where did you sleep last night?

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I have camped in some pretty cool places over  the course of my travels. From the bottom of the Grand Canyon to Spanish beaches and I would have to put this morning’s campsite at the top of the list.  I rode south from Fanore after an all day singletrack wild goose chase. I found what looked to be a good place and I set up camp in the dark and in the rain. I knew it was a nice spot, but I really had no idea just how nice until I woke up to clear skies (for about an hour) in the morning.


I just rolled in to Lahinch where I will be hanging out for a couple days. The sun has peeked out from behind the clouds and it’s time to go for a little surf before dinner. I hoped to post up some more pics later, but I was just informed by a couple of locals that we will be going to the pub directly from the water. Cheers!

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11 Replies to “where did you sleep last night?”

  1. Dayum dirty.

    If I woke up to that I’d never go home.

    You do realize I hate you. No offense but I do.

  2. May you be reminded that you too have to return to the hot hell? You know you could have had those memories implanted for much less $$ at Recall, Inc., and wouldn’t even be hungover.
    Not (that) jealous, because when I make it there, I pray there won’t be any need to return. Today, I’m 3k miles closer to Ireland, and eating farm fresh eggs, grass fed beef, and zucchinis are huge and free.
    There’s beautiful spots here in New Hampshire, too – and a it’s mere 80 degrees. I got out of Tucson like Steve Jobs just got out of Apple.

  3. A couple months from now you’ll be regretting the move to NH.

    North-East winters are a bitch.

    Just saying…