thing to come from my restaurant work experience has been my close proximity to my co-workers who were mostly very troubled by events from their childhoods. Some of my co-workers were inspirations and I feel quite lucky to have known them. But most were trauma survivors and addicts. They favored alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medicines but were open to other drugs and behaviors as well. Sometimes I would work thirty days without seeing another sober or non-drug abusing co-worker. I witnessed all kinds of inappropriate behaviors which I believe were related to emotional dysregulation and addiction including the open use and sale of drugs, arguments, tantrums, fist fights, mistakes with customer orders, harassment, injuries, absenteeism, theft, embezzlement, and poor customer service. I often found myself asking ‘Do people really do that?’ In the restaurant business the answer is yes, they do do that. And they only consider stopping when the consequences of using become unbearable. There were two employee suicides (via intentional drug overdose) at one Fort Collins restaurant during a six year period. And a man who worked there was arrested on child pornography charges. The restaurant owner was an alcoholic and cocaine addict. He sold cocaine out of a local bar, The Crown Pub, and often called restaurant employees to drive him home when he was inebriated or when he had a meeting with a prostitute. I remember well the day his father showed up unexpectedly from Tacoma. He stated he was in town on business. But it turned out his real goal was to participate in an intervention, he wanted his son to enter drug rehab and begin recovery. The man’s recovery lasted an entire 90 days before he was back to his old ways.”

  25. …sounds like some dick is addicted to his personal concept of addiction…

    …can we go back to trying to fit square pegs in round holes…

  26. …i know they love the vajayjay but would i be safe in assuming that most lesbians have some form of a-dick-shun ???

  27. @bgw

    Don’t quit your day job.


    I’ve seen everything you have in the restaurant biz. But I’ve seen it in every other type of job I’ve had also. Tech Support. Warehouse. Mail Room. Tree cutter in my young days. Etc. Every job you take has at least one drunk/druggie on the staff.

    But only “one or two non-addicts on a staff of 25” is totally unbelievable. No business could last with that ratio.

  28. Get your facts straight dolak, “everyone’s an addict” was paraphrasing all of your past posts here. You are the one that says that about everything ad nauseum. You can project that on to me, and that’s fine. You’re wrong, but you don’t really care about that. You care about the world fitting your model.

  29. I’ll second judi’s post. Either go get a degree or go take some drugs, but shut the fuck up about your pop psych interpretations and obsession with interpreting everyone as an addict. Talk about an obsession…

    I guess you do have one thing right about me, it’s morning and I’m addicted to coffee.

  30. @FFF 18, you are correct. Almost everytime dolak comes around here, it’s to stroke his obsession with showing that we are all addicts.

  31. jefe, thanks for the feedback. the “everyone’s an addict” thing makes no sense considering only as much as 10% of the population has some kind of addiction. again, the vast majority of people are not addicts or at risk for any addiction.

    taking drugs may help me learn about taking drugs. but it would do little to increase understanding of addiction – addicts themselves are often the most pitifully uninformed and ignorant about their disease.

  32. At the Avalanche game last night, a guy in the bathroom said if I shake it more than twice, I’m playing with it. I wanted to ask, “why the hell would I only want to shake it twice, then?”

    I’m addicted to playing with my dong.

  33. “I seem to remember you saying everyone is an addict. Can’t search comments, as far as I know, but I’m positive it was you.”

    triple f, if you can find for me where someone said everyone’s an addict i would be grateful. you’ve got me curious now. at face value, it’s a bizarre statement. i’d like some context to help determine what the writer meant by that.

  34. Robertsdrunk
    How the hell do i stop waking up with a hangover and a jones for a 1429 backyard?
    Just livin’ the dream no’n yar too.
    resevior wednesday once per decade yeah actually dooderinskia.

