BH and RC

Got some good news from RideClean — the legendary bicycle company BH ( has agreed to become the equipment partner for the team. From a rider standpoint it means that the 12 guys on the NRC/USA Crit series squad can ride a safe, innovative, stiff performance bike made by a company that has been in the biz for over 100 years. From a team perspective it is satisfying to work with a company that “gets it” After being bitten numerous times with bad press from teams that they have supported, (see Vuelta a Espana last year), the good people at BH realize that riding clean is more important than winning at all costs. And that, I gotta say, is nice.


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3 thoughts on “BH and RC

  1. I’m a fan of Chris C. @ BH, so I think this union between a couple of PHX powerhouses is most excellent. Nice work RC!