Doping Days are Over

Barloworld is ending a cycling team sponsorship. Saunier Duval is saying they will too. The dopers are killing the dollars that make the sport a professional one. They remind me of selfish children. Their individual needs for acknowledgment are greater than the needs to compete fairly and live with honor. The icon of the age of selfishness is Lance Armstrong. Doping is cheating. If you have to cheat to win, you’ve not won.

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9 thoughts on “Doping Days are Over

  1. Unrestrained Capitalism managed by cyclists can’t be good. Cyclists are obviously too stupid to be able to manage the spin. Blue collar fringe sport forever.

  2. It’s for dopes. That’s why they call it dope.
    All I ask for in my old age: keep the rubber side down and the beer on ice.

  3. Well i have mixed feelings! i say if someone that doped beat me in a race
    well you guessed it! they didn’t win, they really lost something!

    now,later,or soon!

  4. This Saturday at 5pm I did what I always do: I sat in a lawn chair in my garage and drank beer and read the sports section of the paper and listened to A Prarie Home Companion on the radio and every so often I looked at my Medici hanging in the rafters.

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  6. Selfish? Lance? He paid Ferrari not to dope his competitors. It’s the only way to keep the peloton clean.

  7. Jaune; bankers from Harvard and Yale and DC (Washington not cyclist) don’t do a very good job with capitalism either but they have money friends as does baseball and football and…

  8. So, what is the opinion of this page on the Lance?
    Mostly I’ve seen guilt by association, that trainers and Dr’s he had dealings with were doping, that’s it’s not certain, but more than highly probable that he was doping, at least in the early wins.

    Is this right?
    Where do y’all stand?

  9. I cannot believe, for one moment, that Lance Armstrong has not done drugs for his entire career. I have talked with people that worked for Motorola, and men who rode for Motorola. It goes back that far. If not farther. I’ve too much in my head to list in a comment like this, but man, it’s big time. Just look at how many riders that were part of the US Postal/Disco express that have either been implicated, confessed or otherwise shown to be dopers. The numbers do not lie.

    That is my two cents. Thanks for flying drunkcyclist airlines. And don’t forget to tip the ladies.