What I saw today. Interbike 2012

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I must say that Interbike is treating me pretty good this year. I have no schedule to keep, nobody to meet with,and absolutely no responsibilities. In years past I have battled with hangovers and lack of sleep while walking the trade show floor. This year I took a different approach. Never quite sober up. It is Las Vegas after all.

I strolled into the convention center a solid 3 hours after it opened today and soon realized that I may in fact be starting to sober up. The fine folks at Surly were kind enough to help me fix that. They are some pretty good people for putting up with me all day.

It seemed like I spent the entire day wandering around generally un-impressed, but a few things did catch my eye. Like this interesting suitcase of goodies. I really have no idea what all this stuff is for. But I think it has something do with doping.

Then there was this nifty little sculpture over at the SRAM booth. It seems they have just as much broken SRAM stuff as I do. At least now I know what to do with it all.

Small and Extra Large flask action from our friends over at King Cage. There is not a single thing wrong with having a flask that also doubles as a fender. Not one thing,

Say what you will about belt drives (my jury is still out) but there is no denying that this is pretty goddamn cool.

As if that wasn’t solid gold enough, this sure is.


I have been putting stuff up over on the Facebook page via some high quality cell phone pictures. Check in over there tomorrow, I will work getting the goods for ya’ll. I am going to do another lap of the floor after a little Ride for Reading. Then I’m getting the hell out of here and heading back to my corner of the desert.



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15 thoughts on “What I saw today. Interbike 2012

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  2. Bicycles are about efficiency. Integrating a likker flask into the machine only makes sense. Why not fabricate at flask inside the top tube? Airplanes store fuel in their wings and some motos store fuel inside their frame. Some cyclists store safety material in the ends of their drop bars.

    Potential down side: you’d look like a tri-dork when you were sipping from it.

    Needs more marketing.

  3. …jeez, ron…that beat up ‘ti flite’ saddle has seen more miles on bikes n’ airplanes than almost humanly possible…

    …dirty…buy ron andrews a beer & i guarantee you the time spent sippin’ with him is time well spent…guy is as good as they come…

  4. Where’s my stem porn dude? I want like 8 shots of some burly DH stems and some super-light carbon stems so we can comment on how burly and light they are and be like dude, I would fucking rock shit if only my stem was like 10mm shorter and like 8 billion newtons burlier bra. Yep, I’m drunk.

  5. No more coverage of the show..Sorry kids. I bailed on Vegas to come home and actually ride my bike instead of standing around and talking about it all day
    That was a rough couple days…

  6. The history of freestyle capped by that gold Redline was the highlight of the show for me. The front side (early days) anyway.

  7. dang, well I heard it from a secret yet totally reliable insider VIP that Specialized introduced an asymmetrical, six-bolt stem system and will pursue litigation against all other asymmetrical (or six-bolt) stem systems sold in the United States. Now I gotta get me one of them S-Works crabon fullie 29ers with the full-race decal set. Especially on the stem, that’s just sick, yo.

  8. great to see you again. nice coverage. the parts i remember were great.

    …and Rick stopped throwing up thursday evening.