Sunday is a fun day

You tell ’em sister, you tell ’em good.


‘Cause I’m feeling much the same. Except, of course, my dark personal moments are found floating in the pool with my daughters. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

[Image source (and it’s a fucking gold mine):]

The only bike rides I’ve done of late is dragging a trailer down to the local stables so we can watch the horse run around a couple of times. Well, that and hit up some bitch’n playground equipment down at the local elementary school. Say what you will of Phoenix (hot, evil, huge, hell, and the like), but know this: you can get your playground on hard down here, son.


Welcome to the big leagues. I hope you brought your A game. ‘Cause you’re gonna need it. Trust me. Run a few dozen laps around that with the kiddos when it’s a buck five out and tell me you didn’t get a sweat up. Yeah. Hit the showers. You earned it today, buddy.

Link dump:
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The shirts of champions:
Rocking the town halls made easy:
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The hidden hand of Dick Cheney:
As good as any other, I suppose:

Here are a few music sites I’ve been looking at lately, in no particular order:

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4 thoughts on “Sunday is a fun day

  1. As for shirts.. Gage and DeSoto (the guys who make the Team T shirt shown on that embrocation link) have a sweet Tom Simpson shirt. I wear that doper’s face on my shirt with pride. “Put me back on my bike.” and doped to the gills like all the cycling legends.

  2. they have covered playgrounds in Phoenix? Up here, we just let the little buggers get wet.

  3. I sometimes think about sucking on Rose McGowans little perky nipples. then I remember how she got old and gross and is an insane cunt.

    but I’ll still pull to ‘Doom Generation’ as she’s pretty much naked throughout.