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  1. what it means now and forever. Bicycle=FREEDOM. remember when you were a kid and rode your bike around the block the first time? Freedom and adventure. spread the word! hope your feeling better DB!

  2. I will be free again SOooooooon. FIrst Friday ride around the big (not really) ole city. Good techy trail in there too + beers + campfire hot dogs = winners. Or is that weiners?

  3. That frame set has an absurdly low bottom bracket. You’re not gonna be feeling very free when your pedals hit the ground on every stroke.

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  5. Anything with an eagle and the US flag is nauseating, pompous, and alarming. These colors don’t run because they stand for prevarication and perfidy. Sure, freedom is nice and I enjoy it like the rest of you; riding my bike and believing I make a difference motivates me; yet it’s sickening that no one here cares enough to speak out that our country is full of cronies. Instead, the flapping fabric of the flag fools all those with foggy eyes fantasizing about utopia. America home of Utopia. . . . Keep dreaming. Keep fooling yourselves. Keep riding your bikes in pursuit of the truth.

  6. The rest of the world anxiously awaits your arrival. Nobody is keeping you here. It’s called “freedom.” Knock yourself out. I respect my flag and what it stands for, but not blindly. And if you’ve been around this site for any length of time, you would definately see that there is PLENTY of vocalization against the “cronies” you speak of. Anyhoo…back to my beer….
    Last one though…gotta get up and RIDE tomorrow.

  7. Bike is facing the wrong way. And he spelled it wrong.

    It’s spelled “Freedom™”

  8. 1-Slope
    3-Chain entirely too tight
    4-Put the front axle in the dropouts and it should raise the bottom bracket to where it should be. It will also make the geometry ridiculously slack, though
    5-Valve stems not lined up with labels? Can’t tell from here

  9. Almost forgot-@ Crooked: Don’t let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit ya.


  10. …@crooked…ah, son (& yes, you deserve to be ‘son-ned’), you’ve allowed yourself to let that flag come to represent a government that understandably you don’t approve of & therein lies a flaw…

    …what that flag really represents are the people of this nation…open your eyes & take a good look around & for every clueless motherfucker you think see (& yes, there are plenty of ’em), there are so many kindhearted folks performing acts of goodness & decency by extending themselves out to their fellow human beings on a daily basis, that i’d hate for you to become so jaded as to miss that…

    …i wasn’t born here but in having spent the majority of my life here, i’ll suggest that the good well outweighs the bad in this country…there are plenty of things that need to change but there is a essence of honest righteousness, so please don’t miss it…

    …i leave it to you but i’m just sayin’ what i see…

  11. ^^^what bgw said. And for all her faults, people risk everything just to come here for a chance at our way of life. Ain’t it peculiar, though, that so few want to leave.

  12. I’m on the get free tip these days. Carless. It’s weird. Planning is in full effect, but you know, maybe it’s the novelty of it, but I’m digging it. I wont be carfree for long, but this is certainly an eye opener. Society would be entirely different (dare I say, better?) had cars not be shoved to the forefront of “necessity”. Whatever though, shit rocks pretty much kinda, as is.

  13. @ Crooked: I may groan and moan at my government’s corruptions, and I may weep at the abject waste of so many young men and women dying “on my behalf” overseas, and I may stamp my foot in indignation that my partner and I can’t get married the way my straight friends can; but the fact remains that this is still MY country, too. I’m not blind to the problems we have here. I’m just too busy fighting to make it better to worry about your visions of false Utopia.

    For me, part of making it better is Getting Free. 2011 will mark 21 years without a car of my own. What does Getting free mean for you?

  14. I see I generated a lot of commentary since my last post. Good. I didn’t mean to politicize this forum with my tirade. I have my own opinions and feelings about what the flag means–or has come to symbolize. Yes, I was focused on the GOVERNMENT in my comments. BGW, you’re correct: The apple pie shouldn’t be confused with the government cheese. BH, you’re response was germane and brought to life some great examples. JTE, well, you’re an electrician, I think. So, to all the apple pie, charity giving, car-free, feel-good, do-gooders out there, I bow my head in deference. America is a better place because of people like you. As for that utopia I spoke of, well, it’s where you do the thing that makes you most happiest . . . and gives you the most freedom. Peace.

