Beer:30 approach-eth

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Let me just start this off with this:

Close to beerthirty

Yeungling will not sell out.  Billy Penn would be proud.  Have a Yeungling story to share?  Natty pub radio does.

This Yeungling moment is brought to you by National Public Radio:
Story Here.

Now, reporters do some amazing work in a world where instability is the norm. Check out this guy. He has balls.

YouTube Preview Image

“Not cinema, Daniel-san.  This for real.”

Tunes:  Shout out louds “1999” – I was moved.  ’nuff said.

Have a nice evening.  It is 3:40PM on a Tuesday.  I’m cracking a beer.

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5 - Learned to ride in paved alley behind liquor store in Lowell. 16 - Road bike riding alone while peers do soccer practice. 18 - First new road bike bought with winnings from Project Graduation. 20 - Burlington VT. Nuff said. 22 - Joined the Air Force. 23 - Joined team Fair Wheel in Tucson - rode the Shootout. 24 - Rode El Tour in under five. 26 - Toured to Quebec City 28 - Toured Oklahoma to Vermont 30 - Found my dream bike - a 1989 58cm LaBan (#22) 32 - Experienced Minneapolis and saw BIKE CULTURE. 34 - Building my first bicycle frame, with a self made jig. USA

64 Replies to “Beer:30 approach-eth”

  1. Redemption?

    Not in your lifetime LatrineJar, that last ‘throw my toys out of the cot’ episode was the final chapter for me.

    Ross Kemp, seriously unimpressed, in that series he also came down under to do an episode on NZ gangs. Look beyond what you see on the TV, man has an entire production crew with him, pictures inside & outside of the vehicle.

    Man is as safe as if he had armed guards, (which he probably had).

    If you think that any corporate is going to place their employees in that kind of serious danger, (especially from a legal stance), you are more delusional than I thought.

  2. Teungling- something I drink when I am at my parents house and want to make Big Jonny jealous.
    Troegs – what you drink when I an in the NJ/PA/NY area, and want the best beer i can get my hands on.

  3. I’ve always thought Ross Kemp’s programmes are the epitome crap tv.
    Now I know.

    Just another stupid mlungu ooh-ing and aah-ing at the real world.

    This crap belongs on Discovery Channel, not DC.

  4. …well, no worries…for whatever reason somebody posted an incomplete episode, so you won’t be seeing much of that ‘crap’ even if you wanted to…

    …i’d have to assume somebody’s more interested in drinking than actually dealing in specifics…basically always has been from what i can gather because somebody is very selective when it comes to answering particular questions…a much narrower, one dimensional world view than someone would lead others to believe wherein truth & reality are based on a personal vision…

    …i find it extremely interesting that the word ‘redemption’ was even mentioned in this post…

  5. holy shit look @ the time! i’m late!

    @ gnomer – absolutely. i don’t give a fuck what it is..if someone’s offering up a cold one, you bet yer ass i’m drinking it. and thankin’ that benevolent motherfucker for it too.

  6. Oi vey.

    I actually just had a twinge of sympathy for bitterJar.

    Do you think there’s something wrong with me ? Maybe I need to speak to a psychologist ?

    Or would a beer be better suited ?

    I’ll be back.

  7. Y’all can make the comments peanut gallery ‘your world’ but please don’t call it mine. You have your analysis and concerns about the character that I play on this little corner of the interwebs. It won’t be my world. You guys are really good at finding fault, and getting me going. What you’ve created could be called DRUNKTYPIST. Go form your own word press blog. I don’t have to participate in your psych-games, and that includes questions from assholes like you, bgw. Your words suck. I won’t be responding in the way that you want me to and I don’t give a flying fuck what you think of me.

    Indeed I’ve suspected it before and I am getting strong clues once again that some of you are writing comments under more than one name, so it sounds like you have ‘back up’ – give me a fucking break. More to live for, people. More to do, even in front of your jerk-off box.

