And so it continues…

As it was, so it remains…

Courtesy of the Onion.

Now I’m off to indulge in a bit of fun. Not like posting here. That is a bit more like this…


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4 thoughts on “And so it continues…

  1. Leave it to the fine folks at the Onion. I remember reading that when it came out and thinking to myself that it was almost to close to the reality of the situation to make me laugh.

  2. It’s just like anyone arguing with KG…

    Good on the Don Hertzfelt cartoon. You should check out “Rejected” and “Billy’s Balloon”

  3. That’s the real story of our times.
    The fake news is better than the real news.
    Exactly like Stewart/Colbert.

    The Onion had it’s best day, imho, after 9/11.
    “Holy Fucking Shit!”

    There was some piece…from the 70’s I wanna say.
    An essay about writing…where if you stared intently enough at the blank page, the drops of blood from your forehead would begin the first line for you.