Takin all bets…

I’m not saying Big Jonny was workin’ the system in order to pay for booze, medical bills and porn, but…

16 in Arizona charged with fake Katrina, Rita claims

Sixteen people in Arizona were indicted after federal and Arizona authorities said they claimed to be victims of Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Rita.

Federal officials said the suspects pretended they had lost their homes and all their possessions and received a total of $67,000 in federal assistance. In reality, they had been living either in the Phoenix area or Tucson all along.

U.S. marshals arrested nine suspects during a roundup Tuesday morning, and two others turned themselves in. Five suspects are not yet in custody.

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5 thoughts on “Takin all bets…

  1. A big part of the reason that I did not give to the Red Cross or other orginazations at the time of Katrina, instead, I’ve gone to Marti Gras 8 times to make my contributions to the local economy personally. (Yes the Ninth Ward is a humbling sight.)

  2. They should take those convicted, ship them to the gulf and make them help rebuild. They can pay back their take (I assume they have long since spent it) by working for minimum wage. Set the start date for next summer when it starts to get nice and warm…
    Be better than locking them up.