Like most of America, I watched the debate and drank beer tonight. Most of you already know full well how I feel about this shit.

And since ya’ll just love to speak on it, I’ll ask: What did you think of tonight’s debate between John McCain and Barak Obama?

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13 thoughts on “Debateness

  1. BJ,

    I thought the debate went well, though I though Barack could have been tougher on McCain’s financial policies and the (failed) Republican economic policy. He did talk a fair bit about economics, but he could have been more specific, and tougher, mentioning the specific deregulation of depression-era banking reforms that legalized the mortgage-backed complex financial instruments that caused this whole financial mess. I think Barack is too nice of a guy, if that can be a criticism.
    McCain could have lied a lot less. He’s a pathological liar, I’m sure he believes his own bullshit.
    I was planning to have a shot of tequila every time 9/11 was mentioned, but I decided I wanted to actually function tomorrow, so I decided against it. I figure I would have gone through at least half a bottle of Sotul, which is not technically tequila, but close enough–it’s wild-harvested agave.. Should try it Big Johnny you’ll like it.

  2. I’d like to have seen Obama do a better job of pointing out the extent to which the government’s financial crisis is owed to the metric buttload of cash we’ve poured down the Iraq shithole.

    Was I the only one who fully expected Rudy Giuliani to just bust out laughing when his ability to maintain a straight face was overcome by the sheer stupidity of the garbage he was spewing after the debate?

    Nice of Brian Williams to point out that Annie Oakley declined an invitation to appear after the main event. Bitch can run, but she can’t hide forever.

  3. Kinda boring, with Obamas’ oratory skills muzzled by the fact that if he had gone off it would have just looked like he was beating up on an old man. What I’m waiting for is the Biden/Palin debate….here in SF the Parkside is gonna show it on the big screen!!!!.

  4. Did anyone else notice that John McCain did not look @ Obama once during the debate? He just seemed snarky about anything that came from Obama’s mouth.

  5. McCain was desperately seeking a sound bite which would stick. The mention of spending money to investigate bear DNA was one. The figure he mentioned was fairly small in governmental terms—-but he has no problem continuing to spend 12 billion dollars a month on the wars? It is too easy to poke holes in his bullshit.

    I’m a lifelong registered Republican. Haven’t always voted for them in the presidential race, but on some core issues they talk a game that sounds good to me. My state has a closed primary, so I had to pick a side. That being said, I’m voting third party AGAIN in this presidential election. Bob Barr, I guess. It doesn’t matter, and it’s a protest vote, but if more people started ditching the two parties(which are equally responsible for the mess we’re in) we might affect some actual change in this country.

    Of the two running, Obama scares me less. He’s not a rock the boat kind of guy. I don’t think if he gets elected he’s going to go nuts and try to make massive changes. It’s not his style. McCain, on the other hand, is a warmongering hothead with iffy health who chose a moronic, Bible-thumping, ethically challenged governor of a state with less population than Tampa as his running mate. That’s scary. He’s old and sickly, and she wants WW3 to start so Jesus will whisk all the bon agains up to the Big House.

    I may vote for Obama after all.

  6. And by “massive changes” I don’t mean he’s going to do nothing. I think he has some ideas and will try to correct what’s basically wrong with the economy, and he claims he will get us out of Iraq. I mean I don’t think Obama is going to enact all the social change the right wingers are afraid he will. And I don’t think he’s going to raise my taxes.

  7. This whole debates purpose was to woo undecided voters in the middle. Barack couldn’t directly challenge McCain, or else he would become the Angry Black Man in their minds. So Barack had to appear balanced and comfortable. Make them feel it’s not too far out for them. Which he succeeded. John McCain appeased his tribe, but didn’t woo undecideds. He snarled alot, too me, appeearing as the angry old man.

    In monkeys, lesser status monkeys to not look at high-ranked monkeys. So maybe at his core, that’s how John McCain feels, lower ranked. Not the best place for a monkey joke, but just pointing out a study I know about.

    Or maybe, he’s gotten this far, and he’s going to lose to a black fellow. He’s is 72 year old white male from the convervative side, so he probably has some latent bigotry. Barack will hopefully never say “John is right” again. You can agree with someone, but don’t give them a sound bite.

    McCain can put all 40 of those nuclear power plants in Arizona.

    I played the “Miss Congineality” drinking game. And now I’m hurting.

  8. I only saw one look from Obama that made him look less than calm, and it was somewhat of a “what the fuck is the shit you’re babbling” look. Great job Obama, but I can’t help but think back to the Bush debates. He was a fucking blathering idiot every time, and look what happened. If McCain wins, I think the revolution will shortly follow…..Or WW3… Git yer guns boys!

  9. That one blond chick on CNN is fucking smart hot n shit. I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from. I’d prolly do Palin but wouldnt eat her shit. I never liked white chocolate either.

  10. Amusing moment on CNN just now. Wolf Blitzer, coming out of a commercial:

    “We’ve been getting some emails from views out there wondering why we spent some time interviewing Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee and not Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee. We would have loved to interview–we’d still love to interview Sarah Palin. Unfortunately we asked, we didn’t get that interview…We’re hoping that Sarah Palin will join us at some point down the road.”

    I’m told that Biden appeared on every major network tonight except ABC (which only turned him down because Palin wasn’t available, on an equal-time sort of basis).

    It’s pretty strange when a candidate can’t trust his own running mate to be out there spinning on his behalf.

  11. BJ,

    Here you on the SOTOL, smells literally like Tom Poonens chamois after roubaix, but will act like Coldcock malt liquor, not to mention is real good at starting a fire. ( Did so my last time in the Copper Canyon )

    McSame showed what he would be like in office, a condescending hothead. Obama did not wow, but he did not wow to the negative which is all he needed to do. Biden is the pinch hitter for that. He will run circles around Palin. I just hope that he does not beat her up too bad, don’t want her getting any sympathy votes.

    I have never been as embarassed to be an American as I was listening to Guliani talk. so obtuse, and has nothing left to cling to now that 911 has lost it’s efficacy.

  12. If those fuckers get voted in again it will be time to take to the streets. In many countries the Govt. fears the people. Not the other way around. We need, somehow to take control. I think a coup may be in order. We need a leader. Steve Colbert, or John Stewart perhaps. They both know more about the economy than McCain or Palin . I Would do it but, well, I gotta ride during the week. Obama should have pulled the pin. I am sure he has more in his bag.