After breaking his right collarbone Monday during a race in Spain, Lance Armstrong now faces his first serious obstacle since his return to professional cycling: whether he can recover fast enough to compete in two of the sport’s most prestigious events. Read more.

I personally don’t give a shit. American coverage is crap, as witnessed by Jonnys post re:Cavendish and how they mentioned Armstrong as placing … what… 108th or some shit? And getting the headline, even tho he placed so far back. Seriously… Guys this means even LESS coverage due to ‘The Anointed One’ being out.

I’m sure I’ll get some heat for that, but…


ps: fuck that guy.

pps : It was giant’s post, not Jonny’s. Sorry about that.

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41 thoughts on “BWAHAAHaahahahaha…

  1. A coworker who rides just stopped by, “Did you hear about Lance?” She didn’t even know Cav rides on an American team. I wish people would move beyond Lance and see the whole picture. Maybe we might get decent TV coverage.

  2. I too am tired of the press constantly thrown at the “drama queen”… however, it’s a bit low brow to take amusement in his accident.

  3. To the American Media: Fuck Lance, He’s not the only American bike racer out there. Great, he beat Cancer and came back to win the Tour de Farce 7 times. Woo. Get off his nut and look at the other Americans posting results and American teams being competitive finally.

  4. Would you rather have media coverage of another doping scandal?

    I, for one, don’t mind a bit that pro cycling doesn’t get any coverage from the mainstream media…hell…they’d just get it wrong anyway.

  5. If it wasn’t for LA, we likely wouldn’t get the coverage we have now…don’t cheer too loudly for his misfortune.

  6. if it wasn’t for lance we might actually have balanced coverage of cycling – like during the Indurain years where every american who did something got press…

    if the Tour had different winners for those 7 years maybe things might acutally be better… but then again, maybe not…

    I won’t laugh about it but i certainly am not going to feed the press/blog/link machine by talking about that fall he had… although, tyler rode how long with a busted collar bone? And lance falls and pulls out?

    Maybe tyler’s hormones were just stronger than LAs…

  7. For anybody that has broken a collar bone while racing, Tyler made us all look like pussies. I know that I was off my bike for at least 3 weeks the only time that it happenned to me. That was three weeks before Nationals in 1984 when I was in my prime at 18 years old. I couldn’t legitimately compete in that time frame. I have no fucking idea how Tyler did it. I used it as an opportunity to become one with beer…forever changing my cycling future. Maybe Lance can take that lead?

  8. …dear bikeCUNT…

    …why would you assume you’d take some heat just because you’d laugh at the misfortunes of others ???…

  9. Second that Bwah ha ha..,and, add a hehehe.

    An accident? Try Karma

    I am new to the truth on Lance and his past and I am sadden by it.He is nothing more than a BRAND OR LOGO and he brings in the cash for the Pharma Cartel.Sell your soul and your gonna pay sooner or later.

    Love Drunk Cyclist.Love it.

  10. That sucks. I was hoping he’d lay the wood again. I was rooting for the dude. Sucks for cycling really.

  11. Ain’t nothn he can shoot in his ass to fix this is what I think bikepunk is sayn

    France just declaired another holiday

  12. laugh all you want but now we will only get the weekend updates on VS for the Giro. They just went back to PBR and UFC reruns

  13. Rant begin…

    Lets face it like it or not Lance brings media attention to cycling. I am sure we all have heard “there is no such thing as bad media”, or something like that. If it were not for Lance’s comeback the media coverage would be so much less and perhaps non existent in the main stream press (of course us cycling geeks follow velonews and other websites). Witness the record crowds at the Tour of California this year – yea, I was there in the rain. Most of them were there to see Lance and I think that is fine. Lance will retire again before long and I expect many of the fans attracted by Lance will still be following racing. The sponsors got a big boost from lance and I expect they will be back post lance along with others, for pro cycling sponsorship is the name of the game.

    Rant end…

  14. I have broken a collar bone 3 time. The right 2x and the left once. One I was able to ride and spin. One was so fucked I couldnt do shit for months. another I could atleast rub one out

    There are more issues including neck problems and shoulder seperation that could be involved.

