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29 thoughts on “Who wants to play water polo?

  1. me! damn, i didn’t even notice the water polo balls they were holding until i read the your title. i just assumed by the size of their thighs this was some women’s cycling team photo shoot… i wonder if UofL has women’s water polo?

  2. This morning I quit my crappy trailer park job, knocked off an angry thirty miles, sat on the beach and slammed two 24 oz Icehouses, then came home and clicked on to the above photo (which is now my new desktop background.)

    With Mondays like this, who needs Fridays? And its only 12:30!

    Thanks J!

  3. “They seem pleasant!” Until you get them in the water. I’ve heard reports that they can be vicious… Stanford women’s team a few years back had a shirt that read something like this. Go to interesting places, meet interesting people, and down them…

  4. Gentlemen, I concur. Athletic women with a serious level fitness, muscles, and a competitive instinct are substantially more attractive than the rail-thin, coked-out, size 0 chicks the media throws at us.

  5. “there i was, a hot tub full of astroglide, the american women’s water polo team & me, just slippin’ & slidin’…”

    …oh, shit…sorry…didn’t mean to fantasize out loud…

  6. zMud.

    You should be ashamed for posting that.

    The 70’s are something we pretend didn’t happen.

    That vid proves that.

  7. Played waterpolo through freshman year of high school, then figured out I was too small to go var, so I went with cycling.

    The babes definitely made the ass-kicking worth it, though.

  8. “Darlin you know that I’ll soon be gone, so give me that thing that ya sittin on…”

    Ry Cooder