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60 thoughts on “We All Chipped In

  1. Woohoo – NC just went blue! Just a pile-on at this point (or maybe even a late hit flag), but it’s the first time in 20 years my vote will be represented in the electoral college!

  2. I bet she is looking to see if she really can see Russia

    has there ever been a bigger dumbass than this in politics?

  3. ‘has there ever been a bigger dumbass than this in politics?’

    Maybe at the local level. In a remote Alaskan fishing village? Nope, that was her too!

  4. Right on uglyyeti, I feel you on that on.

    Maybe now whoever posted that idiotic blue vs. red states bullshit on this site can revise it, or just go fuck themselves. Either way.

    “Ms. Palin said she had learned much about America in her time on the campaign trail”

    Learned things like the fact that we are in a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada called NAFTA.

    “She said she would “reach out” to Senator Barack Obama, the president-elect, on these issues and more.”

    So she’s gonna reach out to the Muslim, terrorist, socialist? I guess she’s never heard that saying about burning bridges.

    With Senator Ted Stevens taking $250,000 in gifts and getting reelected and this piece of work as governor, I’m thinking about joining the Alaskan Independence Party myself.

  5. …yep…these good ol’ politicians have really put alaska on the map, huh ???…

    …ummm, could you point it out for me, please cuz i thought it was near the country of africa, ya know, eh, bein’ all alphabetical n’ all ???…

  6. You do, of course, realize, that I couldn’t give a flying fuck what you say or think, right? Why bother everyone else with your idiocy?

  7. Bistol baby…c’mon home now. You know it’s all them hormones makin’ you crazy. You were right, tho, I should have put it in your ass instead. But wait a sec since your mama ain’t gonna BE no VP.Then there’s no reason for me to stick around anymore,check ya later bitch. Levi is a free man!

  8. Guys-

    Don’t fool yourself; Ms. Palin is a talented and ambitious politician and now she’s tasted the D.C. limelight. If Alaskans have an ounce of sense, they’ll shit can old Ted (oops, I guess they don’t) and send their GILF back to D.C. in his stead. In four years, she’ll have as much experience as Mr. Obama has today! God help the repmocrats if they are stupid enough to run her.


  9. Thank god. If she is the best that the dark side has to offer in 2012, It should be another landslide. At least I hope. Of course, if by then she knows where Africa is and what countries are in NAFTA, maybe then she could really make an ass of herself. I’m proud to say that in my first election, my vote will count.

  10. Ted’s dead baby, Ted’s dead. If he doesn’t step down the Senate can attempt to expel him. They’ll need a 2/3 majority.

  11. whatever gnomie homie. reagan was the best pres we’ve ever had and will forever remain so. he and palin should not even be mentioned in the same sentance.

  12. Maybe now you can get back to drunk cycling and leave the drunk political analyst to the professionals. The only time the Repub’s screwed up was went they went along with the “socialist’s”. Enjoy the ride until the “Equal Access” get’s jacked up. Then you’ll have to let me post every time you do.

  13. Nevermind Bristol

    Who was the Blond at all McCain rallies witht he big titties? what that his daughter or granddaughter

    Has anyone else noticed ho Sarah throws the Downs kid arouns carrint it with her al the time. She handles that thing like a carry on bag. Like Child endnagerment

    In 4 years that kid will be walking. then what?

  14. this site has gotten sorta confusing, with people using other peoples names, and stuff.
    Will the real SFB please stand up!

  15. The one that doesn’t call other people “shitbags” or make racist or homophobic remarks would be the real me. Also, I can spell and write coherently.

