Paris – Roubaix 2011: Finale

The way to win a Classic is alone. Johan Van Summeren just did exactly that. And, on a flattening rear tire (update: really flat). In Van Summeren’s words, “It was not easy to take the corners but it worked out well. I entered the track like wuhuhuhu.”

After finishing, he proposed to his girlfriend.

Later, after receiving the cobble-stone trophy awarded to each victor of this legendary race, Van Summeren mused, “You know some guys offer a ring in marriage. Me, I give a rock.”

All class, that guy.

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13 thoughts on “Paris – Roubaix 2011: Finale

  1. Love it when the ‘water carriers’ get to be the ‘stars’! Great ride by Van summerren!

  2. If you believe Thor Hushovd is a Baller, please sell your bikes and take up rhythmic gymnastics. Van Summeran; that’s a baller!!! By the way, does anyone else pay daily homage to an 8×10 glossy of Fabian on their wall that is surrounded in candles and incense?

  3. “If I had stopped for coffee, they would have done the same” – Cancellara

  4. Dead on, trailer. Cancellara was the best of the best. Van summerren was the best of the rest.

  5. You HAVE to love the man who wants to give the women the ROCK. Now that’s a straight up baller.

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