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33 thoughts on “That cool refreshing drink

  1. another solution to triple digit cycling, I saw on the news crawl today that 7-11 is giving away free Slurpees to celebrate their 84th anniversary. I’m taking mine rectally.

  2. Kieth, your alive! I thought you might be dead, so I didn’t mail out your order. I’ll ride by and drop off your DC sticker kit in the next couple days.

  3. I’m in Oklahomey right now Gnome so you can hang on to the sticks, and I’ve been trying to explain to people that I’m not dead for about a month now. Is it normal for everyone to think you’re dead if you go on a bike tour or did I just do it wrong?

  4. Had to come to Prescott for work today…
    72 degrees here, triple digits in Phoenix..
    Not having any luck turning souh and driving home.
    Per your advice, my bike found it’s way on top of the car…
    Enjoy the beers!

  5. Coors? Jesus, with ice yet. That “beer” is already plenty watered down.

  6. Ah. Leave it to joe to piss on a parade.

    It’s hot out. The man’s getting his drink on. Let him have whatever he wants.

    That said…..I prefer Coors, but yea, icing it down seems a tad redundant.

  7. FFF, waitaminnit-There was a parade? All I saw was a rather poorly rendered snapshot of pint glass abuse.

  8. joe. joe. joe.

    He was rolling with the rubber side down. Several glasses in that pic so I know he wasn’t alone. He and his buds decided to escape the heat for a few to have a tasty drink.

    I call that a Parade.

    And that pic is fine. How great a shot does your cell phone take ?

    But yea. Icing down Coors is as I said above. Totally fooking pointless.

  9. its a little trick i learned to quench the thirst on a hot day when I was down south of the line in old Mexico. Different strokes for different folks…but i tell you what..that was one refreshing beverage after a nice beat down on the mountain this morning. I have no regrets. don’t knock it till ya try it. but just for future reference, it should be done with a Tecate or Sol beer..any port in a storm

  10. I also live in Phoenix. And I see nothing wrong with an iced beer. It’s hotter than hell down here, man! You gotta quench that thirst.

  11. It’s 105 here in Little Rock today and a buddy served up with a PBR over ice with a couple of limes. My repertoire does not normally include any one of the above but I must say it was quite refreshing in this swampy heat.

  12. Phoenix heat is a whole different kind of hot especially after a hard mtb ride, try it sometime Joe. And at 10 a.m. you gotta pace yourself for the rest of the day.

  13. I am on a non-beer week this week since my gut has grown exponentially and my wallet has shrunk in an adverse proportional manner.

    That picture looks like pure gold to me. Watered down? Sweaty glass? Cold as hell? It’s like beer porn to me right now.

  14. “non-beer week”? Where I come from we call that “hell”.

    And for the record I didn’t piss on anything. The piss is in the glass.

  15. Oi vey.

    You, joe, are like a starving wolf with a meat bone.

    People drink/fuck/work/do whatever pleases them. There are no stead fast rules. You don’t like ice in beer. I don’t like ice in beer. But some do. I’d quote the French right now but they are pissing me off over Libya.

    Give it up.

    Non-beer 4 months for me just so ya know.

    Now take that attitude of yours over to ESPN and cop a legitimate beef.

  16. “…a legitimate beef…”? At ESPN? I can’t think of two things (apart from ice in a glass and beer)that are more mutuallu exclusive.

  17. And the French phrase-“Chacon a’ son gout” comes to mind. Am I close?

  18. You ain’t gonna change those douchebags. Maybe alittle quality time with just me, them and my power tools would make me feel better, though.

  19. yeah, I’d probably just throw my bike off the top and still soil my chamois trying to down climb it.

  20. I’m surprised he didn’t claim to ride it fixed. (ducks under different desk)


  21. joe doesn’t understand humor. Disclaimer or not.

    I laughed like a teenage girl at your post.


  22. @mikey – dominic found that on reddit last night and i emailed it straight to dirty biker. that shit has his name written all over it. crazy, insane, and offthehook!