Kids on Bikes

I just got home from volunteering at ‘kid’s night’ at our local bike coop – Mobo Bicycle Cooperative. We serviced a total of 21 kids tonight. Most, if not all, are inner city, underprivileged kids, just coming to get a bike fixed. If they don’t have a bike, they can get a ‘new’ used bike.

It’s such a rad program. The deal is simple – kids get bikes for free. There is no charge for them. All they have to do is get a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. When they arrive, we check to see if they have a waiver on file. If they do, we put them on a list, in the order they arrive, with the mechanical issue they are having. If they don’t have a waiver, we send them home – most of them live within a few blocks of the coop – they bring the waiver back and we put them on the list. Sometimes it’s a flat tire. Sometimes it’s a chain that needs fixed. Some of the kids even work on their own bikes. If they don’t know how, the mechanics put the tools in their hands and show them the way.

The kids have rules they have to abide by. No cussing, yelling, fighting. Games are provided, as well as crayons and markers for coloring. Snacks are also provided, tonight a big box of apples sat on top of a table with some oranges and a big jug of water.

I worked the sign in table and hung out with the kids. Dominic helped wrench on bikes. They had plenty of mechanics so after a couple of hours, he took his flat bike out and did a session in the street.

It’s so much fun, I will be bummed when school starts and ‘kid’s night’ is over. To end the summer, they will have a kid’s race with an obstacle course. They will give all the kids gift bags and a raffle ticket, and one lucky kid will win a rad BMX bike.

**We are in need of kid’s prizes to be donated, so if you want to donate, holla.

The mechanics and kids work together
Kids play games while they wait
Kids of all ages participate
Hanging with the kids while they wait their turn
Ready to roll
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23 thoughts on “Kids on Bikes

  1. Very cool! We have a program at the VA facility that I work at in which Veterans fix up bikes that have been donated and then they have a ceremony and present the bikes to kids. The kids have to be nominated by someone (e.g. teacher) so they seem pretty psyched about the reward; and the Vets in our program are generally dealing with substance abuse and homelessness, so they get a lot out of doing something for someone else. I like that your program has the kids directly involved, not just having it given to them.

  2. I love, love, LOVE the photo of you with the little one on your lap.
    Your local bike co-op looks like such a mellow place to hang out.
    I’m so far away but would gladly donate something. Email me off-blog and give me a sense of what’s needed.
    Hugs –B

  3. Judi, I have a few old euro cycling caps to send if you think they’d go over at the give away…..if so, email me. awesome work.

  4. I’ve said it before-I could give a rat’s ass about having money. Good thing, because my ass is always broke.

    But when I see a story like that, I wish I was Daddy Warbucks.

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  6. Simple pleasures. I’m sure we all share memories of riding a bike when a kid. Nice photos and good to see something positive in the community for these kids.

  7. @african single, wow. thank you. that was really generous of you. i am really happy with the support ive rec’d from the guys who read the site. raleigh bicycles is also sending a huge box of goodies for the kid’s. much kudos to all of you. XXXXXOOOOOO!

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