A blow up doll at USGP – NOT LEGAL!

I got this video from CyclingDirt.com. The UCI official that ended the fun was at the Cincy3 UCI races the weekend before. He yelled at me on Friday for not wearing a helmet while riding my bike to where the pressure washer was after I raced. And then on Sunday, I found out he is a dog lover, cuz he wouldn’t let me walk past him without allowing him to love on Lola.

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18 thoughts on “A blow up doll at USGP – NOT LEGAL!

  1. Very funny and entirely appropriate. The official was Phil Miller, I think, and he’s not a bad guy. It probably wasn’t the doll that was illegal, but the money hand-ups she was giving up.

  2. Can’t get enough of this video. My kind of dudes/dudettes. That shit is what racing is all about. Fun and fucking off!!


    Now THAT is a fucking t-shirt.

    PS – one of the best heckles I got was after I “got rad” and dropped my chain in front of you guys, and fumbled around with it. Someone said “someone take that thing away from him”. Class!

  4. the same UCI official DQed a junior on Saturday of UCI3 for breaking the tape on a corner. I was on the corner with the above hecklers and one official claimed they were trying to get the kid to break the tape, but they were chanting dont hit the tape. The bad part was the official that made the call was 200 meters away with his back to the rider. He was targeting the the kid because he was having fun and crushing the field of grown men. This is the same official that did nothing to riders with camel packs on a 50 degree day or to the several riders that crashed into and broke the tape during the race I was in. We are having a heckle off on Dec 4th at Kings (non UCI so you can enjoy yourself and the action). It will be a three team war including the hecklers from the video.

  5. Speaking of officials enforcing various illegalities: We are having a fascinating discussion in OBRA-land right now about how relations between USAC/UCI and OBRA have hit a rough patch, mostly because OBRA is all about grass-roots racing and encouraging newbies, while USAC is about growing a select crop of elite racers to compete at UCI races. USAC is no longer allowing OBRA races or points to count when OBRA racers apply to USAC for Cat 1 upgrades; further, USAC now penalizes pro riders for participating in OBRA races. In short, USAC has walked away from their agreement with OBRA. The upshot? OBRA will probably start certifying their own Cat 1’s and politely tell USAC to pound sand. The handful of truly qualified pro-level racers from Oregon will be forced to choose between OBRA and USAC if they want to race professionally.

    I think more people would try bike racing if more races were run by organizations like OBRA.

    A USAC license costs $60, I have to race ‘cross on 32mm tires, and I can get penalized for taking a dollar, or perhaps even a kiss, in a race. The slowest racers are pulled from the course and in rare cases are even advised by a surly official not to come back to an event until they can get faster.

    In OBRA-Land a racing license costs me $25. I can race ‘cross on a mountain bike and take the dollar handup. No one scolds me for finishing at the back of the pack. And the blow-up doll? OBRA officials would line up to have their pictures taken with her.

  6. @mike s. – yep, once i found out he was a dog lover, i decided he must be an ok guy. a lover of pit bulls too. he would not allow me to walk past him until he got to meet lola. he’s got a cool job, traveling the world to officiate races.

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