  35. FFF, don’t placate him. We’re addicts because we don’t buy his bullshit and call him out on it. That makes us defensive over our addictions and unable to admit that we have problems (Or could it be that I don’t like bullshit?). That’s fine. Whatever. He can be wrong and think that, I ain’t gonna pay it no nevermind. He’s got a heaping dose of confirmation bias anyways. It’s impossible to argue with someone who’s made up their mind that all addictions stem from some abuse or trauma. It keeps it simple. Yawn. I’m done.

  36. …dear godsnake speedhawk…

    …if the hydrogen doesn’t work, there’s enough hot air here so that eventually this bitch WILL fly…

    …did i mention my obsession with fitting square pegs in round holes ???…

  37. @dolak

    I can’t search comments as I said, but I’ve already addressed the “everyone is an addict” biz @36.

    “one or two non-addicts on a staff of 25?

    I’ve never even heard of an entire company of addicts(non charity anyway). Such company would last a week tops. I’ve worked restaurants where the ratio was the opposite of that and it was sometimes unbearable with just a few addicts fucking everything up.

    If you worked a place like that, then you projected all your perverse opinions of addiction on to everyone there and the ratio was actually the opposite of what you think.

    If you do think that is. I haven’t seen any indication.

  38. i’m wondering how to slow the rebound down on the back of my burley tandem with the soft ride stoker bar, it just bounces too much

  39. Excuse me, did someone say “Go to school so you can qualify to get a job at a pizza place?” Might I not have read you right???
    Are you still holding up the tattered, plastic handled American Dream banner there?

  40. …nice touch, african single…

    …we’re slowly developing a graphic picture of slappy’s evolving ride…

    …at least a ‘drunkcyclist’ kind a’ graphic picture…

  41. BGW, i found this bit from your article to be especially pleasing:

    “…genes can raise the risk of falling into certain traps like addiction and obesity. In some cases, Stoltenberg said, genes directly make people more susceptible to addiction to a certain substance. In other cases, genes play on maladaptive behaviors, such as impulsivity, that make addiction more likely.”

  42. BGW, that’s a good one, for sure, i appreciate your post. NRXN is interesting. my gene-related work so far has focused on DRD2 and especially the TAQ A1 allele. DRD2 codes for dopamine receptors in the brain. the TAQ A1 type is associated with fewer and/or less functional dopamine receptors. the prodopaminergic system is absolutely critical for normal function and so with the A1 allele we see: (continued)

  43. increased impulsivity, increased use of immature/neurotic psychological coping mechanisms, decreased cognitive and verbal skills, antisocial behaviors, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders
    gambling addiction, nicotine addiction, alcohol addiction, severe alcoholism, increased likelihood of relapse in recovery from alcoholism, increased mortality with alcoholism.

    i threw together a literature review for a prof i’m working with. he’s a clinical counseling consultant as well as a counselor educator. much of his work involves addicted clients or clients with addicted loved ones. his strength seems to be in the interpersonal transactions which promote growth and healing in those clients. but he was after something which would effectively counter the typical addict rhetoric which goes “ADDICTION IS NOT A DISEASE!!!” the literature quite clearly describes addiction as emerging from a genetic predisposition combined with psycho-social events (trauma) which result in altered anatomical structure. an altered brain is impaired in its function and this is the very definition of disease.

  44. @Dolak 31
    you should just off yourself NOW and make it stop for everyone else.

    @ BGW brilliant, slappy needs a heavier girlfriend.

    think i hear my singlespeed & flask calling me

  45. “…off yourself NOW and make it stop for everyone else.”

    sushi, i knew i was throwing a softball when i posted that bit about suicide. good on ya for nailing it!

  46. Aw right, I’ve been staying out of this clown show, but I do have an opinion.

    Here’s what’s fucked up: the pharma industry has seen declining growth and profitability in drugs that treat people who are ill. They have done a yeoman’s job of trying to take up the slack by developing drugs that treat mental disorders instead. Recall that about one percent of American children are now considered “autistic” and are on a constant regimen of drugs as treatment. Ka-ching!

    But wait, there’s more. The hot new growth area in pharma are *preventative* drugs for treating mental disorders.