    About Ross Kemp – after watching more of his films I find a pattern of sameness and some lameness. He likes to fondle guns in the confiscation room. He always asks the gangsters the same questions.
    But ask yourself – would you put your head in the lion’s jaw like he does? I doubt like hell his ‘camera crew’ are armed. That wouldn’t fly. The On Gangs he does about the USA is the lamest one. I made a lame post. Big fucking deal, people. Get over it. The web is a big place. Lots of links… you can find your way out!

  8. I grew up in PA, about an hour from Pottsville where Yuengling is brewed. Just about every drinking story involves Ling-Ling Lager in some way.

    It’s the best mid-priced beer in those parts, around $6 for a 6 pack usually. Yes, it does have adjuncts like corn in it, but for the money, it is vastly better than any mass market domestic.

    If you want to spend more, Troegs, Stoudt’s, and Appalachian Brewing Company are better beers from that area.

  9. For the money you can’t beat Pottsville’s finest, at least to my taste. It just goes good with everything.

    And Francis, your approach at seeking “redemption” is unique, I’ll give you that.

    Oh, and for the record I ain’t drunk. Woke up yesterday feeling abit thrashed and haven’t even wanted an adult beverage since.

  10. The issue here is not whether or not the beer is that good. I still like Grain Belt better. Butt-wiper is now owned by international giant INBEV. Call me an elitist, but most of the beer I drink… Pike, Scuttlebutt, Rogue, and the myriad of local and or ‘micro’ (what a stupid term, when you think about it) beers, they cost the same as Mexican beer in the stores I shop at. I only drink a 6 pack per week, about. Of beer.

    The issue here is the resistance of a big, but not gargantuan, company that is still ‘family owned’ in a troubling time of mergers, acquisitions, and centralization. I admire the tenacity. The parallel story is Budweiser selling out – and books being written about it.

  11. …senor joseelelectricista…

    …need i suggest there is a palpable SECOND issue, that being “is it available ???”

  12. people, people… you’re too experienced for this. Jebus Gnome, who let these yahoos in here?? Never forget the basics: FABS— First Available Beer Source. Once you have your FABS situational awareness managed, THEN you can consider such luxuries as taste, temperature and quantity.

  13. I want to make note that you guys are now to the point of arguing that you, in fact, were not drunk. Well, I’m not drunk either. I shall lean upon my aforementioned FABS and work (i.e., repeated 12 oz descending curls) to rectify the situation forthwith (i.e., I’m about to crack open a can of whoop ass on my liver).

  14. I dunno Mikey. I just don’t know.

    If I had a Yueng, a Budweiser, a PBR and a Tecate lined up on the bar. I’d take the Yeung first and then I’d drink the others after I savored the rare moment. Whatever. It’s beer. But you just can’t get that stuff out here on the left so it’s a rare treat. Any time Kitchen gets a pallet delivered from his family back in P.A., I’m on it like a stack of American cheddars.

  15. You can avoid the bud, and avoid the headache.
    Note: A FABS failure can be caused by a malfunction of the SFS. I’ve seen it, and it’s not pretty. (SFS – shit fart separator)
    Ying yang is a step up from yeasty beershitz brew; is drankable.
    Most suitable around old and weathered dark hardwood, tracked in road salt chunks, pool tables lit overhead by glass, with a Jersey sound playing, after replacing a starter under a 1976 Mercedes. There by my Yuengling memory. Why you ee en GEEE ling. Fucking hard for me to spell it.

  16. One time I was interviewed by a sheriff’s deputy whislt seated on a couch made of beer cases in an otherwise empty camp site on the Thursday morning before Memorial Day Weekend. Told the dude, don’t worry, they’ll be here. He didn’t look all that amused.

  17. Well, not to gloat or nothin’ (well maybe just this once) but Pottsville’s finest is available in cans or bottles at three liquor stores within walking distance from this very desk. Every pouring establisment within-what, fifty miles to the east, north and south and maybe a hundred fifty m,iles to the west?-has it on tap. It’s the go to beer of the discerning in these parts. It’s plentiful and affordable.

