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11 thoughts on “Africa is a Continent…?

  1. …& the beauty in that little linked newscast, is that that was a fox newscast & even ‘they’ were voicing their incredulity over her ignorance & her lack of cooperation as regards “gettin’ w/ the program”

    …who knew ???…

  2. FOX News threw her under the bus yesterday. She may not be the party shoo-in for 2012 she thinks she is. Hannity had Gov. Bobby Jindal on last night – looks like they’re already grooming him.

  3. During the campaign, the neo-cons supported and defended her to a fault. Now they turn on her. Interesting how their loyalty changes so quickly. And one more example of their hipocrisy.

  4. bad, low-brow joke of the campaign:

    What’s the difference between Palin’s mouth and vagina?

    Only 20% of what comes out of her vagina is retarded.

  5. Don’t forget that there are many right wing christains just like her who use “faith” as an excuse not to read a book.

    Half of my family lives abroud in England and Australia. They all say that Sarah Palin was athe laughing stock of America and makes us look like an inbred nation. None of them could mane one person they knew or talked to that believed she was qualified to check cards at the local CostCo

    Alaska should impeach her.

  6. She couldnt pass the wunderlik test that NFL rookies have to take before the draft. Ryan Leaf would have scored higher.

    Dumb/Dumber 08

    now its Done/Donner

  7. Africa, hhmmmm.
    Sure Palin’s a dumb bitch, but what’s bad, really bad is the douche bags who knew this stuff and kept quiet. Now to up their ratings they’re letting it out bit by bit.Fuckers, Fucks News indeed.

  8. Fox news rocks. I watch it like the daily show. It is at least as entertaining especially when I realize that people believe it’s real. Sometimes I wonder how they keep straight faces, and if they all start cracking up when the camera shuts off. The GOP will shed this chick like a fat tick, She is a kook for sure with her 5,000 year old planet shit. I do feel a little sorry for her. Everyone knows she is a dope but her.
    I would compare it to laughing at a retarded person. Buy hey what the hell she is good press. I would press her up against the fender of a 62 Rambler. I’m just say’n.

  9. This just proves that the real elitists are the GOP. It proves the really just don’t give a fuck about the working class “Joe the…” after all

    They plant Sarah and Joe on us to front the normal working guy and gal and as soon as it is over they dump them like cheap whore. Not only dump them but bring them down to all time lows

    FUCK the GOP