8 months till ‘Cross season

Goddamn I hate January. This has got to be the suckiest month ever. I haven’t seen the sun in GOD knows how long. The rain comes and goes. It’s up around the 30’s and my backyard is a fucking mud pit. The dogs paws are a pain to keep clean. I can’t stop bitching and complaining. It goes on and on. Be glad you don’t live with me.

I went running today, hoping to find a post in my head for this blog. I started counting down the months till CX. All my friends around me are planning their 2010 racing schedule, and all I can think about is when I get to start training for CX in July.

When I think about road racing, I feel sick in my stomach, though it’s something I vowed to do this year. A couple road races in March, a 40K TT in April, and one of the stupidest ideas I’ve had yet, a 12 hour bike race May 1st. Then a 3 day stage race in June, Tour of Red River Gorge and a half iron distance triathlon in July. Criteriums? Scares me shitless. I have to try one though.

Then CX. I can’t wait for CX. That’s the most fun I have ever had on a bike.

In the meantime, we’re going to be a one car family soon. It’s fine, we’ll deal. I have 4 bikes. I work from home. It’ll be fine. I just hope my car waits until April to die.

Can we please hurry up and get January over with?

With that, I leave you with one of my favorite songs by Big Black. Turn it up.

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14 thoughts on “8 months till ‘Cross season

  1. red river gorge?! judi, grab a rope and some draws, that overhanging sandstone is world class.

  2. Judi, that’s quite ironic. I actually get a bit queasy thinking about cyclocross. Road racing, not so much. We’ve got a high school team, so it’s something I’ve come to love.

  3. Hell. Youll be fine with one car. I have not owned one in 8 years now. It doesnt take much…just a couple extra minutes. You are definitely more bad ass than me…so therefore…you got this.

  4. I haven’t raced anything yet, but I do love me some Big Black.
    “Songs About Fucking” ask for it by name.

  5. Judi, It certainly is’nt as good as the Snakefinger version of Kraftwerk’s original, in my opinion. Although, I find it amusing and entertaining that new groups keep digging up old obscure shit to manipulate.

  6. I only this week realized that The Killers “Shadow Play” is a Joy Division cover. Well, cut of my legs and call me shorty.

  7. Fock. I totally missed cross season. This was going to be my first year. I got my Kaff all dialed in, found the biggest tires I could fit in the frame at a swap meet, got it all fucking dialed.

    Then work kicked in. I was away for a week at a time… 6 our of the last 18 weeks away… like one week out, two or three weeks back, repeat for 6 months. No, I can’t do math. Huge hardship on the wife trying to wrestle with two toddler boys who play at killing each other all day long while she’s trying to get work done on her biz…. kids get sick like twice a month.

    So yeah, basically, away for a whole week, then have to stay home with the kids (which isn’t a bad thing) which means no cranky time for daddy.

    FOck, next year, I’m gonna fuck up some cross races. Fock.