I got this picture today from Vlade out in Jersey rolling the Bear Scat 50. Vlade was one of the original members of this sewing circle we call drunkcyclist. That could be the reason he is still rocking one of the first jerseys(and socks) we ever made. I offered to send him one of my 10th anniversary jerseys but he said he would rather bust out a wife beater and a sharpie like the old days. I support that.

old jersey in New Jersey
old jersey in New Jersey

The least I can do is send him some new socks..that’s just gross

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

7 thoughts on “O.G. DC

  1. I lived in Highland Lakes, NJ for 2 years. That park was right across the street. Good place to get eaten by a bear.

    Wasn’t riding back then so never tried out the trails. I now know where I’m going this weekend.

  2. Let me just say how much racing in Jersey sucks!! It’s all about what team you are on, what bike you ride & what place you got. Sure, that is what racing is, but there is no soul to it. No enjoyment of the ride, comradary or Zen to the entire scene. I ride to get away from assholes & hassles of living in on the east coast, but the race scene here puts it right back in your face. Any of you who know me wont believe this next line. I almost pulled a Gnome and punched a race offical when he got in my face about a poorly market trail sign and missing a turn. That asshole DQ’d 25+ riders because he missed marked a section. At the end of lap one, 25 miles in, he was yanking people off thier bikes screaming at them that they must have thier “heads up thier ass” for missing a turn. 20 years of racing & I have never cut a course…so I turned back on my own, doubled back on the trail through oncoming racers (yeah, I was that asshole) and re-rode 5 miles of hellish boulders and gnar singltrack to pay my penance. Needless to say, this ruined my head and legs for the day. Not to say that AZ didn’t have it’s douche bags running some events, hell I was one of them, but I always did the right thing by the rider, that’s why we are all there. If I wanted to fight, I would go to work or hang with my wife (sorry Honey) I just want to ride…. I will be rocking the old school DC Jerseys or maybe an original wife beater with sharpy art like the old days at meny of the Jersey /PA / NY MTB events, so feel free to toss me a brew & i’ll tell you the tales of Spanky, Big Jon & the rest of the OG crew from back in the day. Keep the rubber side down….

  3. I just want to comment, # plate 151, Ironicaly, I was drinking Bacardi after the race.
    TripleF, I live at the back door of WayWayonda, trail is across from my house, you see a Jamis 29er on the side of the trail, send notice to DC that a bear dragged my sorry ass off & my wife will be selling a garage load of bikes soon.
    Damn I miss you guys & AZ singletrack

  4. Vlade eat coal, shit diamond. Vlade eat glass, shit Chihuly. Need I go on? Keep the rubber side down, brother.