  16. Sommer, the depth and breadth of your remarks is appreciated. Cowardly dickheads will sometimes have to be endured.

    Keep up the posts, and fly thru the bullshit……

  17. …hey, i came back from the dead on this one just to be supportive of the issue…

    …i agree that some folks really are cowardly in how they approach this shit…big jonny, gnome & the fucking gang created a site where we can all vent our spleens, show anger, love, humility & humidity (stop spilling beer on me…shaddup, i like spilling beer on you, you peed next to my bike) or whatever intelligent &/or moronic indulgences we like, no holds barred as long as we accept the one caveat…

    …be responsible for your own handle…it’s only a fucking blogsite…jeezus h krist, you can call anybody out, any way you want, use any kind of language you want but have the balls (or ball, if you’re lance) to fucking man up if yer gonna post…

    …otherwise we’ll have to fucking register…

    …alright then, that being said…let’s form a circle, everyone hold hands w/ the person next to you & we’ll all sing “kombyah”…1…2…3…

  18. OK fellow DC comrades, in a sincere effort to curtail the inane tripe dribble SHIBBLE that has manifested itself here in recent weeks, I offer the following. This is real, important shizzle; not the shallow, spiteful squirt-offs that have dealt with subject matter as critical as one’s gayness, authentic ‘handleness’, conservatism, liberalism, and/or sexual orientation of pet(s). Seriously now! We’ve had a monumental yet peaceful transition of power this week; I, for one, am cautiously proud to be an American again. Big changes during Big times. Shift has happened. So, if I may be so bold (and in all due respect to BJ and his peeps), let’s due our collective best to REFOCUS DC-DISCOURSE in the direction of what’s relevant and of import. A genuine call-out to SFB, his/her imposter(s) and hater(s), and all the big and strong, lean and mean whatevers that have polluted this otherwise productive forum as of late. ESCHEW THE NONSENSE! Get the wheels (figurative and literal)turning again and toss em’ back for epic rides and epic friends. As a sidenote, I never knew Kyle, but I’ll be raising one for him shortly – somberly, spiritedly, and genuinely. No rips no flips my friends. But consider the following:


    The Bush administration is rushing forward with plans to mine near the Grand Canyon for uranium, ignoring a command from Congress to cease such operations. Since 2003, mining interests have staked out over 800 uranium claims within five miles of Grand Canyon National Park. As Mineweb reports, “The Bureau of Land Management has published a proposed rule which rejects the House Natural Resources Emergency Resolution enacted in June that bans uranium mining and exploration near the Grand Canyon National Park.” The Arizona Republic explains what’s at stake:

    Never mind that the drinking water of more than 30 million people, served by the Colorado River, is at risk …

    Or that Arizona Game and Fish warns about the impact on wildlife …

    Or that Grand Canyon National Park is still dealing with the toxic mess from past mines …

  19. Just for the record, I emailled BJ and Gnome and offered to kill the Sommerfliesby moniker and thusly eliminate the reactionary response of “Mr. Gay Dog.” Not saying I’d go anywhere…I enjoy contributing and reading other contributions from other alcohol-imbibing crank-turners (regardless of political bent)…but I’d just ditch the moniker and the persona that accompanies it and post under other random names. After all, like BGW said…it’s only a freakin’ blog. So I’ll fly thru the BS, but if it keeps up, I’ll ditch the name to avoid the confusion…and avoid the hassle of a sign-in site.

    Now I’m not all about huggin’…’specially with a bunch of dudes I don’t know…but I’ll gladly tip one back with you all.

    BTW…Bristol must not have “License to Ill” in his/her collection of music…too bad.

  20. Fuck registering.

    Just check IP’s and shit-storm them.

    Posting something stupid is my middle name. Changing my handle after is my hobby.

    Pretending to be some one else is something only true pussies do.

    SFB…..keep it or go away perm.


  21. Let’s go to the straight talk express and just talk facts. The only dude people fuck with is summerbiguy. If he weren’t such an ass clown none of this would be possible. so give credit where credit is due.

    also Props to Shara Plain (spelling intended) for bringing special attention to tards and mongos too. After all this board is not anit Tard. We are pro tard. We have the best tards in the USA. Otherboards are not real retards.

  22. even if sommerflytard changes his handle, his spew will still be obviously detectable. different name yet same shit. i vote to go away perm.

  23. Hey Obamites —

    Y’all looking forward to the compulsory national community service?

    That’s right. Slavery. Can’t get a high school graduation certificate if you don’t do it.

    But it’s worse than that. Slavery if you’re between 17 and 25.

