The haps in east Texas

Man, all these emails detailing great rides and adventures are making me jealous. Where’s those posts from BGR I’m waiting on? He’s always up to something, that kid… Check our Bill’s annual Courthouse to Courthouse ride. Looks like some wide open country out there in east Texas.

From: mrbill
Subject: C to C ride
Hey big jonny,
Had a good day yesterday at my annual “Courthouse to Courthouse Ride”.

I enjoy seeing where other folks ride so I’m sending this link with some pics of the C to C ride
(, from Linden, Texas, to Jefferson, Texas, both two of the oldest towns in Texas.

Linden is the home to the First Courthouse in Texas, and Jefferson has a long history, was actually an inland port for shipping out all that nice old “Virgin Long Leaf Texas Pine” of which there is no more.

Hope your having this much fun bikin, when your sixty one.
Good luck with the studies, one for our side.


I most certainly hope to be having as much fun as you do on your bike when I’m 61. You had better believe it. I wonder how that Riverport Bar-B-Que is? I’m a sucker for BBQ.

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3 thoughts on “The haps in east Texas

  1. Oh that’s a lovely ride out there, as long as you stay on the better roads. I recall one old fart out toward Nacogdoches, he decided that a Workman was the only bike he’d have out there.

    Hellacios dogs..and tyson chicken farms that stink 3 miles away because the birds are raised on a 21 day cycle, and yes, a couple of guys in the white pointy hoodies.

    I once used to be paid real green money to drive to Linden, Atlanta, Jefferson, New Boston, turn a screw or reset the flux capacetor, and then ride into the night, and sometimes on into the next day.

    One of the cops out there actually has the giant steer horns mounted on the front hood of an old Lincoln patrol car.