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11 thoughts on “Caption this

  1. Detroit still pins its hopes on the massive SUV. They went in the hole selling such product. Meanwhile Japan and Korea build fuel-efficient high-quality vehicles and remain profitable. Didn’t we go through this almost thirty years ago? Have thes clowns learned nothing?

    All prayers are answered. Sometimes the answer is “No”.

  2. Bear in mind that this was a church in Detroit, not an automaker, but you’re right, they do worship the SUV, and with gas being relatively cheap again, they are starting to sell again. Thing is, they keep making them, Americans keep buying them, and I think WE might be the dumb ones for lining their pockets for such monstrosities. If we, as Americans, stop buying this junk from them, they’ll stop making it. Ford, for example, makes a pretty sweet line of turbo diesel cars. In Europe. They won’t bring them over here. It’s stupid.

  3. It’s frustrating that the Big Three + Toyota (at least) keep fighting the raise in CAFE standards. They all have the tooling to make a quick transition, because they all meet stricter standards in Japan, Europe, Australia, etc. Most of those areas don’t have the truck and SUV fetish which we have, but they could get small and mid-sized cars more efficient in short order. They already have to meet a 35mpg average in Europe and Japan. They’ve had the ability to make 35mpg cars since the 70s. They can’t move on?

  4. Oh Lord I beseech thee
    hear our prayers
    Save our way of life
    And smight the towelhead heathens
    wherever they may hide

    SUV equals salvation
    Oil is the currency of the righteous
    May the soldiers of Jesus
    Never leave the promised Land
    Until we have squeezed out the last holy drop

    It is ours
    It is right
    Might makes right
    Bigger is better

    Wii is not for the weak
    Corpulence is next to Godliness
    The sofa is my pew
    The TV is my altar

    Every time I stuff my gaping piehole
    I give thanks to thee
    For providing in such abundance
    the junk food sustenance that is my life

    Better to drive a hummer than give one
    The end days are comin

  5. They don’t call it the dismal science for nothing.
    The church is sad & predictable, just like the too much rubato in the choir solos.
    After the conservative faith based economics of the past how many years, isn’t it permissible to allow for a little on the other side?
    50 billion (not fifteen)would not begin to pay for incarceration and law enforcement that will be the clear result of the economic blight caused by GM & Chrysler’s demise.
    They don’t need to bail out GM, they need to socialize it.
    Our political discourse make that unthinkable. (even if franken wins)
    Not even the left of center democrats have a clue how to use a tool the rest of the world uses handily.
    Bush, Murdock, Limbaugh and the followers of the republican religions sickness are nowhere near done killing America yet.
    Policy, regulation, the underlying economics, are derived from numbers and the evidence of history, not the jabez /milton f/ free market talismans on so many suburban bookshelves.
    The best thing that could happen to us now is a large terrorist attack.
    They’d fix GM in days. As it is, all al qaeda need to do is flip on cable news.

    In my misspelled disjoint comments, I’ve stood on the ‘we’re not fucked’ side.
    Today I cross over.

  6. …i’d suggest if these folks wanna get on their knees & pray, that praying for common sense to prevail might be a good start…

    …anointed w/ oil & three suv’s on the alter…gimme a fucking break…
    …can we all say “sacrilege”

  7. I’m not a religious type, but exposure to Christianity has left me with a few impressions. Somewhere I remember hearing something about not worshipping false idols….though shall have no god other than me….

    Am I correct in assuming that the abovementioned church is christian, or rather commercial christian ? Douche bags

    It’s just another classic indictment of “christianity”, mildly amusing too.