    Three months of slavery for Obama. How will you pay for rent and beer? You’ll have to do without.

    But at least your gasoline and mortgage will be paid. Right? Right?

    Obama’s national service plan (PDF) says:

    Schools that require service as part of the educational experience create improved learning environments and serve as resources for their communities. The Obama-Biden plan sets a goal for all students to engage in service, with middle and high school students performing 50 hours of service each year, and college students performing 100 hours of service each year. Under this plan, students would graduate college with as many as 17 weeks of public service experience under their belts.

    But schools set their own policies, don’t they? Well … sort of. You see, as the saying goes, “he who takes the king’s coin becomes the king’s man.” And most public schools depend on federal dollars. As Obama elaborated in a speech last December, “At the middle and high school level, we’ll make federal assistance conditional on school districts developing service programs, and give schools resources to offer new service opportunities.”

    Who is your slave-master?


    All hail to THE ONE!

    Smarter Thanyou

  24. Here’s the low down on the Grand Canyon uranium fight, from it’s beginning to the roll backs discussed above by hostilelocal:

    Conservationists Call for Grand Canyon Uranium Decision Withdrawal
    “Uranium development and the Grand Canyon just don’t mix,” said Taylor McKinnon of the Center for Biological Diversity. “It should go without saying that …

    Center for Biological Diversity Press Releases
    Jan 23, 2008 … April 5, 2008 – Uranium Mine Exploration Near Grand Canyon …. February 11, 2008 – Conservationists Call for Grand Canyon Uranium Decision …

    Conservation Groups Challenge Uranium Mine Exploration Near Grand …
    The Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, and Grand Canyon Trust filed a lawsuit today challenging the approval of up to 39 new uranium drilling …

    Legislation Introduced to Protect Grand Canyon From Uranium Threat
    Mar 17, 2008 … “We believe that the current uranium boom poses one of the greatest potential threats to Grand Canyon National Park in decades,” said David …

    Conservation Groups Support Mining Ban to Protect Grand Canyon …
    Mar 28, 2008 … “Grand Canyon is a national treasure that should be protected from the impacts of nearby uranium mining,” said Taylor McKinnon with the …

    Uranium Mine Exploration Near Grand Canyon Halted
    “The Grand Canyon is too important for the Forest Service to give short shrift to the possible and significant negative impacts of uranium mining …

    Committee on Natural Resources Votes to Enact Emergency Uranium …
    “Grand Canyon’s watersheds simply aren’t the place for uranium development,” said Taylor McKinnon, public lands director at the Center for Biological …

    Settlement Repeals Uranium Exploration Near Grand Canyon, Requires … Sep 26, 2008 … “Public lands abutting Grand Canyon deserve better than the uranium industry’s vision of a radioactive industrial zone,” said Taylor …

    Feds agree to do study on Grand Canyon mining
    PHOENIX – The U.S. Forest Service has agreed to do full environmental studies on a uranium exploration project near the Grand Canyon after environmental …

    Conservation Groups Sue Kempthorne to Protect Grand Canyon and …
    Sep 29, 2008 … Administration Continues Uranium Development near Grand Canyon … Coconino County Grand Canyon Uranium Resolution …

    Groups sue over Arizona uranium exploration
    The environmental groups say Kempthorne defied a House committee resolution protecting one million acres near the Grand Canyon from new uranium mining by …

    Bush Administration Proposes Withdrawal of Rule Protecting Grand …
    “If uranium development near the Grand Canyon is allowed to continue unabated, in violation of the … Coconino County Grand Canyon Uranium Resolution …

    BLM issues new volley in Canyon mine fight
    Federal officials moved Thursday to abolish a rule that allowed a congressional committee to try to block future uranium mining around the Grand Canyon. …

  25. smrty,
    That’s funny, but you really do need to get back on your meds. All you are doing is showing how dumb you really are. You’ve been listening to too much Alex Jones. Thanks for the laugh though.

