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22 thoughts on “The holy shit section

  1. fucker! i was gonna post that video in my next post! it is sick sick shit. i wanted to tell BJ that danny is a motherfucking baller.

  2. holy shit is right. Front flip is a huge trick.

    I was about to sell my crap and move to Scotland so I could say I lived in the same country as Danny M., but then the truth of Joe’s words struck me— kid’s not from Scotland, he’s from outer space.

  3. I know Red Bull sponsors him, but the one shot of drinking one stands out like a sore thumb in what is otherwise one of the most amazing things I’ve see.

    How does one see those lines?

  4. @08-See, buddy? We might squabble over piddlin’ details, but I’ve a feeling we’ll never be that far apart on the things that matter.

    @12-“How d’ya think he does it?
    What makes him so good?”
    comes to mind.

  5. “How does one see those lines?”

    …no joke when i say danny mac is more instinctively “cat-like” than anyone else of his ilk that i’ve ever watched…there’s always a confident & graceful flow to his moves…

    …think i’ll watch it again…

  6. The jazz pianist Oscar Peterson was known for unbelieavble dexterity combined with amazing artistry in his playing. He could play tons of notes at amazing speeds, but always in a way that seemed natural and never felt forced or showy for its own sake.
    The oft-repeated joke was that Peterson had custom tuxedo jackets made with multiple secret pockets so he would have where to hide the other 8 hands until he needed them.

    This guy rides a bike like Osacar Peterson played piano.

  7. …agreed beth h…re: the great canadian jazz player oscar peterson’s work…“…natural and never felt forced or showy for its own sake”…two incomparable stylists, oscar & danny…

    …check that vid again & think ‘cat’ while you watch his moves…he honestly is like a fucking cat…surefooted & instinctual…doesn’t second guess, just rolls into the next move ‘cuz he knows it’s ‘there’ for him…

  8. It’s really hard not to like this guy. He never speaks, just rides, but there is this undertone of courtesy behind it all. The scene in the earlier video where he puts the gate back on its pillar after riding up it, for example. The fact that he never seems to be getting in anyone’s way, making fun of anyone, or bragging about his extra-terrestrial skills. Hammering his wheel back into shape after falling off the fence in the first video. Etc.

    As for that two-second product placement: I watched it repeatedly and always got the feeling he was struggling to choke that stuff down. Watch again and see if you agree.

    And what beautiful scenes of Scotland! Makes me want to go there.

    He’s 100 percent class, Danny Macaskill.

  9. I’ve always been more of a Bill Evans fan, beth, but that’s a damned fine analogy.

  10. …good call, ‘e’…he is a 100% classy & gracefully skilled human being…

    …no “rah, rah, blah, blah, lookit me” kinda stuff with the loud pounding music…smooth clean editing too…

    “watch again & see if you agree”…okay, i’ll be glad to watch that video again (X 4 or 5 at this point)…he kinda palms the whole can which says somethin’…if he wasn’t wearing that logo-ed helmet, you’d never know…

    …re: scotland…that was in the back of my mind too…the whole time i was thinking “the scottish tourist board could use this video as a promotional vehicle”

    …nice stuff…

  11. E: You said it “there is this undertone of courtesy behind it all” That’s it, the way he removed the sign (in the earlier vid) and then replaced it. It is true pleasure to watch him.

  12. Good point on courtesy. I noticed that as well. No reason you can’t get your shred on without being a total dick about it and destroying as much shit as possible in the process. Such selfish behavior is what gets trails and riding spots shut down for future generations of riders. Have a good time, but don’t shut the door on others as a result of your actions.