  15. Crooked, surely someone as in tune as you are with the meaning of Utopia and with such a deep understanding of the Government and its inter-workings, must contribute daily to the betterment of our society at the highest level. As a former U.S. Marine now working as a fireman in Washington, DC I understand the ideals that our flag stands for. It’s not some stupid fuckin’ Toby Keith song about putting a boot in some terrorists’ ass. It represents the freedom that we truly do have, regardless of how oppressed you may think you are. Of course this is just my opinion and I’m just another one those foggy eyed cronies you seem to know so much about.

  16. “Freedom isn’t free but the U.S. Marine Corps. will pay most of your share.” -Ned Dolan

  17. …alright, kinda nice…

    …this was a ‘conversation’ that could have gotten way out a’ line but saner minds prevailed & the door is left open, should there needs be more to follow…

    …life in this day & age has become nothing but polarized issues, so much so that most folks seem to forget that an acquiescence to a middle ground, an acceptance & accommodation of the ideals of others allows for open dialogue…

    …the word “compromise” is seen more these days for it’s negative aspects, as if it’s a dirty word, wherein, “if i in any way compromise my principals or agenda, then i lose” where in fact a decent compromise can become a workable avenue of mutual acceptance & consent…

    …most healthy personal relationships that have any longevity & depth to them are based on compromise of one sort or another so why should political relationships be any different ???…

    …the old “i’m right, you’re wrong – so fuck you” that so much political agenda is based on, is nothing but childish sandbox mentality…

    …& sorry if i’m rambling…i’m simply influenced not just by the above comments but by the situation in arizona within some simple minded, ‘clue nada’, chicken-shit incompetent takes his lack of political understanding out on other people by selfishly using a gun…

    …peace to gabrielle giffords & anyone else affected by the tragic situation…i’d have “got” the gunman’s point if he’d only just expressed his perplexity, put the barrel in his own weak little mouth & pulled the trigger…

    …the result of this kind of thing as it stands is beyond comprehension…

  18. bgw, I been tryin’ to stay away from politics. Ain’t gonna change anyone’s mind about shit, and even if I could, really-It just ain’t worth the aggravation. Besides, being a conservative with a wife who would fit in on The View, I got all I can deal with right here at home.

    But I gotta say it:

    1-What happened in Arizona was a tragedy. My heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones, seriously and for real.

    2-The sick bastard who comitted this atrocity sounds too fucked in the head to even comprehend the subtle nuances of left, right or mugwump. Best would be to just take him out back and stand the sick fuck up against a wall. But I suppose that would make us no better than him.

    3-That frothing-mouthed loon Olbermann was spinning this shit as just another right wing conspiracy. I’d call it partisan but that assumes a cognative ability that I just don’t think he posesses. Enough just to say there’s plenty of blame for everyone to get a nice big steaming slice. Oh, and when a President-ANY President of these United States, whether conswervative, liberal, Martian or Kenya-born Marxist charges his party before an election to “punish your enemies”, well how’s that saying go? “A fish rots from the head down”. We’re not the enemy. We’re Americans. All of us. It just seemed a good time to say that.

  19. …we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on a lotta this, joe…

    …points 1 & 2, ditto…we’re good..