    That’s right, these people (many are children) are not physically ill, nor are they are mentally ill, yet they are on a constant regimen of “anti-anxiety” or similar new classes of drugs. This business is worth billions of dollars. I’ll bet every one of us knows a dude (or a child) taking xanax or ridalin, etc. for “attention deficit” or just in case maybe they might get to feeling anxious. Heaven forbid anything in life might make a fellow anxious.

    Anyone besides me think this is fucked up?

  47. @mikey

    Nope. It’s totally fucked up. What used to be growing pains are now a reason to medicate.

    What used to be a flaw in one’s character is now a disease to be medicated.

    Maybe I’m just old and science is passing me by, but I don’t like it one bit.

  48. mikey, indeed, the end goal of any business venture is: get money. pharmaceutical corporations are no different.

    however, a possible rationale for having a child use benzodiazepines or other antianxiety medicaton is that management of anxiety early on, before age 12, is absolutely critical in achieving normal brain development and function as an adult. children who experience overwhelming anxiety in response to their chaotic home life are at risk for being stuck with emotional dysregulation later on. that is, if they are given unwinnable emotional management tasks as kids their brains will never become able to regulate the intensity and duration of emotional states. an emotionally dysregulated adult is often an addict, “an unlovely creature.” these folks are extremely sensitive and have a difficult time returning to emotional baseline when they go off. they’re no fun to be around.

    with the frequent impossibility of decent parenting many, or all, emotional tasks can be overwhelming and unwinnable for kids. their anxiety and depression can spiral out of control. this is the kind of stuff which prohibits normal development of the brain’s prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate regions which are critical for managing impulses, emotions, and for empathic capacity. my guess is scientists have attempted with medicines to minimize or eliminate some of the developmental damage happening to kids in our nutty world.

  49. …i only posted that, dolak, because it happened to show up on-line within the pertinent time-frame & after a very quick perusal, it seems that for any credence it offers your theories, it also disavows that many more of them…

    …mikey…majorly fucking so, bud…besides the monetary aspects, they’re creating a population of sheep & without feeling like a conspiracy theorist in saying this, i see growing numbers willingly being led along about so many other things, like lambs to the slaughter because they don’t really know how to think for themselves…

    …that kinda shit becomes generational as the ‘duh factor’ gets passed down…

  50. BGW, the article you found is spot on.

    another lovely section states “In no case, however, do these genes doom one to a violent life full of sex and horror films (though some might wish they did). Environment and multiple genes act together to build personality, and there’s no straight lines to be drawn from single genes to certain behaviors,”

    that environment referred to there, in a discussion of addiction, is the trauma found in an unstable, abusive home. trauma is the on switch for addiction genes. thus, addiction derives from a combination of genetic predisposition and psycho-social factors which prevent normal brain development, emotional regulation and cognitive capacity.

  51. …hey, dolak…fuck ‘addiction’

    …you should be concerned about ‘obsession’

    …& maybe your ability to bore people to abject ambiguity…

  52. Same old people saying the same old shit about the same old nothing. Put your cocks away. The time for measuring them is over.

    Go ride a bike or something.

  53. …d2…although tired from the previous nites ‘ohhh, so chippy’ game against the d-stars, my sharks still managed a convincing win over the avs recently, ya ???…

    …dig, dig…(sorry folks – some of us are obsessed with {but not addicted to} the game)…

    …caught a live penguins/shark game awhile back (fin win) & got a minnesota (bg)wild/sharks game comin’ up…

    …long drive but sometimes (several times a season – 3 more, maybe) it’s gotta be done…

  54. I went to the Stars-Avs game the other night in Denver with 40 Hands…it quite possibly could have been the least interesting hockey game I’ve ever seen.

    It doesn’t help that I don’t care about either team. I’m a Rangers fan, and they’ve been hot this season…which, as a Rangers fan, makes me suspicious.

