Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne 2011

Pain has a face. And it looks a fair bit like this:


Image source: http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/kuurne-brussel-kuurne-1-1/elite-men/photos/160749.

Yeah, gratuitous shot of Boom Boom Boonen in the closing kilometers getting in some high-intensity efforts. He was kitted up like he was out for a training ride. Which, apparently, he was as his finishing place was of little concern. Or, he was softening up the finale for his man Steegmans (who then didn’t crack the top ten). Whatever. Dude’s a baller. Watch for him in April.

Chris Sutton took this one in style. Good on ya. First Australian to do it, too. Classy.


Image source: http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/02/news/skys-chris-sutton-wins-kuurne-brussels-kuurne_161889.

Also worth noting, Tyler Farrar took fourth. He’s going places, that kid. I expect to see big things out of him this year.

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13 thoughts on “Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne 2011

  1. …& again, the awesome argentine/spaniard juan antonio flecha asserts himself, along with teammate edvald boasson hagen to lead sky’s chris sutton to the win…

    …flecha disappointedly misses out by a tire width in yesterday’s het volk, a race he’d championed last year but comes back strong in support today to prove that there’s no “i” in ‘team’

    …i’ll always have a picture in my head of flecha awesomely winning that stage of the 2003 tour de france, riding down the runway at toulouse airport, pretending to draw an arrow from his quiver, loading his bow & firing that imaginary arrow across the finish line, into the heavens…

    …man is a bike racer…

  2. I thought for a second that boonen had a chance when he jumped. looked like he was giving notice for later this spring. but damn, i loves a sprint finish, and that just didn’t disappoint.

  3. The blue with white boots,,,,way to Smurfy. P.S. just rolled the new roadbike into the house. Did the new speedplays go on first, hell no D.C. and Evil stickers baby!!!!!!

  4. And looking at that photo, that’s no pain.

    He’s happy & Tom Smurf is going ‘ignite afterburners’

    The gentleman behind him is going “Zoot Allers, Le Baked Beans, Mon Dieu, pro cycling stinks “

  5. Phil Anderson definitely never won KBK. But to be fair Velominati never actually said he did, they were using Sutton’s win as a segue into a general Phil tribute and Oakley Factory Pilots love-in.

  6. Jimmy ENGOULVENT (Saur-Sojasun) just behind Tom on the pic is also for sure another baller we shlould watch for in april …

  7. Boom boom is looking a little thick. Hope he’s out for some Cancellara revenge when April rolls around!