    But right now I’ve six PBRs in the fridge and I’m on my third blended Scotch. It’s all good.

  18. for the life of me I cannot understand what the deal is with PBR. And now it’s gone fuckin viral and even bleedin into taps up here local like cause of the whole hipster farce. (..’epic’ farce I should say)

    I mean, seriously. I’ve drunk Yeungling. Decent stuff. I’d order it again happily so i think maybe I’m speaking with sensible people here (er,.. mostly sensible) so tell me what the fuck is with that wretched swill P fukin B fukin R. ..I mean, I’m a beer kinda guy but any time I’ve tried PBR I think “This shit actually isn’t worth the calories”. This from a guy who will happily eat all the stale marshmallows out of a tin of hot chocolate before spooning the powder in. Not exactly diet central over here, but PBR? nah, I’ll have a Caucasian Gary.

  19. …mikey…you usurped the throne (story) with your beer couch…

    …the visual of you assuring the deputy that you weren’t gonna be the sole imbiber is highly amusing…

    …i can not only see that picture but i can also imagine the deputy telling the story back at the station…

    …good chuckle…


  21. People, let’s get this straight, LatrineJar was never a Marine.

    So therefore he is undeserving of the term ‘Jarhead’.

    He was merely a spanner monkey servicing jets in the States.

    All safe & sound with a warm comfy bed at the end of the day.

    Unlike many of us who quite frankly used to piss our pants on a regular basis because we didn’t know if we’d make it through the next minute.

  22. I certainly respect the service men & women of this here fine country. My Gramps died in WW2 and my pops was a Navy man. I however, was never willing to toe the line for the incumbents of my day. I could never sell my soul so people would have the “freedom” to drive cars.

    Regardless, anyone in the service is deserving of respect. That includes LJ to the fullest.

  23. Gnome + 1. My old man and father in law both served (my daughter grandfathers). My own grandfathers both served during WWII. I’ve nothing but respect for all of them.

    Now, if service members, both current and post-duty, want to take the piss out of each other for being members of the “chair force” and like insults, I say go at it!

    Where is my coffee?

  24. Kark, PBR is just a good can beer riding a nostalgic wave. I don’t think it’s unique to hipsters, just pure nostalgia. It represented the working man. The irony of it is when Pabst closed it’s last remaining brewery in Milwaukee many (12?) years back, those workers about to go unemployed were also going to lose their pensions. Pabst was to remain a paper company and PBR was to be contract-brewed down the street at Miller. Miller in-turn hired most of those workers and restored thier pensions. To be politically correct, one needs to support Miller. Unfortunately, I still like the taste of PBR better than the High Life…so just sayin…

  25. And, I don’t think my military service record has a god-damned thing to do with anything going on HERE, TODAY, or even LAST YEAR. Some facts:

    I was discharged September of 2001 with honorable. Whatever that means.
    I was property for four solid years. My ass owned by DOD.
    I had to march for 7 solid months, 4 miles a day.
    There is tail and teeth in the Air Force as there is tail and teeth in the Army or whatever. The whole fucking war-mach is sick, and slaves. The folks loading pallets full of $100 bills onto a C5 destined for Bagdad realized that up close and first hand.

    If you believe that the military is ‘protecting your freedom’ and our government is ‘serving the people’ – please look into having your head removed from your ass. That’s all I’m going to say.

  26. …perused that kinda quickly, mikey but that sounds like a good deal…

    …while marin county (here) is pretty populated, there is a particular ridge top in central marin that was essentially bought by neighborhood organizations on both sides & donated to ‘marin open space’ so that i can be used in perpetuity for recreational purposes…

    …it’s a healthy thought to look out in that direction & know it will never be encroached on by housing tracts…

    …it’s also nice to know that the developers can’t win ’em all…

  27. Why the hate on PBR? Because some group you deem “uncool” brought it to noteriety? I like the stuff. Not my favorite, but I get a hankerin’ now and then. It tastes good, it’s beer, so I drink it. I ask you-Who are the sheep?