  55. …@saddle sushi…kinda figured who it was intended for but thanks for the inspiration…

    …awesome to throw at appropriate douches…“yo, summers eve, settle the fuck down”

    …nice…it will be plagiarized & used…

  56. …speaking of ‘summers eve’, despite his ‘at times’ douche-iness, i’m actually glad to see sean avery back with the rangers…

    …whilst having done some stupid ass stuff on the ice, i still see the man as a contributor to the game…

    …& beyond sharks, i’m ANY original 6 team fan, so despite no ‘cup’ to the tank, the last few years have been good…& ’94 w/ ‘mess’ was a great fucking win…

  57. have at it.
    Mr. Massengill is always fun to drop on someone too

    have to rely on the rangers seeing as all the islanders seem to be able to do is suck

  58. …ya but look at it this way…they have new really bad 3rd uniforms which are still WAY better than their old 3rd uniforms…gorton’s looked like a sponsor…

    …to be honest, islanders are a shame these days (& for years) because they played themselves into being such a storied franchise with those 4 cups & now, well, fuck, if it makes you feel any better, my old hometown leafs last paraded lord stanley’s hardware back in ’67 which was the last year i lived in the ‘trono’ area code…(a silent tear is being shed)…

    …@d2…fucking cool to move hundreds of miles & here you’ve already got a cycling bud in 40hands to catch games with…props, 40…

  59. …to continue the vein…

    …that sidney crosby is a slacker !!!…halfway through his 1st game back since january’s two head hits & concussion & he’s ONLY got 1 goal & 2 assists against saddle sushi’s islanders…

    …i expect more out of my hockey players…

    …glad ‘the kid’ is back but jeez, the pens w/ malkin have been formidable as it stands…look out nhl…

  60. Yeah. How long til he whines that the goalie was in his way and somebody checked him? Can’t stand that guy.

  61. Holy Fuck a Duck.

    This post has gone from Snake offering help, to addiction, to hockey.

    Only on DC. Only DC.

    I love this place.

  62. …i’ll be honest…‘sid the kid’ i’ve mostly seen in highlight reel wrap-ups…

    …i’ve heard all the ‘whiner’ stuff but not having seen much penguin hockey, i thought it was just flyer fans tired of losing to pittsburgh…

    …live pens/sharks, malkin was awesome…an innate sense of positioning whether he’s setting up to feed or shoot…watching a guy like that live, rather than on tv, could bring a lotta new fans to the game…

    …anyway…fff, hockey is way mo’ betta than ‘hokey’ & a certain somebody’s obsession with addiction was getting hokey…it’s not like he’s out saving lives or careers, it just seems to be this quasi-intellectual blah, blah, blah that accomplishes nothing but his approach & attitude do serve to piss everyone off…

    …so, ya…hockey is a great game & in case you haven’t been enlightened, skating & cycling use most of the same lower muscle groups…’member eric heiden ???…champion speed skater & cyclist ???…yep…

  63. I know it’s already done, but query dolakacracka…to wit, I drink a bottle of whiskey a week and a bag of weed the same. Am I addicted? Please, do I need help? Ooooohh dolakacracka what was my trauma? Shower me with your golden piss of knowledge, please.

  64. Snegghawg— what’s the best way to get rid of a really painful saddle sore? It’s tough to ride with this butthurt.

  65. sfb, have you tried a local topical anesthetic for that? the benzocaine in Oragel has been effective for me. it won’t heal anything but it will allow you to sit on the bike.

  66. well, el jefe and triple f, i was scratching my head over the “everyone’s an addict” thing you fellers keep spewing out. so i took a peek at everything i’ve stuck here on DC going back to march of this year. it took all of 25 minutes to find all my comments. can’t seem to find what you’re referring to. any chance you have me confused with someone else? if not, i guess i’m feeling a little embarrassed for you gentlemen.

    i’ve got links to each DC post where i wrote something, i’ll send them to you if you care to look into this a little further. what i’d like to know is: what the hell were you thinking?


