Jonny got his ride on

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Oh, yes I did. Three (3) hours. Which is a lot more than I’ve done for quite some time.

North side of Camelback.
North side of Camelback.

The last time I went by this lot, there was a house on it. It has since been scraped clean.

Scrape 'er clean off & start over.
Scrape 'er clean off & start over.

Fly the colors.


Nothing but blue sky as far as the eye can see.

Welcome to Arizona.
Welcome to Arizona.

That’s a whole lot of bike lane. Just me and my thoughts. Which pretty much means it was just me.

Hairy legs & wine corks.  Go figure.
Hairy legs & wine corks. Go figure.

I graduate in less than a month. I’ve earned this. Keep the rubber side down, folks. See you on the road.

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About big jonny

The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

23 Replies to “Jonny got his ride on”

  1. A few months ago I decided to start reading the DC archives from the very beginning and also reading DC currently as it goes. It’s strange to read two different time-lines on one person’s life. I’m presently reading through the last quarter of 2003 and I’m keeping little notes as I go along, just because I’m a dork and I started finding interesting bits as I read along and I thought I should write them down as I went from the past forward.

    Why would I do this? Well, I didn’t plan to do it until I started reading from the very beginning and I realized what a huge element of this site’s past was porn, and the present incarnation has no porn. I had to connect the dots because I wanted to find out that fateful moment when you tearfully decided to make the transition towards “NO PORN” a sad day in any webmaster’s life.

    Also, in my “past” readings, your wife is in law school in Idaho? and you live like a drunken bike mechanic gypsy maniac who hasn’t even mentioned law school yet. Very interesting.

    Tidbit from the past: 3-27-02, you referred to a package of questionable hot dogs in someone’s fridge as “a quiver of dildos”.

    I nearly shit myself.

  2. sandwiches are over rated. ive come to realize over the years that if you want to ride a bike efficiently, skin and bones is where it’s at. I noticably climb better at 155 then I do at 160 lbs.

    awesome you got out for 3 hrs

  3. Thanks for the photos… Mom was never happier than when she lived in the shadow of Camelback. I miss going to Phoenix to see her. Keep those bones and skin rollin’!

  4. Congrats on finishing Law School! I still got a year of grad school, but I can see the light coming and I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. Keep rolling!

  5. We need to meet up for some miles my friend. Let me know…Ive doing papago almost every morn on the SS . But need some road miles for sizzle.

  6. Gnome – there will be other rides. I have no doubts.

    Judi – I’m not to the point of “lean.” Yet.

    Keith – that was RJ’s place with the quiver in the fridge. I stayed with him for a bit that year. Very interesting guy. His brother makes custom motorcycles. The archives are full of all kinds of stuff, some well written, some not. The short version of the adult content story is it just got boring. Edgy is one thing, but then the shock “hey look at me” value wears thin. It’s harder to provide interesting commentary than it is to find racey photos. And we like to do things the hard way.

    Shawn – best of luck to you as well. That year is going to fly by.

    Nik – I gotta come see that baby! And, yeah, I remember a lot of Papago miles with you back in about 2002. Just about every morning before we broke big rocks into little ones over at Domenic’s.

  7. Jonny, Looks like you had fun without me to hold you back. It was glorious yesterday, don’t you think?

    I do have a couple of questions, though…What’s with the clean face and hairy legs? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a smooth face. Also, don’t you know how uncool it is to have your glasses stems inside your helmet straps? Do you want to look like a 60 yo geezer? ;) I would know.

    We need to ride before I migrate North for the Summer, then drink a few beers.

  8. …looks like ‘the’ place & ‘the’ day for a ride…

    …that makes you ‘the man’

    …nice, counselor…i think you deserve it…

  9. Good on you, BJ. Too bad my weekends are beginning to become more and more congested with wedding planning. No mention of getting rid of the bikes yet…

  10. “No mention of getting rid of the bikes yet…”

    …uhhhmmm, bg_cyclist, free free to tell me to butt the fuck out if you feel the need but doesn’t your new #1 understand that your long time ‘other’ #1 will always remain an important part of your life ???…

    …just askin’…

  11. @09:

    The first thing I put on in the morning is my glasses. Guess where the helmet straps go when I am lucky enough to find some ride time? And yes, I’m a 60 year old geezer. Got a problem with that, sonny?

  12. @12:

    My lovely wife of almost thirty years knows better than to even suggest “getting rid of the bikes”. Reckon that’s one of the reasons this thing’s worked for so many years.

  13. BGW, oh she knows….just like I’m never going to ask her to not by so many pairs of fuckin’ shoes. But, not sure if you’ve noticed, this is the first thing I’ve commented on in months, don’t have time to surf the interwebs, certainly don’t have time to ride. I’ve got some big ass paper weights at this point.

  14. …bg_cyclist…the very best to you, amigo & definite congratulations…

    …& ya, the shoe thing ???…you don’t wanna go there unless of course you have an absolute need for a counter to “why do you still have so many bikes in the garage ???…you can only ride them one at a time”…& be subtle…

    …& then of course, you’ll know it’s time to get back in the saddle (the bike saddle) when it goes from that to “…honey, you never ride them anyway & i need to store more things out there…”

    …then it’s time to put your foot down because those bikes are not paperweights, senor…they are the future of your sanity, simply waiting to be reclaimed…


  15. BGDubya – Hands down the very best marriage advice I’ve gotten, and I dare to say I will EVER get. Thank you. I think I’m gonna cut from work a bit early and go ride today…

  16. …my second ‘LO fucking L’ of the day & this one’s more meaningful…

    …the very best to your & your new bride & may there be plenty of room for shoes n’ bikes & heart felt moments…

    …enjoy that ride, today & forever…

  17. @Bg_cyclist


    Another track to try is the “I need the bikes to stay healthy, so that we can enjoy our grandchildren together Dear” one.

    Definately scores points & shows your sensitive side.

  18. BJ, congrats on finishing lawschool. First year sucks, second year you learn something, third year is a waste of life, eh?!

    Where are you going to sit for the Bar?