The “three foot rule” made the evening news in Phoenix

Blowing up the spot. Our own Mr. Mason made the evening news. Advocacy. It just feels good.

Video here:….

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Snow Packed Bike Lanes
The roads and sidewalks are clear in Flagstaff, but not the bike lanes

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12 thoughts on “The “three foot rule” made the evening news in Phoenix


    ….i don’t know where you’re getting this 3′ rule..” what is it about “national press” that they don’t get? i hope some education comes from all this.

    they probably know of this 3′ rule

    I especially like this quote…”It’s going to take a lot of hands-on, constant, repetitive enforcement to show them that they mean business,”.

    hell yeah, i like words such as hands-on, constant and repetitive when referring to strippers.

  2. You have a following. 100% Support all over the country. Keep being a soldier of bicyclists safety. Keep cranking and thanks.

  3. If teh bike lane is blocked or dangerous for some reason, here we get leaves adn other debriss after rains, the cyclist shoudl probably take the whole lane. The ‘car’ lane is probably substandard at that point so cyclists can ride in teh lane and be allowed the same priveledges as ‘regular’ traffic.

  4. randy is not my bicycle advocate. he is a petty vandal piece of you now what. People who Sabotage bike races do not represent cyclists very well.

  5. matizel quit being a pussy with all this random hater bullshit that nobody outside of rev-bikes understands. It reeks of weakness on your part, and even if you’re CJ, you’re only purporting half the issue. Thus, anyone can hate up anything for the sake of stupidity such as what you’re rolling. Nobody really gives a shit about the problems incurred by that failed partnership anyway. It’s just another dysfunctional flagstaff bike shop at this point… and one that hasn’t even “opened” yet.

    Regardless, if you have something you want said so that people can understand, I’m happy to discuss the issue of rev bikes and BGR anytime as well as provide you this platform to flame upon via a front and center post.

    Otherwise, you just look like a fucking weak bitch here with your flaming of all BGR related posts where it makes little sense. STFU & Think about it.

    gnome ‘at’ Anytime.

  6. is it just me, or are these comment robots getting lamer and lamer? I doubt that visiting matizel’s web site will really grow my penis.

  7. @Judi— fair question… I confess, I never visit penis-enlarging web sites,nor do I drive a huge 4×4 pickup. The reader may infer what they will. And hopefully come out and ride, take their pulls and stay on while we go up Newport Way. :)