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16 thoughts on “The Future of CX

  1. Back in the day we used to have our own races around the neighborhood. This brings back the memories.

    But this looks so much fooking cooler. Except for the helmets. I still can’t bring my self to wear a helmet.

    Old skool or just old ?

    You decide.

  2. So if one of those kids racing was one of your own, wasn’t wearing a helmet,crashed and recieved a brain injury that could/would have been prevented by wearing a helmet, how would you feel about helmets then?

  3. I don’t wear a helmet either, but I leave my brain at home in a safe place while I ride around. This also conveniently puts me on the same mental level with most of the other humans around me who are driving their cars and talking on their walkie-talkies at the same time.

  4. hell to the yeah! also: judy, it was badass to see you a few weekends ago at yellow springs. your man can KILL IT on his bmx bike. loved seeing him rock it out during my warm-up.

  5. @Poledo

    Take a pill.

    I said I don’t wear a helmet. I never had kids but I have yelled at the kids next door for not.

    I’m just talking me and my memories is all I’m talking.

  6. been hit by car TWICE! first time, helmets were not really on the scene yet, so I was not wearing. 22 stiches on my noggin’. Landed dead on it and was told I would be paralyzed had I not had a pack full of college books that slid up and absorbed impact. Second time- T-boned at 30mph and sustained enough damage to keep me on crutches for the better part of my thirties and my Helmet saved my head, but not my ankle. Wear your helmet even if riding round the corner, a flat in a corner can put you into a head/ ground contact situation that may cause brain injury.

  7. @3MTA3 – RAD! glad dominic could provide some entertainment for your warm up. he loves to ham it up at the races. :0)

  8. i think what your all missing is the stoke that is happening in the photo. Dont lose sight of whats really going on with this post. Kids and bikes. pure awsome in every sense of the word.

  9. We have two amazing teams for kids – the Lionhearts in Cincinnati, and Redzone Racing down in Louisville. the kids are SO fortunate to have these programs and rad parents that provide this type of environment for their kids.

    my only wish is that we had something similar to El Grupo – kids that come from unprivileged families that are able to race and train too…

  10. No such thing as a team when I was a kid. Not cycling, anyway. If you wanted to be on a team you played ball. If things had been different back then, who knows?

  11. Judi — at the risk of opening a Pandora’s box, you might want to get in touch with B.I.K.E. (Bicycles and Ideas for Kids’ Empowerment) here in Portland. This organization works with kids from mostly lower-income backgrounds and uses bicycle racing as a cornerstone of a multi-pronged approach (sport/academics/healthy choices) to help kids think about their longer-term future. B.I.K.E. has helped a number of kids — many African-American — know success on the bike and in the classroom. They are listed at the OBRA Teams page as “Word/RCB”. It’s a bit of a Pandora’s box because their director is a slightly nutty guy, but he has a good heart when it comes to kids. He may just talk you ear off. But if you want to pursue it give him a ring: