About that little Contador blood transfusion thing

Belgian magazine Humo has published claims from an individual with the Astana team, who alleges that Alberto Contador used Clenbuterol after the Criterium du Dauphiné as part of a weight-loss treatment. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claims that the Spaniard had blood extracted between that race and the Tour when, crucially, traces of the banned product were still in his system.

“He had a transfusion performance after the Dauphiné Libéré [Criterium du Dauphiné], and the blood still contained a little bit of clenbuterol from a just-finished slimming treatment,” Humo reported the insider as saying.


Don’t forget to spread that prize money around to the support staff. All of them. Because they will fuck you.

While it is unusual for someone within a team to implicate others in banned practices, there may be an element of ill feeling because of his decision to leave and go to Saxo Bank. The Humo allegations should be viewed in this light. Id.

Have fun on your new team. We’ll miss you. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Oh, you’ll not be racing next year?

Quite a send off.

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14 thoughts on “About that little Contador blood transfusion thing

  1. The entire sport is a crock.

    I gave up following pro racing, now I just look at what the local clubs are doing. What my friends are doing and going for rides on my own bike.

    At least I can only be disappointed in myself.

  2. “At least I can only be disappointed in myself.”…that, amigo is the only thing you can depend on, unfortunately…

    …when you’ve got weekday ‘desk jockeys’ arming up for the weekend crit, you gotta wonder about even the locals these days…too many cases of that kinda stuff going on, even in the lower ranks…

    …sad but true…

  3. So basically all the passport is doing is forcing riders to use smaller bags. That was a bad batch…

  4. Anyone have a guess as to how long it will take to make the decision to whether or not to strip AC?

  5. I’m sure they’re already scrounging up old glass blood bottles.

    1950: In one of the single most influential technical developments in blood banking, Carl Walter and W.P. Murphy Jr., introduce the plastic bag for blood collection. Replacing breakable glass bottles with durable plastic bags allows for the evolution of a collection system capable of safe and easy preparation of multiple blood components from a single unit of blood. Invention of the refrigerated centrifuge the following year further expedites blood component therapy.

  6. I’ll give up on the whole shabang when Andy Shleck is found to be doping. Then, my faith in pro cycling will be dashed against rocks of severe disappointment. Shleck is fucking clean. Please, please say it’s true.

  7. “Alberto Contador used Clenbuterol after the Criterium du Dauphiné as part of a weight-loss treatment”

    In season weight loss by drugs…I wonder what the best out of season drugs are to lose body mass. It’s about time everybody realize these freaks have ZERO boundaries as to what they’ll do to win bike races…pathetic.

  8. …how very comforting it must be for the embroiled clentador to know that michael rasmussen has his back…

    “rasmussen supports contador”…blah, blah, blah…

    …the ‘chicken’ has a personal sponsor, a jeweler/watch designer chick willing to cover his salary & he still can’t buy a ride…he’s all but offered to blow bjarne riis for a team kit but so far, bjarne ain’t that needy & we’re talkin’ a man with a few rider problems of his own at this point…

  9. littlejar, I feel the same way about Cancellara. “He just seems like such a nice guy.” And my wife has the hots for him. As far as Andy goes, I have no gut feeling. Remember 2 yrs ago when it was found out that his brother Frank wired 7000 euro to Dr Fuentes’ bank account for “training plans” he says he never even received. I’d be wantin my money back.

  10. it’s all part of the game, we enjoy this shit , we now lay claim , like we should and like we’re proud of the dirtiest motherfuckers in all of pro sports , cyclist are rogue by nature , shit did any body test the crazy mother fuckers hitting each other with wheel sets or head butting in the sprint.