Oscar Freire takes Milan – San Remo

Hot damn. I was driving to school this morning (yes, I have no off days in this gig) and I got a text message from my man Dirty.

This many big men at the front going over the poggio is insane!!!

As I was in the car, I called him back rather than risk life and limb stabbing at a tiny keyboard. He was at work, of all places, but took the time to give me a quick recap.

In one word: Freire.

Pic from Velonews.com
Pic from Velonews.com

My man Boonen was second across the line. All you can see of him in this photo is his shoulders behind Friere’s outstretched arms. Talk of second place being meaningless – he has nearly disappeared in Friere’s glory. Third place went to Alessandro Petacchi.

Velonews write up here: Freire wins Milan-San Remo.
Video here: universalsports.com/video…milan+san+remo. (Thank to John H. for the tip.)
Cyclingnews here: Freire gives Oscar-winning performance in Milan – San Remo.
Pez Cycling: Milano-Sanremo’10: One Of The Lucky Seven.

Check this out too:

From: John
Subject: You See this?

I can’t descend worth a shit. I have severe acrophobia. I about fell off the bike doing South Mtn for the first time the other day. I’d rather go up, looking down messes me up.

Well, that’s it for now. Back to the grind. This morning I’m reading about Constitutional Law. It feels like win.

Update: Video embeds.

Milano-San Remo 2010 – (1/2) Poggio
YouTube Preview Image

Milano-San Remo 2010 – (2/2) Final kilometers
YouTube Preview Image

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6 thoughts on “Oscar Freire takes Milan – San Remo

  1. Mr. Friere didn’t soften up much in those first 296 kilometers. He was third wheel for like 1900 meters before he rode around.