    …point #3, though, not so much…olbermann’s rhetoric was originally a more smarmy/comedic responsive approach to the limboughs, becks & o’reillys of this political based media circus…has he gotten more caustic ???…yep, but i’d suggest again that it’s in response to the strong paranoid vitriol espoused by the ‘faux news’ crew which attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator …

    …i’d also suggest that obamas semantic approach is a twofold situation in that it’s partially a response to the mccain/palin rhetoric of the political arena & also an unfortunate attempt to appeal to more americans who think a politician is weak if they don’t employ that kind of terminology…

    …in my opinion, it’s to our discredit that we’ve come to expect that as a sign of strength & it’s to obamas discredit that he & his advisers feel the need to kowtow to that denominator…

    …again, as far as terminology & rhetoric, it’s interesting to note that sarah palin, after having literally used the word ‘target’ & a graphic of a gunsight aimed at a map of giffords constituency in regard to the health care issue, immediately comes out to offer her “sincere condolences” to the victims & leaves it to one of her aides to immediately deny that anything was previously implied & that the gunsight was simply a ‘surveyors symbol’…need i say bullshit ???…

    …when you use that type of tactic to rally your troops (whoops, did i say that ???) you always appeal to a lunatic fringe whether that’s your intent or not…they’re out there, they’re paranoid freaks, they’re generally armed & they wanna be involved & make a difference…

    …well, a difference was just made in arizona but it’s not a difference that does anyone any good whatsoever…

    …& once again, i’m betting a month down the road, only lip service will have been paid…

  20. bgw, with all due respect-Re point #3:

    You can not possibly defend msnbc and attack Fox (not “faux”; I* know you’re form Canada but do try to learn our language. There is not a more biased bunch than Maddow, Matthews and Olbermann. This would be apparent to anyone who had suffered through their midterm election “coverage”. Never have I heard such smarmm and snark bandied about by supposed grown adults who should know better.

    I suppose if Governor Palin were to walk on water, the looney left would criticize her inability to swim. Having said that, I’ll agree the crosshair graphic was in questionable taste. But I was a surveyor for ten years before I got into the electrical trade. Yeah, I’ve seen that symbol. Still abit of a stretch though.

    “…comedic response…”? Well I suppose, but I expect more from a “news” commentator, even one whose ratings are perennially in the toilet. As to Rush (it’s spelled “Limbaugh, by the way) I don’t always agree with him. Still, you can have my house, my cars and all the bikes if you can provide documented proof that he has ever advocated violence against anyone. Tick, tock.

    As to O’Reilly, he regularly has liberals on his program and has always treated them with dignity and respect. That’s just the kind of guy he is. As to Glenn Beck, I challenge you to watch just one of his shows and do the homework to prove him wrong. It’s okay if you do; he encourages folks to do so. Or are you under orders by your Marxist masters not to place yourself in a situation that may encourage wrongthinking or questioning Big Brother? Kidding. KIDDING! But seriously-“‘Faux'”Newsiswrongbecause allthekoolkidssaidsoandIwanttobejustlikethemIcan’thearyoulalalalalaaaaa” is pretty weakassed fucking sauce. If you want to believe or not believe something, knock yourself out. It’s your business and I’ll still be proud to call you friend. But you owe it to yourself to find out what you believe and why.

  21. Oh yeah, and “…a response to the mccain/palin rhetoric…”? Really? In my day an American President could be counted on to take the high ground.

  22. i believe that i’d rather ride my bicycle than watch edumuhcated folk talk about more edumuhcated folk on the tubular

    reckon y’all answered the why for me

  23. …joe…anyone can walk on water – if the temperature is cold enough…we both know that…

    …never mind “…see it from my house…”, that bitch could practically walk to russia…prob’ly makes her closer to being a ‘commie’ more than anyone in the current administration…

    …but i think the “aw shucks”, down home, ‘moose mama’ sinks more than she swims these days…

    …(technical asides) – i realize the bering strait does not really freeze over, at least not since the last ice age…it does clog with moving pack ice at times in winter however…

    …i also realize russia is not a communist society anymore…but my comic assertions are no more off-base than anyone espousing the idea that our president is a commie…the guy is astute enough to not disregard an idea because it came from someone whose ideology is different but that is as far as it goes…

    …& finally, if you look beneath the surface, american presidents (or any world leader, ever, for that matter) have never taken “the high ground”

    …don’t be deluded…comrade…

  24. I was thinking about how little I watch the television these days, and when I do, it almost never involves any of the big news overlords.

