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Swine Flu.
Swine Flu.

High speed rail has always sounded good to me. I drive because I have to. Not because I like to. Sit on my ass knocking ice cubes against the side of my glass while the countryside blazes by at 125 miles an hour. Sounds fucking awesome.

This is was part of my hour long drive home yesterday, just me and seven thousand close friends channeling our inner NASCAR:

Northbound 51
Northbound 51

Rail. I support it. Read more here: www.fra.dot.gov

How ’bout that fucking torture? Oh, good times. Thanks for making us all look like a bunch of soulless dicks. Really appreciate it. We’ll be trying to wash that dark stain upon our nation for the rest of our fucking lives.

List of memos to date: tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/…torture memos released
John Yoo’s Fundamental Dishonesty: opiniojuris.org/2009/04/28/torture necessity self defense and john yoos fundamental dishonesty
Main site here: opiniojuris.org
(The hits just keep on coming.)
Ireland v. United Kingdom and the prosecution of Bush officials:

That last one is a little something to look at from time to time (main site: volokh.com), I know we’ve linked it in the past, but I cannot tell you context… Whatever. Used to link it on the sidebar and then stopped doing so when we shuffled the deck and flipped the script. You’ll know more when you have to know more. Until then, keep turning that wrench and smile when the boss man walks by. It’s better that way. See, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?

Ever see a photo and know where it was taken? Highway 89 north of Flagstaff. Seriously. Check it: www.flickr.com

It’s still fucking twitarded as all hell. For sheezy. Believe it, son: www.nytimes.com/…dowd. And yet I keep doing it. The problem must be me, right?

And I’m out.

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17 thoughts on “update

  1. God I fucking hate Maureen Dowd. Could she be a more arrogant annoying cunitorium?

    Twitter, like my bike, is a tool – you can choose to use if for good or for evil. DC is good. MD is evil.


  2. How about good commuter rail in places like Phoenix and Austin? I just got back from a quick trip through Portland, and was reminded what it’s like to be around a half-way decent public transportation system. I don’t need to go 125mph into Austin. Doing 60 when traffic is at a stand still would suffice…

  3. el jefe- did you get to ride in Portland? Very cyclist-friendly there. I know a few good rides around town.

  4. Unfortunately not. I would love to go back when I had the time. I have two very good friends there. I loved the feel of Portland. Either a more grown up Austin or a smaller, easier to deal with SF. A few too many hipsters with attitudes, but we absolutely lucked out on the weather. The flowers were blooming, the grass was, well, green, (unlike how it’s been in central TX), it was sunny. The beer at Rouge was wonderful. I could be very tempted to move there if I ever want to live in a city again. Maybe when I’m done with grad school, but good luck getting a job in Oregon right now. I think they have the second highest unemployment rate in the country.

  5. All this shit on the news about swine flu, and that little sum bitch is to blame! I bet his mom sucks even worse, prob started HIV or some shit.
    Looks like about 3 hrs ago, we’ve got our first case in TN! Hells yeah! We’re on the map, son!

  6. What is so ironic about that FRA high-speed rail page is that their “safety” regulations have literally outlawed the use of trains like the TGV and ICE from American railways.

    In the case of Acela, Amtrak wanted to use proven “off-the-shelf” design. FRA wouldn’t let them, so instead Amtrak had to design their own train from scratch, with horrible results (i.e. unreliable, very heavy, WAY over-budget, etc).

  7. Dave – have you considered why light rail used to work? or why it works in urban areas that have it? just say-in

  8. I just moved to the DC area, and I love the Metro system. Man, there is a station about 1/2 mile from where I’m living, a short walk through the neighborhood, and I’m there. And I can get anywhere within the DC Metro area pretty easily, and cheaply, and leave the car at home. They’ve got tons of MUTs around there as well, unfortunately, not where I’m working, but I can cruise over to DC on the bike, G’Town, and other locales. For all of the f’ed up traffic they’ve got, the bike commuter scene there is strong, and heavily promoted.

  9. Tomorrow, I will upload several twits.
    Yesterday, I uploaded several….um….nevermind.