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13 thoughts on “Bring the pork back!

  1. That is awesome!! I made a variation of this over the holidays but instead of sausage and more bacon I used roasted green chilies and pepper jack cheese. Yummy!!

  2. If someone ever made me choose between bacon and bicycles… jeez, I’d just shoot myself.

  3. I hung with the Old Man this weekend. Hard-line republican. He cleaned out a plate of chicken friend steak like a rabid dog. He’d appreciate your find Flo. Fucking gnarls.

  4. ^^ I’d be more impressed if he did that while eating a Bacon Exxxplosion like corn on the cob.

  5. Great jumpin jeezus Mikey…I could barely watch that! I had to get down off my chair and hug the ground.

    Oh yeah….mmmmmmm bacon. AAaaaaagghhhhhhh….