    It didn’t take me long to remember why…

    Admittedly, the shooting in Arizona has drawn me into more of the mainstream media venues than usual since it happened in a parking lot I used to frequent (Bush beer 12 packs in Walgreens for under 5 bucks!) when I lived in the area.

    It disturbs me how inaccurate the various agencies/reports are, likely in a rush to satisfy our need for instantaneous updates. In this case, it is pretty easy to identfiy incorrect reporting since the difference between dead or alive is major. As the reports continue to change I think about how much inaccurate information is regularly disseminated, and how much of it gets by, accepted as accurate. Its bad enough when you have a bunch of people skewing it for their own self interests…

  25. Not understanding.

    A paranoid delusional kid kills a bunch of people and it’s a rush to place blame who he was listening to ?

    Easy. The fucking voices in his head. He was bat-shit crazy.

    Everything I’ve read so far there’s no political angle except what’s being fantasized by each side.

  26. …you’re only half right, triplef…

    …guy didn’t lean right or left but instead he was anti-government…

    …& he’d had previous contact with gabrielle giffords in the past in a similar type of outdoor event…

    …sounds like the guy is batshit crazy on top of possessing a certain intelligence…

    …just sayin’…

  27. …@your mom…probably not…(…)…

    @TripleF-Of COURSE the guy’s a total, utter and complete fucking loon. Mad as a box of badgers. But that won’t stop the left from wringing every possible drop of political capital from the blood of the victims.

    @bgw-Yeah, pretty much. And I’d still like you to listen to on Beck program all the way through, DVR it, take notes and follow up on the guy’s sources as he urges listeners to do on every show. You’re already a pretty smart feller but who knows? You might learn something. I mean if I can listen to National Pinko Radio…

  28. “But that won’t stop the left from wringing every possible drop of political capital from the blood of the victims.”

    @Joe— what an insanely moronic statement. Did you notice that the greedy and selfish anti-tax, gun nut (oops, that would be the “right”) bagged five corpses the other day? Jesus, dude, don’t be an idiot.

  29. “No more KoolAid” says the poster who repeatedly refers to the President of the United States as a “Kenya-born Marxist”. Pot? Meet kettle. You just broke my irony meter, there Joe.

  30. sleepy, when did I say “Kenya-born Marxist” other than in post #27 of this thread? And that for ironic effect. I figured anyone smart enough to click on this site could figure that out for theirself. But I’ve been wrong before, and wonder of wonders, I’m still alive! I guess you should step away from the KoolAid as well.

  31. @Joe— your comment blaming the so-called left for a shocking crime committed by one of your own was just plain stupid. Man up and admit it. Credibility, son. Get some.

  32. 1-I never blamed anybody but the nutjob. The machinations of the left, however dispicable, are after the fact. At least to the best of my knowledge. That doesn’t change the fact that they will go to any length to use this to their own political ends.

    2-“…one of your own…”? That shit is beyond the pale. Wake the fuck up or don’t come around here anymore.

    And the left WILL gain much traction from this tragedy. Facts mean nothing to that lot and they never have. The left will milk this tragic event for all it’s worth. They will do so joyfully; nevermind their crocodile tears. They already are.

    “…one of your own…”-Yes, I’d say that comment just about sums up your character.

  33. Anyone here see True Grit ?

    Great. Fucking. Movie.

    One of the best I’d say.

    Well. Remember at the end where he rides the horse till it drops and then puts a bullet in it’s head ?

    Someone needs to do that to this comment section.

    Just saying…

  34. Waitaminnit-“True Grit” or the remake? Been awhile since I’ve seen the former and I haven’t quite got around to subjecting myself to the latter.

  35. Do your self a favor joe and subject your self to the latter.

    The remake is off-the-chart fucking good.

  36. @Joe— you were flat wrong. I called you out. You prevaricate. It’s hard to respect that.

  37. TripleF-Seriously? Well it has been awhile since Mrs. Joe and I have been on a movie date, and she loves her a Western. To the Googleplex!

    Mikey, what the FUCK, “prevaricate? ‘Splain yourself, Lucy.