  26. …whats that you say, (not)smarter thanyou ???…hard to hear what you’re mumbling about when your head is so far up yer ass…

    ..something about jaded ???…something about having left yer validity at the door when you started wearing yer bitchy ‘snide-shirt’ ???…something about yer true colors coming out a little more vividly since the results were tabulated ???…

    …oh, btw…why is it so many folks stood up to be counted if they didn’t think young mr obama had something worthwhile to offer ???…did it have anything to do w/ the last 8 years ???…the ‘good job’ the present administration has done on so many fronts ???…the reality of it all seems to have ‘zoomed’ right over yer “fact filled” little head…

    …ain’t buyin’ yer sad premise, bitch…

  27. really now, what’s so sinister about providing service to one’s community? slavery – wtf?! and why even use such politically-charged words such as slavery and master? your word choice highlights your lunatic idiocy.

  28. http://zoniereport.com/2008/10/bush-admin-to-strip-land-protection-power-from-congress/

    Bush admin. to strip land protection power from Congress
    October 13, 2008 · Print This Article

    In a regulatory jujitsu move, the Bush administration is seeking to abolish a rule used earlier this year by the Democrat-controlled House natural resources committee to withdraw more than a million acres near the Grand Canyon from uranium exploration.

    The Interior Department calls the rule — which allows the both the Senate and House committees to issue “emergency declarations” to protect threatened wilderness — redundant.

    But the timing is more than a bit suspicious, coming as it does only a few weeks after environmental groups sued the Secretary of the Interior Dick Kempthorne over Interior’s failure to stop granting exploration permits to uranium mining companies near the Canyon.

    Taylor McKinnon, public lands program director for the Center for Biological Diversity, who I spoke with last Friday, calls the move a fairly transparent response to a string of victories by environmentalists.

    “I don’t hesitate to say that this is a response to the emergency withdrawal at Grand Canyon, and our lawsuit against Secretary Kempthorne challenging his defiance of that,” he tells me.

    (For more background about uranium mining near Grand Canyon, check out this post from a few weeks ago)

    Interior — and the Bureau of Land Management, which they oversee — argue that places like the Grand Canyon are already protected by federal laws like the National Environmental Policy Act and others. The AP has a response from BLM here.

    Not so, says McKinnon.

    “If that were true, all the uranium development of the 1980s would have happened without incident,” he says.

    He points to a mine accident in 1984 that led to four tons of uranium ore washing through various tributaries and into Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

    It was incidents like that which led to the rules allowing Congress to withdraw lands unilaterally.

    “We would be foolish to trust them again,” he says.

    An interesting side note to this circus is the fact that the last-minute rule change is in direct contradiction to a memo issued by White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton earlier this year.

    The memo says that last-minute regulatory changes are not going to be tolerated.

    “Except in extraordinary circumstances, regulations to be finalized in this Administration should be proposed no later than June 1, 2008, and final regulations should be issued no later than November 1, 2008,” it reads.

    What happened?

    “They lied,” says McKinnon.

    What else is new?

  29. …taylor…while i fully agree w/ you, i’d suggest that the statement “calls the move a fairly transparent response to a string of victories by environmentalists”, to not fully carry the weight of the egregious & duplicitous machinations going on behind the scenes as the final curtain is about to draw closed on this administration…

    …bushco are working to ramrod as many last minute changes through as they can get away w/…on as many fronts as they can get away w/…it ain’t gonna be over “when the fat lady sings”…we’ll be picking up after them for years to come, no matter what administration is in “power”…

  30. #45 – smarter than who/what? i believe enough’s been said. plz crawl back under your rock.

  31. … sommerfly, oh sommerfly, where art tho?

    … have you flown south once and for all?

    … watch out for that windfarm you asshat!

  32. and i ain’t leaving until you answer me this one (be honest):

    What worries you most about an Obama administration?

    A. Higher taxes and weakened national defense
    B. Liberal Judges and big government
    C. Open borders and a more “ethnically diverse” country.
    D. Abolition of 2nd amendment rights.
    E. Abortion and gay marriage.

  33. I wish I knew what the fuck your problem is with me, man…
    Naaah…on second thought…don’t tell me…just be a prick under your own name for god’s sake.