Good Feelings

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First off this photo was hi-jacked from

Lately I have been jaded towards the sport that I absolutely love. The cheating, doping, who said what bullshit, dumb ass victory salutes, all that shit. It takes away from the sport. Bottom line. Lately I have not wanted to ride. Just some easy rides here and there. As I’m getting older the want and the drive is slowly leaving me. I still like to ride but not as much as I used to. Work stress, life stress and life are getting more and more to the fore front than riding. Today I was told that the stage was another boring ho hum stage and nothing had really changed. I wasn’t even going to watch it. But because I get sucked in just like I do every day I turned it on and sat my fat ass down and started the last 80k slog through the rain. In a second I could tell that HH was way stronger than Chavanel. I’ve been racing for 15 years and I can look at group riding and within 15 seconds I can tell you who is going to do what and what place they are going to finish. But what this post is really about is the emotion that we saw today from HH. That was pure. That is what this sport is about. It gave me the chills. The hair on my arms and neck were standing up. I welled up inside and had to choke it back down. Most of all it made me want to ride my bike again. It took me back 4-5 years to a time where I loved the bike and all I could think about was riding.

If you get a chance watch this stage again, this is what it’s all about.


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16 thoughts on “Good Feelings

  1. I felt the same way – chills.

    As far as victory salutes go, though – I think the worst that happens is everyone who didn’t win the stage gets annoyed. At best it adds character. And honestly, I think beating 160+ of the world’s strongest riders to the line is more than enough merit for a small gesture of excitement.

  2. Bravo.

    This was pure cycling. After all the crap over the last few years it was nice to see a nice guy win and be so happy to do it.

  3. I share the same sentiments as Snake. I watched it this AM and I also ‘choked up’. When I got to work I had to share my excitement with co-workers. I’m currently watching the extended coverage and although I dont have the sweaty palms I had this AM, I’m still excited for Heinrich’s 5th win of the season.

    I dont get to ride as often as I wish with family responsibilities and all. I rode in the rain on Wed night and passed up a ride in the rain tonight so I could watch this stage again. Im riding tommorow AM. Its calling for rain.

    Another finishline pic here…

  4. I’m an HH fan and today I was a little teary watching him dig in and give it a go. I felt like a kid again 20+ years ago when all the great feats in cycling were magical and not clouded by doubts of dopers. HH made my year in cycling today.

  5. I agree. I thought one of the coolest moments was when he had a chance to blow a kiss to the camera on the run up. What a cool gesture to let your supporters know that they helped prepare you. The finish was pure, he was a man and let it show what something meant to him. I am a fan now, will wait on the edge of my seat for his future.

  6. Brilliant. A real man.
    And fuck the cheats/dopers and all they represent

  7. Well said Snake. Well said. The drama tip in cycling is too much reality TV. The contrived bullshit like Cav’s telephone call. That shit is meh, however the celebrations on the line when the win is genuine, yea, that shit is fine.

  8. …there is a beauty in that moment that speaks of the purity & intensity of bicycle racing…

    …that a man, hard enough to race days & days on end, could feel such joy after so much supreme effort & the anxiety of working in such close quarters, all the while battling the elements & then there it is, the tension is released as the victory is realized…

    …well, that is a moment in time we all get to share…

  9. Not to spoil a nice moment but, according to the majority of past commenters and LA haters. “It takes a doper to beat a doper.”, what makes this any greater than some of LA’s past and present accomplishments? How do we know this guy is clean? Just asking.

  10. It was one hell of a stage. I watched it with my parents, whom are both retired, over coffee and banter. My old man watches all the stages now. Most of the year it’s all football for him. Cycling has gained another fan in him. Pretty cool, I think.

    As for “clean” or not – when he starts pumping out advertisements stating “You want to know what I’m on? I’m on my bike, six hours a day”, working with dope doctors, riding down those that testify in a court against those same dope doctors and generally protesting way too much… then I’ll stop enjoying the afterglow and pillow talk.

  11. Nothing is as dirty in sport as what Garmin did today. Those guys claim to be dope free but they sure look dirty to me.

  12. well, vaughters downplayed the tactic. saying it was just rotational duty. Hincapie, that motherfucker just caint get a break.

  13. Maybe it’s cuz I’m young and don’t realize how pro cycling has impacted my life or some bullshit. But I just don’t understand why some of you are feeling so down on riding because some dope ass motherfuckers celebrating too much. Granted some are dopers, granted some talk shit, granted some are retirees that claim they never doped, granted some celebrate too much like they’re T.O., but don’t let that shit get your riding all fucked up. Ride for what you rode for before all this shit. I don’t really care much for what happens and who dopes and who doesn’t. I won’t let it affect my riding. I ride because of that feeling afterward. The accomplishment and just that indescribable feeling of goodness after a hard ride. Maybe it’s all I have. I dunno. Anyway, there’s better things to get worked up about riding or not riding rather than a doped up motherfucker that’s celebrating too much in pro cycling. Ride for the love of riding.

    Good job to Haussler and great win.

    I think… No I’ll bet Hincapie is out for blood. Dude deserved what he should have gotten.

  14. priceless. Images like this are what stay imprinted in our cycling archive memory bank. I’ll pull this card out every time I am down on the Tour. This image displays humble victory.