A father and his son

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Today was Torts day. Or, rather today is Torts day. Because this day ain’t over by a long shot. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky.

Anyway, it’s dinner time, the whole fam is home, and I’m going to fire off this one quick little rest-day gem:

Hoogerland and his father on the rest day Tour de France 2011

Image source: http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/07/road/2011-tour-de-france-rest-day-gallery_183240/attachment/183249.

The caption reads, simply:

The KOM and his dad
DCM Vacansoleil Dutch rider Johnny Hoogerland wears the polka dot jersey while cycling with his father Cees near Aurillac.

Holy cow is that cool. I don’t know a god damn thing about Mr. Hoogerland, senior. But, if he’s anything like his son, he drives eight penny nails into two by fours using only his fist.

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12 Replies to “A father and his son”

  1. at first i was surprised to hear Hoogerland was on the bike today.. then i watched stage 9 over again today on Versus.

    watching him pedal 30k with blood oozing down his leg was even more impressive having seen the photos of his leg last night. one tough mofo for sure

  2. The world could learn a thing about work ethic here but, instead, ESPN laughs. Oh, and by world, I mean Merica. Where people live like Veal.

  3. soo pissed that douche driver could attempt that move. freaking three hundred yards back. You tube does not do it justice. said state of affairs not to mention VDB going down too. At least Van Velde is still in it. Z man gone too. All signs pointing to a Schleck fest. Glad that Contador is still playing. he sure know how to stomp it.

  4. fucking barb wire man. what worse of a landing. okay maybe his dream of a tree. or his compatriot Wouter.

  5. So, how does the Velominati feel about the tube socks? Conflicted, cuz Hoogerland definitely followed rule#5…shit, damn near redefined it.

  6. he is probably the classiest rider in the bunch… always in the break & animating the day and clever enough to joke about the luck when it turns.