    If Hincape can ride the tour after breaking one on the cobbles in April then Lance can ride the tour.

    the bwahahahah is more in line with Lance having to support Levi now too in the tour. Johan “Lance we want a stage win for Levi can you do all the work on this climb?” bwahahahahahaha

    lets see what LAnce is made of now. He has to ride the fucking tour because Trek is paying his bills in Europe not Astana. bwaaaahahahahaha

    Go Lance but fuck Trek

  15. Every commenter who’s been as successful at changing the world for the better please take one step forward.

    I believe that he doped and I’d like to see that proven, but I just can’t bring myself to celebrate this kind of misfortune. I’d rather see him on his bike getting tested & getting crushed on a daily basis.

  16. Ah Ha! It was the sober cyclist causing the real problems. I would chalk it up to teen angst.

  17. It would be petty to take any pleasure in this, but what the fuck? After Armstrong’s treatment of Simeoni in stage 18 of the 2004, there is no question he is a tremendously petty individual. Reap the whirlwind, dopestrong. Too bad you didn’t break both collarbones.

  18. As usual it’s the people hiding behind their computer that talk the most shit and are just as full of it…
    Lance is out there doing it just like Jordan, Tiger, Doc and everyone before them that became superstar atheletes. It’s a shame that people like “bikecunt” can just spout a bunch shit from the shadow of their computer with no repercussions like an ass whuppin for being such a tool!
    Bring that kind of shit talking into the pel and see how far you get punk… the last thing you will see (besides the BACK of the pack) is a skinny little fist pulverizing your punk ass face!

    Fuckin tool!

  19. You can’t say “I personally don’t give a shit” while also posting pictures and commenting on something. Just sayin’

  20. Bret Favre getting punked in the last 4 games of the reg seaosn was funny too

    great post bp. it has been a while since the morality police have had anything to rant about.

    BTW I am way more moral than you. I support the troops more than you. YOu posting shit on the computer is way different than me responding to your postin shit on the computer. I think…errr out

  21. I like seeing cycling on the tube. Lance helps that. I broke collar bones 3 times. Shitty injury. The dude brings the media, media brings money and people into the sport. People bring cool shit on the shelves of the least little corner bike shop, bike lanes, blah blah blah. Oh and all this brings hot woman of all ages into the sport that I can catch up with. I like that too. There was a time when the only cycling news you got was from an old worn out Velo News . It’s better now. Bring the guy back ASAP like him or not. Bob, have a beer and take a breath.

  22. “Bike cunt” OUCH! Surely Bikepunk will be crying over that little zinger!.. So much hating today… Don’t worry, Jesus will forgive didly ive you all. Just remember to repent..

  23. P.S. Bob, your website SUCKS! Just a bunch of random worthless adds… How about some content?

  24. Ah, superstar athletes did you factor in the whole”doping thing” ?

    That is about drugs Bob-drugs.They are illegal Bob.

    Does not really have a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to do with hiding behind a computer.Your like 90% of the population BOB, asleep and a fucking sheep.Do us here a favor,go back to your 200 channels of cable (hdtv) and sit there.Believe me,that is where you belong.

  25. You guys are braver than me. I’ll be sure to watch out for a skinny fisting from Bob next time I’m in the pel.

  26. So great, Lance broke his collarbone and is out. Now cycling is a better place, king doper is gone for a while, right? He is getting a little of what he deserves. I guess I could buy that.

    I was kind of bored and thought about this a bit. I don’t see any real positive from this overall. May change my mind in a day, but for now this is my stream of thought on Lance in cycling.

    For those who like cycling media coverage, it is safe to say the Lance factor has significantly boosted the amount of cycling on tv, even if it mean listening to douchebags in the commentators boxes for a while. Fuck it and mute it, or bitch about the shitty coverage later online.

    For those in the bike industry, Lance has surely helped sell a lot of bikes and the all so critical to the bottom line misc. accessories. Perhaps that has added to the number of douchebags on the road but then at least all of us real cyclists have someone to look down on. Not to mention it is a lot easier to find a training wheelset for a good price on craigslist for cross season or after some dipshit takes you out on the local weekly world cup.

    These same cat Vs are the ones putting a lot of cash in the promoters hands as they put on their generic yellow jerseys and USPS/Disco/Astana kits for their ventures in to racing. In the areas I have raced the IV/V classes are usually the biggest.

