Tuesdays with Dirty: Too much free time around camp

Fresh off another mini road trip down south but this week was a little different. It was all guys and there was  no agenda. The three of us met up down in the Cochise Stronghold for 3 days of climbing rocks and riding cross bikes on dirt roads.

But more importantly, there was  much time spent in camp drinking cheap beer and hanging out with good friends.

Its seemed like the campfire never went out because El Jefe was always cooking up some magic in his dutch ovens. There were some cutthroat games of bocce ball, and much more drinking of cheap beer. The biggest revelation of the weekend was when we looked up and saw an old dead tree shaped like a “Y”… obviously this was a sign from above for us to make a giant sling shot…and with a little help from a bike tube thats just what Maximum did


The scenery was amazing and it looked like this:


I would highly recommend grabbing a few of your closest friends, going to somewhere your cell phones don’t work, and have yourself a good time. Sometimes it OK for grown men to act like children and sometimes its OK to spend way too much time in camp doing nothing.  I still have a few hours left in my weekend so we have rallied the troops and are on our way to a night of paying homage to the Hank Williams legacy…the seediest strip clubs in town followed by a Hank Williams III concert. The bottles of Sailor Jerry and Wild Turkey have already been opened…if  I survive, I’ll see you next week . Keep it dirty.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

12 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dirty: Too much free time around camp

  1. now that’s living! super bonus points with the cochise climbing portion…i’d road trip with ya!

  2. Mmmmm…..Sailor Jerry….gotta wait for the weather to warm up some before drinkin’ that.

  3. Hank III, apparently, is KING of the gutter-punk red-neck crew.
    Lo, behold, what happens to rich kids in Rock and Roll.

  4. mr. dirty,

    camping with a chainsaw is to camping as drinking 151 on fire is to drinking. you’ve triggered some mighty memories, there, bud. i’ve woken many a morn in the dirt, sound of the birds (actually cracked blood vessels in my eyes straining to reconnect)a-chicking, the world’s strongest adhesive (my puke) mixed with dirt and sealing my collar as though the good 7ord hisself knew i’d be shivering in my wet clothes, crying for my childhood, and pouring parental resentment from my pitcher of hate….. we’re all so grown, yet such infants in the natury of the wierld.

    soldier on, mr. dirt.

  5. Damn good post, Good Advice and some good times, that concert reminded me of the good old days at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, good times.

  6. @judi…um yeah, i didn’t get this nickname by going to sunday school
    and sanke hawk, we need to drink some beers in the desert soon…funny story about that chainsaw…

  7. ol’ dirty mcgirty, we could put more empty cans of cheap beer in the desert than there are rocks. as the angry hippie & i used to say, “let’s go to a beer drinking contest and if there’s enough time, we could race bikes.”

  8. Been there last fall (actually someplace just like it), although we never thought to make a cool slingshot. But we did have a box full of mortars. And a wok instead of a Dutch oven. And a minimum two cases of cans per person.

    It is really nice to only have cell reception once every second day. And to be far enough away to enjoy the mortars without getting hassled.