Get fresh kids

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This is my new sorta-mostly-favorite song of the moment. Catchy hook, but still 76% uncertain (coffee achiever – holla!). All sure to change by tomorrow mid-day. That shit is constantly in flux around here. Go figure.

How many vids can I pack into one lean post?

The answer, it seems, is somewhere between one and thirty. Between here and there, between near and far. Somewhere etween, betwixt, beneath.

And about that second video…

If the embed tanks, as Hulu embeds seem to lean toward on the regualar, click through here:

I said “tanked”. Speaking of which, check this shit out:

From: Snake Hawk
Well, well, well. look who we have here. a saltmine reunion of sorts.

Oh shitty. Looks like old times. Get your grime on, son. And break down that tip box for a twelve pack of cheap domestic lager. It’s a buck fourteen out there today and Saul pissed all over the bathroom floor again. I need a few beers in me before I can think about which bar we’re heading to later.

Link dump:
Pastor Of Gun-Toter At Obama Event Prayed For Obama To Die:
Cyclist attacked Lexus driver:
Is the English pub at death’s door?:
Shitlaw Primer, Part I: Life of a Coder:

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