Sven Nys

A true baller. This guy has a race named after him while he’s still racing, what more can you say. He’s won everything and continues to be on the top of his game even when most guys have hung up the tubulars. Look for him to do some damage at Worlds in a few weeks.


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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

10 thoughts on “Sven Nys

  1. Those guys are beyond ballers..I ride up here in Seattle with Ryan Iddings who is at cross camp right now..guy is a tottal baller here in Seattle but gets lapped and pulled over there..crazy fast!!

  2. I saw him or another guy from his team this morning… The guy was out to do a bit of high cadence slow riding in the sun.

  3. …i’d say most of those guys are ballers…some of ’em just follow ‘rule #5’ a little more than others…