The danger of prejudice and the levity of being

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I don’t know who these guys are, but I like their style.


Read about them here: Check out the kick ass looking bike they’re selling here: They like Belgium. I like Belgium. We all like Belgium.

So, I’m watching football the other night while trying to get a head count of who exactly is coming over for dinner on Friday. Wait, they are coming after all, and they invited who? Yeah. Nuts. Totally nuts. I’ve been trying to get my head around just how in the hell we’re going to fit all these people under the roof. If the weather holds, we’ll be seating four on the porch. It’s all good, it’s Christmas.

But it ain’t Christmas in Washington. I can’t say it much better than this guy can: Yes, This May Possibly Be The Worst Play In NFL History.

“Listen to this…” Yeah, that was a lot of booing. God damn that was an ugly game. Kinda made me feel like drinking. Oh. I was already drinking. Nevermind.

image001 You know, I feel bad for Tiger Woods. Young guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Wait a minute, what the fuck am I saying? I don’t feel sorry for him at all. I’m not really judging him either. I mean, I don’t really care if he had sex with 115 different women while he is/was married. I don’t care if he paid professionals (i.e., porn stars) to get their nasty on.

That’s between him and his wife and his kids. It’s his choice to make, he made it, and he’ll have to deal with the fallout. And, when you’re loaded with green crispy cash like that cat is, and you piss off the mother of your children like that cat did, the fallout is going to be huge. She’s going to rake that son of a bitch over the coals something fierce.

He’ll get back to golf in time, and he’ll win again. But, getting your Bill Clinton on can have a down side. And El Tigre is about to live it.

I’ve already spent too much time talking about something I profess to not care about.


Hey look, Astana still plays it dirty-dirty. See I hope to have some insights into the original French article, which I cannot read, from one well versed in the language. See…astana-aurait-commis-une-infraction-penale-pendant-le-tour-2009.

All you really need to know is 1) drugs for hypertension are required when you drastically increase your blood volume, 2) such medications were seized from Astana, 3) it follows logically that at least someone on the squad either used, or was planning to use, the medications the team brought with them to the Tour (for why bring something to the premier event of the season just to take up room in the van?), and 4) the seized “medical waste” (i.e., used syringes) contain enough biological material (blood) to get a DNA extraction.

If the UCI releases the DNA “blood profile data” they currently have on file, it will not be difficult to match up the apples and oranges.

I imagine that same DNA evidence could be obtained in other ways from the cyclists in question. Bottom line, if they have what I think they have, it could get tough for Bruyneel and the rest of the boys to continue to deny the seemingly undeniable.

What am I on? I’m on my bike six hours a day. What else am I on? Yet to be determined.

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21 Replies to “The danger of prejudice and the levity of being”

  1. I’ve been in touch with the big cheese from Ritte, and I have become a big fan. I’m finally just glad to have a domestic squad to proudly keep an eye on this year.

  2. Their “style” is to ingest known carcinogens and to ride without helmets. Come to think of it, such risky behavior probably has less severe long-term health implications than the crap the pelican is on nowadays. Still wouldn’t catch me doing it, though.

  3. Well Sweetcheeks, I’m aboot half rammed up on Wild Turkey and PBR, eh. But I’ll read your post in the morning. Or not.

  4. I wonder how many takes it took to make that photo – for those who are not aware it is a re-enactment of the classic Tour de France photo that is on 59% of bicycle shop and bicyclist bedroom walls. Killer – I love it.

  5. First off, stfu dave.
    I really don’t think Squeaky (that’s what I call my man Lance, cause he’s clean bitches) would be bringing in his go juice on the company van. You can’t catch the Ginger Bread Man.
    STFU Dave

  6. I like that tribute photo, well done.

    And Jonny, I share your pain; we have 21 for dinner on Saturday and we can seat ten. I’m planning on serving in two shifts, like they do at big-city middle schools.

    Like an idiot, I took the fullie today. Climbing on that thing is like swimming with cinder block flippers. You sit straight up in the wind and the tires howl constantly. The fork sighs and the rear shock squishes and they drain the life out of your legs like super-conducting leeches from Mars. It is hopeless to sprint a traffic signal. I froze my feet.

  7. God bless the skins for rolling over and playing dead for my boys in blue, i hope in the honor of the birth of santa that they fucking man up and run the train on the cowobys. i dont give a shit about bikes right now, doping is as doping does, the NFC east playoff race is all that matters. and to you big jonny i cant wait till this weekend when i get to eat real cheesesteaks and drink yuengling while you suffer in the desert. GO GIANTS, FUCK THE EAGLES!!!

  8. “…our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor…”
    United States Declaration of Independance

    “…the better angels of our nature…”
    President Abraham Lincoln

    “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Congressman Alan Grayson

    Way to reach for the stars, people.

  9. The Ritter Racing photo has been floating around for a bit now…. it’s pretty sweet. They need old school goggles and more wool.

  10. It is funny to me that people are already defending LA. If all your friends were coke heads, or coke dealers, and you had drug paraphernalia laying around your house it is reasonable to assume you are a coke head. It’s funny how LA is always in or around it, or it’s an ex-postal dude getting caught, or his old “doctor” getting charged…and on and on and on…

  11. Hey, I clicked though to the Ritte web page and those guys are fucking hilarious. “Turn the pussy dial down to 6” and go “shoulder to shoulder with squirrely brutes.” Ha!

    The bike is pretty good looking, but this video they cooked up is so funny I nearly peed:

  12. Ritte pic is off the chain….

    CArd carrying Redskins fan and that was the worst play I have ever seen…twice.
    Almost threw away my # 81 Art Monk jersey that night….