  28. “I ask you-Who are the sheep?”

    Yea really. Beer is beer.

    After the first 10 or 12 they all taste the same.

    What’s the problem ?

  29. Exactly, FFF. In a blind taste test, I bet me and everyone on this forum would be best buddies for life if we could all ride together, then get shitfaced. Or vicie-versie.


  31. I dunno Big Twig, I think if you persist with the all caps and general douchebaggery I’ll may have to mark you as spam and then poof, where’d big sctick go?

    Sound good? Call it fair warning.

  32. What a ridiculous thing to get upset over. Kokanee is gahhh-bage. First time I didn’t finish beer one after accomplishing work completion. Going with FABS for my ‘hood, especially with my recent client’s location, I would go to an Ethiopian owned corner store and plunk down $2.19 and get a 24 oz can of Rainier. Good enough. Feeling even better if there is half a lime to squeeze in. A guy I know uses the same place for his FABS, but instead gets Kokanee by the 6ea. His brain is fried. Vacant stare, etc… stay away from the lowest end of the beer pool.

  33. yeah i am sure that super high test canadian beer is what blew his mind. look out, Molson Canadian is coming to your small town next to steal your children’s future.

    on a more serious note, littlejar, did you discharge before 9/11? I know it is no one’s business, but I just watched a movie, Stoploss, last week about soldiers trying to leave the army and am curious what it might have been like to exit the military after GWB hit the war button?

  34. Barry – I’m not going to say anything at all about that publicly. All I will say is, very shortly before the date of Sept 11, 2001, as in, within 60 days hence, some doomsday looking motherfucking towers sprung up over night on the base, with loudspeakers that sent the words “TEST! TEST!” across the entire fucking valley. They have solar panels on them.

    I’m up for the pub ride tonight, so I’m getting ready to go down to the base of the space needle to meet whoever is coming. If no one shows up, fine. If six show up, great. 6:00PM at Seattle Center. I went to SoDo today and took some great pictures. Post coming within 36h.

  35. lower caps para el gnome. my bad. still jugjar, be careful hating on the kokanee… TGR guys like it and from what I can tell, you couldn’t hold a candle next to the likes of their (our) kind. regardless and shardless, your pasty white ass belongs in the roller rink.

  36. To Big Jonny & Gnome,

    I have the greatest respect to those who have served.

    My father spent WW2 in the South African Air Force in Egypt & Italy. I have a box containing a shitload of his medals, I’ve only ever earned one of my own.

    His brother was captured & spent 4 years in a concentration camp.

    Neither of them ever once talked about their combat experiences.

    I spent 2 years doing national Service, mostly in combat in Mamibia, thereafter doing at least 4 months a year in the military until I bailed in 1987 & came to New Zealand.

    My beef with Little Jar, Little Jar responded “you are fucking with the wrong marine” to a post.

    My feelings are that you do not wear a uniform that you are not entitled to, you do not wear medals that you are not entitled to & you do not pretend to be what you are not.

    And from my experience, back office personal were all pretty fucking worthless.

    I’ve been there, have you ?

    Take care out there,

  37. I rolled out with Mr. Senna Littlejar last evening and we had a mind-blowingly fun ride. Shout out to Dan— you rock dude. (Literally, I sat on his wheel while he was blasting Carlos Santana and Velvet Underground.) If LJ doesn’t post a ride report, I’ll scribble one out and email it the fine purveyors of the intard webness. Rubber side down.

  38. There be a huge difference between warriors and soldiers. Sometimes they intermingle. Sometimes they are in the same body.