  38. @Joe— you asked. You conveniently dismiss your errant comrade as a nutjob. Perhaps I misunderstood— do you mean that “small-government,” “gun rats” adherents are generally nutjobs?

    I would be tempted to let that ride, of course, but for your history of advocating such greedy, selfish and violent political views. More than ten thousand Americans die of handgun gunshot wounds every year, perhaps a greater number than those who die of preventable medical ailments because they don’t have access to health care.

    So explain yourself, sir. How do you reconcile this event with your own views?

  39. Big Jonny, you out there? Seems like it may be time to turn off the power for a few minutes ……… ole Sparky Joe’s being bullied again.

  40. Jesus Guys,

    Deep breath & step back, you’re all on the same side at the end of the day.

    According to the news, the lady is doing well & I’m grateful for that, I’m sorry for the people who did not make it.

    The biggest thing that struck me when my job took me to America was the sense of community, AfricanSingle & myself can get seriously abusive to each other, (sorry about that Bro), but we both still love our country.

    Take care out there guys, be safe & remember that we’re all in this together.

  41. Okay, just for the record; then I’m done.

    1-The shooter is a registered independand who didn’t even vote in the last election.

    2-He was described by people who knew him as a “pot-smoking liberal”.

    3-His favorite author is Karl Marx.

    4-He had repeatedly demonstrated behavious consistant with severe mental disorder.

    These are the facts, which are a matter of record. People are dead, which is a tragedy. The left is using this horrible massacre for political gain, which is an outrage.

    I’m done.

  42. @ Hurben- Cool,no need to apologize, I pushed your buttons big time. In the heat of battle things get tense ;)

    @anybody: how the hell does a picture of a bike graffiti turn into this? But then that’s what makes DC what it is I guess

  43. This is worth the 9:33… Again, Stewart says it better than a lot of people.


    You could find just as much evidence for him being on the right as on the left. His ramblings are all over the map. Hate groups and fear of the government right along with Karl Marx. He was ill, and the system failed everyone affected by this tragedy. The people who could have acted on the warning signs, didn’t.

    I will grant you this, as much as I abhor Palin/Beck/Limbaugh/Fox and everything they stand for (i.e. the lowest common denominator of dumbfuckery in this country), this isn’t their fault in any way other than how they have driven the national discourse. Our discourse has become so hateful and vitriolic, it’s impossible to lay the blame on any one person/group. (That said, while that talk has to some extent come from both sides, for the past 30 years or so, it has come 2:1 from the right, so in an honest discussion of where we need to go, you can’t draw an equivalence between them.) There’s no telling what will send an unbalanced person over the edge. Never has been.

    It is really easy to forget that there are good people out there doing good things, even if we don’t agree with them politically. Even if the pundits on the TV machine want to lay/absolve blame on certain groups or people, it only gets better if we make the decision to step back and breathe before we speak; to personally rely on facts instead of conjecture; and to stop treating those we disagree with as THE ENEMY. That’s a title that should be used very sparingly.

  44. Nevermind that, Ryan. Folks drive on a parkway and park in a driveway. What’s up with that?

  45. Political affiliations aside, yes, we have to work together for the greater good. Let’s all rejoice in our freedoms and just ride our bikes.

  46. …ryan & joe…you guys sound like ‘rhodes/roads scholars’

    …just sayin’…

  47. Dammit, a political tirade and I totally missed out until now. I feel left out.

    That’s what I get for driving to work today (and subsequently wasting my entire morning by locking my keys in the car AND running out of gas at the same time). FML.

  48. well Low Brow, hopefully you didn’t have to spend your morning shoveling out your cars because the idiot who is paid to plow your driveway plowed your cars in.

  49. Not this time… but that has in fact happened to me before. At least on the street, it has.

  50. “The left is using this horrible massacre for political gain, which is an outrage.”

    Yes, darn those awful moderate-democrat suicide squads! Violating the constitutional rats of a constitutional activist!

    Doesn’t anyone else see anything fucked up here?