Don’t throw your bike at your friend…

So, I called a friend today to see what was up and he had some crazy story about riding bikes with a friend to the bar, getting wasted of course then riding home pretty much blacked out. Well, he decided to take his bmx bike and throw it from the porch out into the street at his drinking buddy. After that he went inside he thinks and passed out. Well, he woke up this morning to his bike in a safe place.

toms bmx

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9 thoughts on “Don’t throw your bike at your friend…

  1. that made me smile. reminds me of the days i rode my bike to the bar, and the next morning would wonder where it was and if it was safe. or how the hell i got home.

  2. I recall that rule is number 6 or 7 of the Ten Bicycle Commandments. Thou shalt not throweth thy bicycle at they friend.

  3. (Devil’s Advocate speaking) The “friend” should not have done the initial actions which required the said bike throwing in the first place. The secondary actions of the “friend”, illustrated by the photograph of bicycle atop a chimney, indicates a consistency of malicious behaviors toward bicycle hurler. Ladies and gentlemen, seeing the evidence presented, I would also throw my bicycle at the “friend” in solidarity with the hurler for such dastardly misrepresentation of friendship. Considering the hurler had retired from the confrontation to the sanctuary of his home only to be menaced yet again by the aggressive actions of the “friend”, one can only conclude that the throwing was justified. Too bad he missed…

  4. Considerin’ all the beers that likely got consumed, I bet there was more hurlin’ than just a bike.