The foreseeable future

I rode to work today. It was fun.

I’ve not been riding much. In fact, I’ve not been riding at all. Part of it’s been the kids. Part of it’s been because I’m not always that comfortable on the bike.

And I don’t see either issue changing much in the foreseeable future. I’ll work on it, of course, because what else can I do, and progress will be made. I don’t entertain the notion of riding something like Leadville or a solo 24 race again. At least not in the foreseeable future.

Those are the cards I’ve been dealt. And I’m strangely comfortable with it.

Link dump:

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I’m so sick of this while Mac is superior to Windows line of shit.

The only thing Apple got up on Microsoft is they do it with two buttons instead of three.

My problem was like this poor bastard:

i have had 4 of these ipods, all because they keep breaking. i keep trading broken ones in again. i don’t know why. all the broken ipods exhibit the same “symptoms.” they stop playing songs and videos, but you can still maneuver around the screens, using the buttons and wheel. none of the games are playable, and, if the ipod is reset (a difficult task with this kind), it dies. black screen, no responses, no revival. is it me, or a faulty product?

This is the solution I found:

1. Hold the MENU button and then the middle button down (in that order) together for about 10 seconds..
2. This should re-boot your ipod..
3. Wait for your ipod to start..
4. Problem fixed. It plays..

It worked. And that is horseshit.

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7 thoughts on “The foreseeable future

  1. RAGBRAI you say?

    Ah, Jason, we had some good times, didn’t we? Maybe this is the year I actually make it back to Iowa. Assuming, of course, they’d still have me.

    I’ve got to get a hold of Vlad…

  2. Guys-

    I wanna ride RAGBRAI bad, but our “corporate” team didn’t come together. I got peeps in Harlan (first night) so we’ll be treated (rightfully) like kings…


  3. How much trouble could you cause at the local pub (or RAGBRAI) after a couple of bottles of Plinkovac? That shit is horrible.


  4. “I’m so sick of this while Mac is superior to Windows line of shit.”


    Ever had a virus or any sort of malware?

    I’ve been running Macs, totally “unprotected” for twenty years… I caught a virus ONCE… wait for it… in a Microsoft Word document.

    Enjoy updating your antivirus software, I hope it goes well for you.


  5. Hang in there big man. My GF is back to riding regularly without much pain after her back surgery 3 years ago. It takes time my man! Never give up. Never.