    Hurben – I value my platinum medal from El Tour more than any of the non-special medals that the military gave me. I have a great respect for people that have been through the war bond of blood, like the marines under seige at Khe Sanh, suffering horribly while command and ‘tail’ sit in comfort… and that is how we fight and lose wars.

    Nowadays even the Navy Seals call in airstrikes when they have one guy to go after. A highly trained, well armed squad can’t take one guy in an honest way in today’s wars. No one can disagree that airstrikes are often cowardly solutions. The real reason is that more money is made when the bombs drop. Needless to say, we could have gotten Bin Laden long ago. We have the intelligence and the means to do so. The military is not for winning wars at all! The war machine needs to keep going to keep the pockets of some of the most evil men alive full of coin. It’s the raw truth that few can face.

    Learn the history of the first Vietnam war and you might not believe the reasons that President Kennedy gave for going in. So many lies.

    I don’t have to understand why you hold a grudge on me for using that quote from a movie, but I have this to say: If you or anyone else is offended, I am sorry. I am not nor ever was a US Marine. I claim that I went through the same dehumanization process and maybe it’s only 80% of the dehumanization process. That doesn’t matter. I don’t go around saying stupid shit like that as I have a respect for the individuals who call themselves warriors, and a deep disgust for the over funded war machine that slaughters innocent people by the score, including all the troops that get cancer or some mystery ‘syndrome’ via exposure to fucked up chemicals, which is a higher number than wounded. While I was serving, Clinton signed into law a ban on forcing troops to take drugs. This was hard won after thousands of people were harmed or died from such experiments. It took that long. This is just one aspect of the absolute disregard for life and health that the entire military has. Make no mistake about that.

  39. Yeah, we had a great time Mikey – props to you. I’m going to write about it, as soon as my pictures are uploaded and this left over Tecate haze fades. This morning at 0210 I was THE drunk cyclist.

  40. “…airstrikes are…cowardly solutions…”

    Can’t speak to that, but I’d never say it to the guy with the hot pickle.

  41. I’m stoked to hear you guys were able to get together and knock back a few. I believe this is a first for drunkcyclist: a get together, out of state, that didn’t involve me, the gnome, or me & the gnome. I think that’s pretty cool.

  42. …that slut mikey will ride with anybody, sheesh…

    …actually mikey & i rode together twice this summer as he was passing through the bay area…

    …because of the timing & his need to get back on the road, driving, we passed on the brews & the hanging out but i fully enjoyed his company…

    …i was very comfortable riding with the lad, as in the close proximity of handlebar to handlebar & wheel to wheel on a nice twisty road by the bay…

  43. Jonny— is true, I looked up BGW when I was in NoCal in June and he dragged my ass around Marin County for a couple of days.

    btw, bgw, I lost that cool bidon that Rich comp’ed me at the Breaking Away bike shop, I’m bummed. Gotta go back, I guess.

  44. …another can be had, i’m sure but you might have to get yer butt back down for another ride or two…rich is a guy who’s good to ride with also ‘cuz again, there’s no herky-jerky…comfortable in close quarters…

    …i can ride with pretty much anybody but i won’t…i fucking hate ‘skitterish’ & a lotta guys who came over from mtb’s are that way ‘cuz they don’t have the mindset & thus don’t care about developing the skill-set…

  45. mountain bikers are peculiar to ride with. They sit bolt-upright on the wind with a big, dumb grin on their face, then later, when they pop and go off the back, they blame it on the rolling resistance of their knobby tars.


  46. …i learned a lot of my ‘road etiquitte’, habits & riding style from gary fisher when we were young punk bicycle stoners (early 20’s) & being as he’d been racing since he was a kid, you paid attention ‘cuz you wanted to learn & you either “got it” or you’d get called out for it on the ride & by god, if it was an egregious enough, gary would let you know about it by simply putting his head down & riding away from the group…you might roll up to him further up the road but then again you might not see him ’til beer time…

    …i paid attention ‘cuz i wanted to learn…