    Now here is a bit of a moral balancing act, but bear with me if you have read this far.
    Lance returned touting his desire to race around the world to spread the word on the fight against cancer. Is that all it? I doubt it, I think it is a good reason to come back out of retirement because he just can’t stand to see the racing from the team car any longer.
    That said, if he does promote the fight against cancer, then I am all for it. I do believe his foundation has done a lot of good and he seems to truly care, not just fronting it as a celebrity spokesperson.
    Is he a doper? Probably. I would bet on it. Is he a nice guy? I don’t think so? Total dick? Quite likely.
    In the end, if he wants to dope and cheat others in the sport but it makes a significant difference (yeah, quantify significant, so how about “any”) in the cancer fight, then I’ll fucking stick him with the drug of choice myself. Its a dirty sport now and he isn’t going to make it cleaner or dirtier. He’ll be gone in a few more years.
    So does he make a difference? Does Lance on a bike help fight cancer to a higher degree? Fuck if I know, but I doubt it hurts. He has definitely helped raise some money and awareness. I can continue to live with dirty cycling, nothing new.

    Am I saying don’t make fun of Lance? Hell no, that wouldn’t be any fun. He is such an easy target anyhow. Am I a Lance fan. No. Is Lance with a broken collarbone a good thing? I don’t really see it. And for the true Lance hater what could be more enjoyable that seeing him get dropped in the Italian climbs, or by Contador for that matter? Now he has an opt-out/excuse.

  27. Right on Pirata

    Dude here in OC there have been cat v fags who put a needle in their ass just to pound chest at the coffee shop after a como street ride. for real

  28. …gimme a fucking break…those of you screaming the loudest about “doping in cycling” are more concerned about having a “anti-lance” bandwagon to self righteously wave yer indignation around ‘cuz ya wanna feel “right” about something…

    …basically you’ve got a hard-on for lance because he’s the one getting the press & he gets the press because of his situation..

    …if you were honestly concerned, you’d look beyond lance at what must be over 100 (arbitrary number) other pro’s who were involved in doping schemes who were never caught or mentioned…why the fuck aren’t you focused on the whole problem rather than one athlete who’s popularity ironically upped the ante as regards our being better able to view the sport on tv, this side of the pond…

    …do i think lance is a “nice” guy just because he’s taken an initiative against the disease that almost killed him ???…no, i don’t…
    …do i think he doped ???…yup, i’d agree w/ most of you on that…
    …do i expect him to admit it publicly ???…nope, not when he’s got so many people looking up to him & not anymore than i’d expect the “silent majority” to expose their complicity…not fucking likely to happen, bubba…

    …but the man does have a huge capacity to accept all the extra-curricular activity surrounding his ‘celebrity’ & still go out & do both the job racing a bicycle & the job of representing a cause, a fact obviously lost on some folks…does that make him a saint ???…not fucking likely but it does put him in a select category of people who can achieve beyond the ordinary…

    …some people do it quietly, some don’t…lance ain’t quiet about it…get over it if that’s yer concern…
    …the man may have a huge ego but if ya don’t realize he’s actually trying to achieve something beyond personal gratification, then i feel fucking sorry for you & yer sad little life…

  29. Whatever he is off the bike is irrelevant. And all y’all are hate’n on lance the person not the rider so shut the fuck up and save it for People Magazine

    Kurt Schilling off the mound is a douche bag and I don’t give a fuck because on the mound he has/had a wicked splitter that crushed batters in the regular season and the post season; get got results. Lance off the bike some might argue is an asshole but on the bike he breaks legs and makes riders shake

    Too many personality police in this world. You don’t have to be an asshole to be good. But typically the best get over time and again because they have that “i don’t give a shit about anyone else or what they think” attitude to get it done.

    Like him or not Lance gets results on and off the bike. And he is an asshole but so what

    I expect him to come back and try to kill it and if he fails he will be the first to say so.

    This season alone, old man or not, entire teams had to readjust their schedules after his short press conference announcing the comeback.

    Lets not hate on him just because he is a pop sensation now too. I mean BP you loved Blockparty and Franzferdinand until they were played on the radio. And I think I remember you digging on some Lance in 99

    come on bro let it go

    Lance is a dick so what.

  30. bob,

    I am sorry, I could understand a word you said….

    Could you please takes Armstrong’s cock and ball out of your mouth?

    Lance can be a Dick

    Lance Doped, and probably will get away with one of the biggest cases of sporting fraud in recent history…


    Lance still gives hope to Cancer Patients….

    Does not mean that I have to ignore the other shit that comes with it.