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28 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. Damn dude….shit was like fuckin’ the ocean….touched the bottom but couldn’t hit the sides.

  2. …lesson one: never pay in advance, at least ’til ya see the goods…

    …lesson two: lesson one sez it all…

  3. I really think a shim kit would be appropriate ! I would also bring a metal detector to search for keys rings and such.Cell range not likely so bring your swiss mountain horn or better yet yodel your ass out of there.

  4. As soon as I find out which member of my campaign staff posted this picture of Sarah Palin’s daughter Willow on the Internet, I can assure you that they will be dealt with appropriately.

  5. roly wins it again ! She needs some chamois butter for her saddle sores if you know what i mean …….