We Interrupt this Downer Vibe..

This whole deal with ESPN and laughter over racers getting hit, has really brought a little dark cloud over the past two days for me. The DC family did an amazing job of raising awareness of the issue and we will still keep moving forward. The unity and support that everybody has shown is absolutely amazing. High 5’s to everybody. We fight the good fight.

I thought we could use a couple reminders that it is actually really easy to avoid all the hassles of cars and the various other idiots. All you need to do is go mountain biking!

I’m diggin’ his video of Brandon Semenuk today (minus the SRAM commercial). The kid has style for miles.

you can check him out here: winning the Redbull rampage.

I would say that the Mega Avalance Alp d’Huez looks like a pretty awesome car-free time as well. I have even heard rumors of beautiful women handing out mixed drinks at the top.

YouTube Preview Image

the video from this year is up over at pinkbike.com.

When you go mountain biking there are no cars, no cops, no jock sports casters, and no nonsense. All the more reason to keep it dirty…

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21 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Downer Vibe..

  1. Well-played. Luckily for me the people at work are largely sympathetic to my ramblings about cycling being a real sport and Hoogerland being tougher than Rogers because he gets back in the action and doesn’t jump in a junk-grabbing pile with other dudes wearing spandex.

  2. I have wanted to do the Megavalanche race for a few years now, but Ive never found anyone to go with me, and Im sure as hell not making that trip alone.

    Not to mention you have to qualify to race and Id be at the very back from the start.(Nothing new there…)

    Maybe before i turn 45. maybe…

  3. ps : I think the winnning time for that is in the 45 minute area. Yes, thats 45 straight minutes of down.

    No up, just down.

    My kind of race. Gravity is your friend when you’re 215. When you go down, that is.

  4. Brandon Send-a-huck and Mega Avalanche amidst awesome Tour covergae, that is why I come to this site, shit yes.

  5. So..Im a cop..state trooper to be exact. Does that mean I cant go mountainbiking any more. Bout all I do is ride/train race. Love DC and AHTBM, everything plastered with Evil stickers..but does being one of these Horrible COPS when I do have to go to work exclude me from riding

  6. 20 years or riding BMX and getting hassled by city cops is enough to make a man jaded. Sitting handcuffed on a curb in rush hour traffic for running a red light on my way home form a hard day’s work,and being asked over and over again where my pot is hidden…is enough for me to not want to interact with another cop again. But we know there are some good ones out there, they just never seem to be the ones that interact with me…Anybosy is welcome to ride with me any time, andy place no matter what your profession is…see you on the trail.

  7. @tippycup, as long as you aren’t the CPD, i’d ride with ya. CPD killed my friend Bones last spring. flat out murdered him. CPD makes me pee my pants a little if i have to interact with them. glad you are a fan of the site.

  8. No offense tippycup but it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had any decent interaction with a cop. I used to like/respect you guys back in the “comfortable shoes” day but now you’re so militarized and trigger-happy that I’m afraid to go any where near you.

    You guys lost your way.

  9. For whatever it is worth last summer I went out mountain biking with one of the local police officers from my parents’ town. I’ve known his since I was 13, and must say that he’s a great person, cyclist, and police officer. I’ve also had plenty of interactions with police officers who seem to be on a power trip. Police officers are like every other group, for every good one there seems to be a not so good one. Tippycup I hope your one of the good

  10. Ouch, I guess that is one of those things you don’t announce when entering a party or on DC…lots-o-negativity.

    I’d ride with you, but if riding is important you might change careers ;)

  11. Cops have the unfortunate idea they are helping people, when in fact they are stubbing their toes enforcing laws no one really gives a damn about, created by politicians (lawyers) with a self serving agenda and no clue ( no offense to some lawyers around here ).
    Good cops? Not likely, eventually they all got to sweat somebody out for some real BS. See Dirty’s post for example. If you think you know a good cop, you just hang with them when they aren’t being the hand of the man, that hand exists to keep you down.

  12. Only problem with mountain biking-What if the trails don’t go to where you actually need to be? You know, the grocery store, the drug store, the post office, the beer store, work-and so on and so forth.

  13. judi, CPD ain’t got no monopoly on killing folks that didn’t deserve to die.

  14. Oi.

    I’m agreeing with joe again.

    I need to start drinking again.

    It ain’t CPD. It’s a national problem. They have gotten too out of touch with the average person. They exist not to protect and serve the population but to protect and serve the ruling class.

    I always knew I was destined to be that crazy old drunk ranting and raving about conspiracies in what ever bar. That has now come in to effect.

    I blame this all on joe.

  15. Living in the UK my only experience of US cops is what I see in the media.
    I find it pretty shocking the casual way that physical force and violence is used against citizens for trivial things.
    Reading stuff about Bones getting killed is awfull.
    Dont get me wrong – we get our fair share of bad ones but generally cops call us sir not the other way around.

  16. Heysuess..what a fucking reply. You would think I was littlejar talkin bout pot holes or something. I see your point (s). Good witch Bad witch…Im the good one…high heels and shit. You get to Seattle to ride look me up. I work live and ride at Crystal Mt. Wa..Sweet roads even sweeter mountains and some of the best cross races in the country.

  17. I’m with you there tippy. I’m not casting a net over all of you. It’s just I can’t tell the difference between good/bad witch at the moment of contact. You all look alike to me. So I have to be real careful with all of you.

    You seem reasonable and if we met we’d probably get along just fine.

    Keep the rubber side down brother.

  18. Fore those of you paying attention, Crystal Mountain is still turning the chairlifts for alpine skiing… a nine-month season this year. Awesome!

  19. They all wear the uniform. If someone wearing that uniform does awful things, especially under color of the authority that the uniform conveys, it is only natural to regard all wearers of that uniform with suspicion at best, and open hostility as the norm.