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I’ve been a bit behind in the email department as of late (it is starting to seem normal) and I was very sad to hear about this.

From: JJ
Subject: biker down
Sad news, in case you haven’t heard….

Bill Crowley, brother of Bob Crowley, was struck by a motorist while participating in the annual Tour of Sciota River Valley (TOSRV) cycling event. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 7:50am today.
Bill was an annual staple at TOSRV, having participated for many years, rain or shine. Today’s weather brought torrential rains for many of the cyclists which no doubt made cycling in traffic all the more dangerous. Bill was a regular on the weekly Northville rides. Bill was a physician, dedicated to helping people, he was a family man and a long-time Wolverine.

Our deepest condolences to Bill’s family.

From an article at the Columbus Dispatch:

The driver of the SUV, Sara Bender, 35, was not injured, the patrol said.

After hitting Crowley, she drove to her home in Lucasville in Scioto County and returned to the scene about a half-hour later, said Sgt. Brandon Cruz, the officer overseeing the patrol’s coordination of the tour.

Bender has not been charged in the incident, which remains under investigation.

…Once Bender returned to the scene, she indicated that she thought she might have hit a sign, Pace said last night. Crowley was on the right side of the road, but it remains unclear whether he was in the lane or riding in the berm, which runs along the right lane past a set of rumble strips.

There were no witnesses, Pace said.

As always, my condolences to his friends and family.

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6 thoughts on “Biker Down – Bill Crowley

  1. fuck.riding home tonight,foggy after a day of rain,I went thru a state park area that is usually quiet and came upon the red lights of the emergency vehicles,which gave me the conflicting emotions of glad it wasn’t me and too bad for those involved

  2. I covered this wreck in my blog with several different media sources of the story. What I can’t understand is the perp obviously left the scene of the wreck, why wasn’t she charged with hit-and-run? And that story about hitting a sign is so transparently a lie that I can’t believe anyone bought it. The difference between the damage done by hitting a sign and hitting a cyclist is like night and day. I would like to see the vehicle used by the perp, I’m betting there is substantial front end damage, and possible windshield damage as well. Hitting a sign makes a thin mark of damage, very much unlike the damage done by a cyclist…

  3. That’s just bullshit. I don’t know about anyone else in the world. But, if I were to ever “hit” ANYTHING, that I “didn’t” see. I’m going to stop. First off to see what it was, and second, to see what I did to my car.

  4. Good call, BikePunk. . . not too many folks have the Dr. Know reference!

    Sad news to be sure. Sorry to think that as gas prices increase and more that are uneducated to riding in traffic will become carnage.