    …way back @ post #69, i addressed this statement to you…

    “hey, dolak…fuck ‘addiction’…

    you should be concerned about ‘obsession’

    …& maybe your ability to bore people to abject ambiguity…”

    …it certainly wasn’t a joke at the time & at this point, it makes even more sense…

    …you’ve become moronic about the situation, so perhaps you ought to take a real deep look at yourself & to help you do that, consider just how you look to the rest of us…if you have the ability………

  68. I’m John. I’m an alcoholic. Bad thing for me.

    But each man rides how he chooses.

    Except for dolak. He’s a parrot. No thought. No worth.

    Fuck him.

    Let this post end ??

  69. good on ya, joe. substance dependence is as wrong as, say, cardiovascular disease. or contact dermatitis. or the sun coming up. indeed, to assign value judgements to alcoholism/addiction is nonsense.

    the topic, even the mention of a word like alcoholism or addiction, is a potent trigger for fearful reactions in many people as you can clearly see in the comments here. what keeps me optimistic is that there seems to be some evolution of how addiction is regarded. some sanity and reason seems to be encroaching on the usual terror people summon up when thinking about it all as more and more folks wake up and accept the disease model and shit-can the “moral failure” model.

  70. “Your Mom is a worthless whore.”

    yep, i woulda agreed with ya until about age 32 or so. things are much better now.

  71. My name is John. I am an addict.

    My demon of choice is beer. I’ve used it to drive away everyone in my life.

    I used to drink the good stuff. Pete’s Wicked Ale comes to immediate mind. But the last 10 years, I’ve switched to the cheap shit. Coors Lite. Not as tasty but less of pain in the AM.

    For whatever foibles or peccadilloes I may have, I can proudly say I am not an asshole. Or should I say I’m not dolak. A new word has emerged.

    I believe that most people are decent. I believe that most people are clean.

    I wish I could say the same about me.

    Merry Christmas people.

  72. Holy shit, people. Let. This. Thread. Die.

    My nom de plume is el jefe. I drink too much beer. (therefore?) My life is great. Life is too short to drink cheap beer (all the time).

    I have family and friends who love me. I get along with my co-workers. I can proudly say that I am not an asshole. Even though dolak appears to be an asshole, I’d share a ride and a beer with him. I believe that most people are decent, even if they are misguided.

    Now shut the fuck up and go for a ride.

  73. I agree with eljefe

    To borrow from Monty Python, (okay, plagiarize),

    This thread has passed on! This thread is no more! It has ceased to be! It has expired and gone to meet ‘its maker! It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch it’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Its metabolic processes are now history it’s off the twig! It’s kicked the bucket, It’s shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-THREAD.

    And I say this as a broken shell of a man who was already a broken shell of the man who he was before, have limped back from the Round Lake Taupo ride where gale force winds & a torn knee cartilage caused him to pull the plug at 80 kms & to slink onto one of the relay buses trying to hide his soloist number from the rest of the occupants, in vain, ‘Weak, Weak, Weak’ went the chorus, (mental note, snot rocket every relay rider I come across next year).

    But Full credit to TripleF for bringing a new phrase to the site, first we had “Lighten up Francis”, followed by “I like Turtles” & now we have “Don’t be a Dolak!!”

  74. …your quite right, summers eve, i did err…

    …i wrote that at 5:37am, left coast time after working several nights of 13 to 14 hours & then coming home in a bit of a daze, only to realize that your pathological tediousness was still being posted…

    …it should have read & i quote – “………& maybe your ability to bore people to abject ambivalence”{

    …& if you wanna pretend you don’t understand that, don’t reply, just think about it…

    …& then rinse again…

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  76. Keep telling them the truth, Dolak. They may protest, they may scream bloody murder but it is the right way.

    Trungpa said “Sometimes they are offended. They might cry and kick and even shoot a
    jet of diarrhea right in our face, but they are still somewhat feeble
    and sweet. In spite of their kicking and screaming, we place them in
    the cradle of loving-kindness. We take pride in such persons and
    regard them as would-be warriors, in spite of all their bad temper. We
    are not put off.”