Happy Sunday

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This just came to me via text message from my man, Flake Hurlstone. God damn I love that kid.


On that note, I’m outta here. Two big days of preview reading for the upcoming week’s lectures have me at about 100% retarded. I need to lay on the sofa and watch the Cards beat up on the Giants. While eating BBQ and sipping a beer.

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22 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. Never thought I’d see the day when Miller Low Life is cheaper than PBR. Hey, things are tough everywhere. Think I’ll go downstairs and get a cold ‘un when I finish this glass of Wild Turkey.

  2. “Never thought I’d see the day when Miller Low Life is cheaper than PBR.”

    dave— d00d, when I was in hi skoo, “The Champagne of Beers” was $3 for a 12 pack of bottles. Me and my buddy would split one while we went looking for something to drink. Ah, the 70s.

  3. That’s the ride I NEEDED to take yesterday. Instead, I rode to the cemetary to say a final goodbye my best friend who was killed at his job last week. It’s too short boys and girls…LIVE every day.

  4. steve winwood “and will drink and dance with one hand free, back in the high life again.”

  5. Funny how a shit beer becomes trendy and the price rises.

    Look at PBR. I always liked it when I could get the 16 oz for a buck at premier watering holes, then the tightjean crowd made it trendy…or someone did…I’ll stick with blaming fixie kid types. Suddenly PBR 12 packs are edging upwards of 10 bucks a 12? Are you fucking kidding me? Not like it is really that good.

    Just like Rolling Rock. We used to buy that stuff in PA when funds were critically low. Then it became kind of trendy back in the late 90s or so it seemed, and a 6 pk would cost 7 bucks. Or Genny Cream Ale’s makeover? Talk about lipstick on a pig.

    And yet through it all, why hasn’t Schlitz seen the love? You want some hops? There you go. Had several German visitors sample it years back and they all loved it, compared with other cheap U.S. beers…

  6. @pirata – Genny Screamers aren’t the only high priced Yankee import in the Southeast – we can pay microbrew prices for Iron City too!

  7. pirata,
    I’ll drink some Schlitz with you. Long as we follow it with some Old Grandad.

    I do stay away from the Milwaukee’s Beast and the 211 Steel Reserve, though. That’s some time on the toilet right there.

  8. It’s been 20 years since I left the hometown of Milwaukee, but returnable cases of Huber & Huber Bock from Monroe, Wisco for $4.50 a case were the value that I miss the most. Coincidentally, Simpler Times is also brewed in Monroe. Other great labels from that brewery were Rhinelander, Kingsbury, Regal Brau, Bavarian Club and Wisconsin Club. All good, cheap swill.

    Returnable bottles seem a little too sensible for AZ or any west coast areas. It was like having a savings account.

  9. ahh yes, the Rhinelander. drank the tits off that brew when i lived in the Quad Cities. 4.99 a case if i recall… of course gas was like .79/gal. relativity is a bitch sometimes.

  10. Mitch, If you lived in the Quad cities, then you would remember Edelweiss from Dubuque…advertised as…”a case of good judgement”. I raced for the QCBC sponsored by World of Bikes and Medici bikes back in 1982-3 so I am also familiar with that area. Hellbelly

  11. i vaguely remember… i grew up there and 90% of my consumption was in the minor key… i moved to AZ when i was 23. fun th think about all the places we could buy alchohol and bars we could go to that didn’t care or at least acted like they didn’t….

  12. when I was in college, quarts of Rhinelander were 33 cents. That and a box of mac and cheese, and your evening was all set, with change back on your dollar.

  13. I lived in Rhinelander for a good bit of time. Fightin it out with Hurley WI for most bars per capita in the good ol US of A. What a great statistic, eh? And yep, I’ve seen cases of returnables for less than 4 bucks. And, they’re at least better tasting than Zima.

  14. It is funny how a lot of the yankee imports to the southeastern US were the shit beers. Then they managed to migrate Yuengling into the region which was a joyous event in my life. I kept looking over my shoulder wondering if Piels wouldn’t rear it’s ugly head once the Iron City showed up.

    Rev. Dick – Schlitz and Old Grandad…you’re on!

    As far as Milwaukee’s Best, I remember a point back in college where I wondered if I might be in the early stages of developing a drinking problem when a room mate and I were musing about how MB “actually wasn’t tasting that bad”…I’ll chalk that up to low funds making ANY beer taste good.

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